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15 thoughts on “Options Trading

  1. Steve Reniger

    Do you have an options signal service?

    Need to create an income!
    I am disabled.
    A friend has some money to trade. only $2000 at first.
    I may have other friends with larger amounts to trade if we see results.
    I would trade the account.
    Or do you have a trading service that would trade the acount?

    We would compound the account over time.

    Please, any advice would be appreciated!
    Even telling us we are underfunded and foolish.

    Also — you talk about a system that takes only 10 minutes/day.
    What is that?
    With my disability — I need short time needed systems — at least at first.

    Thanks for your help!!

    Steve Reniger

    • Hi Steve. Sorry just figuring out this whole blog comment thing.

      Conctact us to see what we’re up to for options trading signal services. We’re changing things around. Actually please see the comment above/ below that explains what systems are best to trade in under 10 minutes a day. These are the swing and day trading systems. If you get a system paper trade and ‘practice historically’ a lot first. Then trade with super tiny position sizes first so you make sure you are trading the system right. Trading a system well takes forming a new “success habit” which is set first by will power then becomes more automatic over time.

      • Also regarding your underfunded comment. Well if you do not learn to trade a good system well there is no amount large enough to cover bad trading. On the other hand if you can become a good trader by practice and trading tiny then you can potentially grow a small amount into a large one with accurate execution performing a profitably system well. If if a small grub stake is all you have for trading then that’s all you have for trading.

        If you get emotional or are trading to big with the small grubstake you’ll be very vulnerable to the marketplace that can ‘twist your emotions’ to sucker you in to doing unprofitable things. But if you get a good system, figure out a good system and then learn it so well you can believe in it, then who knows… maybe you could become the next Richard Dennis who took $400 and turned it into $200,000,000 trading systematically…. – Or maybe the next Dan Zanger who took $11,000 or so and turned that into $40,000,000 in around 18 months (i think i’m pretty close on those stats) – but regardless you get the point.

        It’s much better to become a good trader and grow a tiny amount into a big one than to come in the markets with a large amount, ‘gunz a blazin’ without becoming a good trader first.

  2. Phil Alexander


    I have a small IRA with Interactive Brokers. I have limited computer access because of my work schedule. My computer access Monday through Friday is early morning (long before market opens) till 11am eastern time. My weekend computer access is unlimited. Do you have option trading systems or option recommendation programs that are designed for, or not limited by such minimal computer access?

    Also, do you know if my online broker (Interactive Brokers) has the tools needed to fully execute and manage your trading systems and trading programs? If not can you please give me direction on brokers that are fully compatible with Options Trading Authority?

    I’m going to purchase an option trading system or option recommendation service. The most important factors are choosing one that will not be limited or compromised by my minimal computer access and allows trading from IRA accounts.

    I look forward to hearing from you and getting started.

    Phil Alexander

    • Hi Phil

      Any (vanilla) options broker (have to clarify vanilla vs binary these days) that has contingent orders will do.

      You would simply need one of our swing trading systems or our trend trading systems. Here are examples of systems that could work: If you have a desired, favorite way to trade contact us from the contact tab and we’ll point you to the system that is closest to your desired style.

      Options Trading Systems

      SlingShotOptions3.0 – Rapid Momentum Reversal “Sling” Options Trading System

      FURY Options Trend Trading System – Big Trend Ebb and Flow Trading System that Can Potentially Stack up Big Point Totals Over Time
      Options Daily Paychecks2.0 Vanilla Options Day Trading System (intraday trading!)
      Options Weekly Paychecks System A – Set and Forget Style Options Trading System for Low Maintenence Trading Targeting Weekly Trends

      FLUX2 – Options Trend Trading System – Trend Proliferator with “Cluster FLUX”
      CashFlow ENFORCER – entry level options swing system
      Vortex – Parabolic trend and collapse options system
      Options Time Trading Machine – Fibonacci time trading options system
      JackPOT Options System D – Power trend trading system using the JackPot Trading Philosophy
      JackPOT Options Cyclone – Monthly trend system.
      STACKERS3.0 – Range trading options system.

      Options Strategy Systems

      Chart Pattern Riches – The Ultimate Trading System.
      STRANGULATOR – Altered Strangle system with 4 Kunnundro power strategies
      Credit Spreads Extreme – Credit Spreads trading system taking credit spreads to a new level.
      Covered Calls Extreme – Covered Calls trading system plus protection and profit strategies taking what is a mediocre options strategy on its own, turning it into an options trading powerhouse.
      Naked Calls Extreme – once considered risky, naked calls has been turned into a net worth building system
      Naked Puts Extreme – naked puts corrected, dumb ideas of the past eradicated – now systematically sell naked puts for net worth building.

  3. Jeffrey

    Chris, you have so many great systems, that it is hard for me to choose one that will best fit my needs and goals. I really like the Banker 11, Striker Pro, Omni 11, but I don’t have the money to purchase all three, and now you have the 60 minute binary options and the ULTRAS.
    To get to the point, I want a system that is highly accurate(77% to 85%), easy to learn(Im not the smartest person), and I can spend 4 hours a day trading.

    Any suggestions?



    • Hi Jeffrey
      Well if you’re starting out then STRIKER9 light. Otherwise from this selection of systems: STRIKER9 ULTRA.

  4. Andrew


    I’m just starting out in Binary Options trading, and have gone through a good part of your site, already. I’m interested in learning a simple (beginner) system that would be worked consistently, before moving on to more advanced trading. Strategically, I’m interested in long term planning/trading for income growth, and not the quick emotional gain.

    Is there such a system from your products that you might recommend for a beginner, that concentrates on a single asset class(s)?

    I’ve also signed up for your newsletter and am looking forward to reading it.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Andrew

      Yes the lights focus on binary trading per asset. STRIKER9 for stocks. Kraken for Forex. Banker 11 for Indices Ingot for spot gold. Ok sounds great. Contact us if you have questions from the contact link below. Thanks!

  5. Richard

    Gentleman, new to binary options, what basic course do recommend to start with? I definitely respect the market and the opportunity. Have background in commodity and regular option trading (but never developed a system), so talk to me. TY Richard

    • Hi Richard

      Binary Options 101 (we’re releasing the 2nd edition some time this week) and Forex Binary Options 101. We’ve got lots of binary options system, most are not listed on this site. Just let me know when you want to trade, what instruments and how long – but use the contact link below. We hardly check these comments due to all the wretched spam…

  6. Richard

    Ok, Mr Chris and crew, starting out can I still obtain your basic 101 course for free with agreement to to be taught onward by you all. I am actively trading binary options now, overall account from start down 38%…………..so I am hell bent on learning this arena

    • Sounds like you are in a good place then. Do you mean the broker funding deal? Yes as long as its up there you can do it. Just follow the instructions on the page. Success in binary options is more a matter of simplifying things (in your mind and heart (emotions)) vs. using will power. But then again you need will power to get yourself to learn and then practice to get correct trading down cold.

  7. Markus

    Hi There,

    before entering this site I was depressed totally and my life looks like a little bit damaged from Binary Options. After reading this site I know I´m doing the right thing and I will continue trying to live my dream :)

    • Hi Markus. Ok. Sounds like you got emotional in your trading. When you can get out of the realm of “winning and losing” while connecting that to yourself personally, for personal validation, you can start making progress. One can’t tie in or take trading personally at all. One can’t tie in personal self worth, or personal validation to the markets at all!! Since we can not predict the future all trading and investing is a “gamble” but hopefully for taking a chance at a high probability risk. The good news is that we have systems that have performed consistently well (better than the marriage rates in the US for sure:) over time. At least something that has performed well in the past over time has a good chance of performing well into the future. The best traders base their trading off that type of chance.

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