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  • Trade as a Part Time “Work from Home Job”
  • Trade for a Living in 10 Minutes a Night.  Get More Free Time to Do What You Want or Need to Do.
  • Trade for a Living in an Hour Per Month
  • Get a Complete Plan with Our: Options Trading Systems, Options Strategies, Options Courses and also Options Signals Services…

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What makes us an AUTHORITY as you seen in the brand name? Our experience.  Our success.  And our successful students. We've been at this a long time.  We have certain approaches and we are certainly an authority in our own approaches we created & invented.   You'll see.  You'll also see that we sell good stuff.  Many of our students buy many of our products from use and some buy everything because they want to capture our secrets while they can finding multiple trading business centers to setup multiple treading companies of their own. Join our newsletter to learn more.
Website Instructions for Options Trading Success:  1. Join the Newsletter because we'll teach  you what to do to learn options for success.  We'll provide training and instruction through the newsletter while showing you the options trading solutions to do so you can get started in your own options trading business. 2. If you want to start right away then purchase our courses, get some strategies and a system.  Start learning and practicing historical paper trading from the system you purchased.  You'll be able to get started right away.  We teach you what you need to know in each product.  Contact us if you have product questions.
Want an Exact Plan of Where to Start for a Rock SOLID Options Trading way to Trade?  Then Follow This Path:
  1. Practical Options 101
  2. OTA PRIME Core Starter Options Trading System
  3. OTA PRIME PRO Options Trading System
  4. Learn how to make fortunes in options from the start while avoiding a ton of pitfalls that only 3 decades plus can teach you.   Start aiming BIG now and set goals, if anything were possible. You need a goal to keep you on track in the markets. Go for what you REALLY want, not what you think 'you should' want.  Get rid of other's lame ideas and make your own path.  Who knows, maybe you could become the first trillionaire from options trading.
WARNING:  There are a LOT of lame options educators and options books out there in options that can waste a lot of time, money and future money you could be making. Don't let them bog you down in their never ending mysterious technical gobbledygook that wastes your time, that teaches you how to lose in trading while robbing you of potential future systematic compounding.  It's time to stop letting these guys in addition to the media tell you what to do and who you can become.  You can use options to ride very  specific HUGE moves over and over and do so on purpose.  We'll teach you how to position yourself for those moves in addition to teaching you how to generate cash flow. You can use options to systematically and methodically generated cash flow income while compounding those profits.  We show you how to AIM BIG and by doing so we can teach you how to reverse engineer that bigness into a workable plan.   The opportunity is HUGE in options.  The markets are MASSIVE in options.  May we suggest that you GO FOR IT but also get some smart education first.
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If you're looking to get the learning of trading done doable workable level where you are making it happen then make sure you join our coaching programs below.

Options Trading as a Side Business, a Full Time Business or a Side Income "Job"

Want to Learn How to Trade Options for a Good Living?  How About Learning How to Trade Options on the Side, as Side Income, as a Side Business, for Semi Passive Income, Part Time in a Few Minutes a Night? 

Well we can teach you that. 

  • Learn Options & How to Trade Options Well.  How?  Join Our Newsletter.  Take Our Courses. Do Our Monthly Coaching Programs.
  • Learn & Employ an Options Swing Trading System and Join Our Options Cash Flow Coaching Program Membership
  • Options Trend Trading = Our Options Trend Trading Systems & Strategies + Millionaire Maker Products + Our Home Runs Coaching Program

Options Systems & Strategies for Cash Flow

Increasing Cash Flow - Cash Flow Trading Systems - Generate Income, a "Paycheck", Pay the Bills Plus More - Compound Cash Flow to Grow Net Worth - Learn How

  • Micro Swing Trading
  • POPS Trading
  • Credit Spreads - Debit Spreads Systematic Trading
  • Covered Calls Systematic Trading
  • Our Options Cash Flow MASTERS Coaching Program

How to You Get Started Learning Options Trading So You Can Learn How to Generate Cash Flow, Build Net Worth, Avoid Pitfalls & Learn Different Ways of Options Trading:

  1. Join the Newsletter since we communicate through there. Plus you can respond to the newsletter to contact us more easily.
  2. Start reviewing our products and get a ideas on ways you want to go.  In order to speed up this process identify ideally, if anything were possible, the goal, the results, the lifestyle you want from trading the markets.  How much time do you want to spend per day? What style do you like to trade?  So you like to be more engaged in the markets and keep tabs through the day?  Or would you rather run a system as a 2 minute to 10 minute a night business?  Get some ideas.  See our products.  Contact us for extra help.  We've made so many options trading systems and options trading strategies over time that we probably have a solution for just about anything you want to do.  Get started.

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Options Strategic Home Run Trader Training & Coaching Program Membership

Learn A Homerun Trading Method Per Month So You Can Start To Anticipate And Pounce On Moves That Have the Potential to Grow a Tiny Account Into a Very Large One.

Get Started in Trading to Today with our Monthly Trading Coaching for a Living Program through Home Run Trading with Options - One of the BEST Ways to Trade Options!

The GOAL for You on This Program is to Train You to Get You On Our Hall of Fame Board & Then into One of the Future Series of Market Wizards Books.  But You MUST Have a Logical & Strategic Overall Plan & You MUST Master Many Strategies to Take Advantage of What the Marketplace is Offering at the Moment.  So this is Why We Developed this Options Strategic Home Run Trader Training & Coaching Program

  • Can you grow a small amount of money into a large amount of money in options? Yes of course.
  • You need to learn how to anticipate opportunity correctly.
  • You need to be able to identify opportunity very specifically through very powerful price trading strategies.
  • You need to understand how a options work in buy the right options.
  • But you just need to know what you're doing put yourself in a very high probability position for only getting involved in trading positions moves that have the potential to bring large returns.
  • We do this through price chart mastery.  We'll teach you month by month a new home run strategy and how to anticipate that home run, how to stalk it and how to pounce at the right time.
  • You'll get video training and an exact plan of action each month.
  • You'll get educational training on the mechanics, the mind state, the emotion state, the focus, the goal setting the strategic planning it takes to succeed and keep succeeding and growing.

Options Trading Cashflow MASTERS Training & Coaching Program Membership

Get Trained Month by Month How to Become a Cash Flow MASTER in Option While Learning How to Avoid Pitfalls, Avoid Money Wasters & Avoid Time Wasters

When you are able to Master cash flow from the markets, which also means income generation from the markets, you'll never have to depend on a job again. Expenses and bills, you know how they are, they just keep coming. Learn how to generate continuous cash flow or strategies for cash on command style trading. Learn how to use your cash flow to build networth, which can also generate you more cash flow from the markets or from other sources.

  • Learn or relearn how to trade options.
  • This membership could save and help you make millions overtime.
  • Discover how to set up multiple streams of options cash flow.
  • What's cash flow? It's the continuous stream of income that comes from either your full time effort, part time effort, very part-time effort or almost no effort in terms of automation.
  • Learn how to setup your own options trading companies.
  • Learn how to set up multiple cash flow income streams in a systematic way having to only mind them for a couple few minutes and night each business (the greatest business on the planet).

We Have In Large Variety Of Options Trading Courses, Options Systems And Strategies. These Products For Produced Can Learn Options Quickly And Become Potential Master Trader In A Very Short Period Time. We Have Other Products On Other Sites Too!

Trying to start from scratch in trading is a very expensive journey. You don't need to take this journey nor should you. Sometimes the accumulated mistakes can cause emotional damage which can impair your trading into the future. You don't want that. That's why you want to adhere to a method that can just train you how to trade options the right way.

In order to trade options correctly you'll need a few things:

  1. You're going to have to learn the fundamentals in basics of options mechanics and pitfalls to avoid
  2. You have to learn how to coordinate your entries and exits dynamically with expirations and premium decay so you can end up profitable
  3. You have to learn how to trade price action off the price charts otherwise how are you going to know exactly when to get in and get out?
  4. You need to reduce your decision-making in options trading to a process that's very cerebral and systematic. You don't have to get all consumes an emotionally involved in the training process. Actually is preferred if you do not.
  5. You need to pick up the correct mindset that will attract success to you. Many traders have a Poor mindset that attracts failure to themselves
  • Options Swing Trading Systems
  • Options Trend Trading Systems
  • Options Day Trading Systems
  • Options Micro Swing Trading Systems
  • Fast Cash Options Systems
  • Day Bars Fast Cash Options System
  • Micro Swings Fast Cash Options Systems – Intraday
  • Selling Options Systems
  • Credit Spreads Systems
  • Covered Calls Systems
  • Index Options Strategies and Systems
  • ETF Options Strategies and Systems
  • Weekly Options Systems
  • Chart Pattern Options Systems and Strategies
  • Intraday Chart Pattern Trading
  • Big Move Chart Pattern Trading
  • Learn Options Courses
  • Options Strategies Courses

Options Learning Divisions

  • Options Swing Trading Division
  • Options Trend Trading Division
  • Options Strategy Trader Division
  • Learn Options – Options Courses – Master Options Division
  • Chart Patterns Options Systems and Strategies Division
  • Weekly Paychecks Systems Division
  • Daily Paychecks Systems Division
  • Selling Options Division
  • Credit Spreads Division
  • Covered Calls Division
  • Index Options Division
  • ETF Options Division
  • Weekly Options Division
  • Cash Now, M.O.D, Fast Cash Approach Options Systems
  • Big Move Options Trader Division

Some Student Feedback


LH Makes $240,000 in One Week…

Aug, 2010:

“I just wanted to let you know that System B caught that Potash move this morning! I am rich!!!!!
Thank you so much for giving me this freedom! I don’t know how to
express my gratitude! I hope someday I can repay your kindness for
sharing this system! ”

I ended up buying 100 contracts at 1.22 and got out at 25.30 and
slightly broke some money management rules but not that bad. 100
contracts is alot for me but I just got so tired of being a wuss and
being scared all the time and I figured I just have to do it. I’m
definitely feeling the “crack high” but I’m completely out of the
position. I’ve been doubting the system, and maybe my ability to
trade the system for awhile, thinking that it was too good to be
true. I now (finally!) have to accept that this system works. I was
worried it was all a scam in the beginning! I have listened to all
of Chris’s audios so I remember him saying to own some stuff and pay off debts.
I just have to pay off my car and I will put the rest in
the bank. You can use whatever testimonial you would like. You
guys are amazing and I’m so thankful for this good fortune.”

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Options Trading AUTHORITY
Trading Product Categories

Ride trend after trend after trend with options... What happens when you do that? You have on average high rewards to low risk in ratio, putting you at a very strong chance for success over the short medium and long-term. So therefore you have great trading math and those who have great trading math tend to win overtime.

Power Trend Trading with options is also a lot less work and a lot less stressful and a lot more fun for many. And with Power Trend Trading you are targeting in the most excited powerful movements there are, moves that tend to travel a large distance very rapidly between two to four weeks in duration. Power Trends are the drama moves you see on price charts within that 2-4 weeks time duration.

POPS Trading? What is it? Well you know that options have time, premium decay. And also you know that shorter-term options have higher deltas which means that we can make more money faster with shorter term options that are preferably in the money at least somewhat for even higher deltas.

We target buying options with POPS for extraordinary 1 to 3 day cash grab returns. That said you can also use POPS for selling thereby collapsing premium decay into your account as profit which can be fun as well. So if you like faster cash, cheaper priced higher Delta shorter-term options and cash flow then POPS trading with options is for you.

We have a variety of different options swing trading systems that approach many different angles of options swing Trading. Option swing trading is the bread and butter of cash flow in options trading.

What exactly is options swing Trading? We are trading price swings which traditionally last between three and five days to capture a motivated directional move using relatively short turn options. We look to maximize profits from stock moves by using Leverage options. These swing trading opportunities happen regularly and frequently. In fact the price swing is the backbone of all price action in the markets. So therefore we have near endless opportunity for money making in combination with an options swing trading system or options swing trading strategy.

What's options Micro Swing Trading? The micro swing goes inside of the standard price swing which gives us a lot more opportunity and a lot more precision for entry and exit.

Micro swing trading is an incredible new world of price action trading. It's kind of like exploring the oceans with a whole different world of life right below us but in our case there is a whole different world of pinpoint precision short-term to medium-term options profiting.

Wanna Go BOLD?  Check Out Our Options MILLIONZ Program for Learning How to Go About Reverse Engineering Your First Million in Options...


Fast Track II to Starting in Options Trading

The "Options MILLIONZ"  program.  You know you're going to want and need to get there so it's best that you start out right from the start.

It is very important to start your trading out with a goal.  Just pick a goal that excites you, any goal.  After you accomplish that goal then you can create a new one later but for now just pick a genuine goal.

Now it's time to reverse engineer a plan.  And for that you'll want to join our "Options MILLIONZ" course.   You'll learn a lot!

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