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If I had to start over from scratch knowing what I know I would do this:

A. I would focus on POWER TRENDS with Options

B. I would focus on POPS for cash flow

Why these 2 methods?

  • Trades in 1 to 10 minutes a night max meaning I could work on other things, cash flow businesses, or if one has a job as most do, do your job then trade for only 5 to 10 minutes a night.   How?  We use price trigger contingent orders that most brokers have.
  • The more you can distance yourself from the noise, from the wooing, from the sirens song of the market place by watching price action go up and down and from the "financial media" (lame), then you can concentrate better on what counts.  For more on this check out Nicolas Daravas book "How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market".  Doing this will keep you from getting sucked into the wrong side of the markets where the markets would just love to take all of your money.  And those who do not have a lot of experience in dealing and overcoming the inner game of trading will usually get seduced into totally wrong moves or mediocre, time wasting, money wasting and potential big move missing scenarios.

Try This!

REVERB8 is a GREAT Power Trend system.  It has a very high precision mechanism and it is good at taking out timely moves on a stock while keeping trading nice, easy going and potentially dramatically profitable.    Most traders can not handle systems that are too active (although newbies and certain personality types crave intensity and action and if you do make sure you incorporate a pops style to satisfy that need to help put you smartly in position to generate cash flow systematically (without creating an emotional frenzy). See more info on REVERB8 Power Trend Trading System.

POPS CRUSH Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy Is an excellent and Powerful trading system that can certainly give you a huge Head Start into long-term trading success. It trades actively. You can use short-term options. It's for cash flow generation and this system has the potential to generate a lot of cash flow. Additionally it's important to have a good active swing trading system for those who are looking to trade actively because doing so will help you prevent getting into frenzied emotions that can suck you into error. He wants to be able to have a very sharp high probability opportunity for every single trade and this system will provide that for you. Check out more info on CRUSH.



What We Have for You:  MANY REALLY Good Options Trading Systems and Options Trading Strategies On This Site to Give You an "Instant Business Operations Manual" for Starting Your Own "Trading Business":

System For Success in Options

  1. Learn Options. Know the mechanics.  Know the possibilities.  Learn the "inner game".
  2. Take the short cut. Save years if not decades of learning, study and testing through our options strategies and options trading systems.
  3. Follow professionals in real time with options signals.

Check Out Our Powerful Options Trading Systems and Options Strategies Below by Category:


Quick POP Options Trading Systems for Faster Results

We target high velocity explosive price trigger moves and combine those with short term options with these options systems.   We look grab high probability cash pop moves, take the money and run!

Options Swing Trading

Options swing trading is the fundamental way to trade for cash flow.  Its also a great way with a good system or strategy to ramp up an account to large values relatively quickly.  We have some VERY powerful options swing trading systems and strategies.  You'll want to definitely check those out.


You Know this Was the Main Reason You Really Got into Options... I Hope So.

So it's Time to Address Your First Million in Options Now with a Strategic Plan.  "Winging it" in options will certainly not get you there.  But setting the goal while smartly and knowledgeably reverse engineering the plan can put you in a great highly probable position to do so.


Options Power Trend Trading

High Velocity 3 to 4 Week Trend Riding with Options

Now this is a powerful way to trade options. If you can spot power trend routinely then riding this big moves, usually 2 to 4 weeks, is a sweet spot for buying options and advancing a trading account ahead rapidly.

Targeting powertrends only is a great way to trade options!

 Options STRANGLES Trading

Take advantage of "big scary audacious moves" (the most profitable kind) with no more fear because you're going to learn how to strategically play both sides of the markets in a much better way.   Discover our new approaches to options strangle trading for some potential mind blowing opportunities.



Options Daily Paychecks?

These systems target the concept of making a daily paycheck from the options market. Discover the opportunities: More info


There is an art, science and strategy for selling naked options to make it worth your while and convert naked options selling into a stable net worth builder.    Our products will help you avoid the traps that so many naked options sellers fall into unaware.  We have some fantastic naked options strategies and systems that could help you establish your networth building machine. More info


New Covered Calls Power Series of Amazing Products

We've made some really powerful and even creative covered calls systems, courses, strategies, concepts...

The ideal is for you to start IMMEDIATELY building up your Cash Producing Asset portfolio of stocks for turning covered calls into an incredible cash cow by doing covered calls way different than the average, common strategies taught.



Inner Game of Trading Courses

Using options with price based trading strategies for great potential profits.



Options Trading Strategies

Using options with price based trading strategies for great potential profits.  For those who are more strategically minded we have huge opportunities for you with our options price trading strategies.

Monthly Bar Based Options Trend Trading Systems


  1. TNT II
  2. TNT III

Weekly Bar Based Options Trend Trading Systems


  2. CLONE7
  5. SLUGGER11

 Options Micro Swing Trading

There is a ton of opportunity on the micro swing trading level in options.  By learning micro swing trading you could double or triple your potential profit opportunity.   We have strategies and systems that can show you how to take advantage of the micro swing and gain much more control over your options trading by being "inside the swing"...


Options Weekly Paychecks:  Options Systems and Strategies for Targeting a Potential Weekly Paycheck

This is a fun concept that has enabled us to focus in and craft systems and strategies designed for the purpose of targeting a weekly paycheck.  More info

Want the Fast Track To Starting in Options Trading?

This site has a lot of products on it and could be a bit overwhelming.  So here are some more systems for simple starter plan of action that are tried and true over many many years:

So What Do Want to Do?  Interested in the Possibility of Making Money Right Away?

If so consider our trading systems.  Here are a good few picks to start with:

  1. SlingShot7 Trading System
  2. RightSide1 Trading System
  3. Options Weekly Paychecks System B
  4. Simplifico4
  5. Get the Basics of Options Trading Down Pat Quickly through Our Options Courses

Learn basic of options in a practical way with our Practical Options 101 Course.  Then consider SlingShotOptions3.0  FLUX2 – Options Trend Trading System  Options Strategy Viscosity8  MAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trading System or STACKERS 3.0 Options Trading System to get started with a solid Options Trading System right away.  

Why an options trading system?  An options trading system gives you an EXACT plan, with "abc123" steps.  This way you can eliminate much of the noise from the market place, take out the guess work, reduce emotions and trade like a real, professional business.  Simple systems trading can help traders avoid many pitfalls while putting a trader in a great probability chance for success, success that could be compounded over time...

Fast Track II to Starting in Options Trading

The "Options MILLIONZ"  program.  You know you're going to want and need to get there so it's best that you start out right from the start.

It is very important to start your trading out with a goal.  Just pick a goal that excites you, any goal.  After you accomplish that goal then you can create a new one later but for now just pick a genuine goal.

Now it's time to reverse engineer a plan.  And for that you'll want to join our "Options MILLIONZ" course.   You'll learn a lot!

Options Millionaire Maker Program.  Although that may sound tacky, it is sincere.  And a million dollars isn't that much these days.  The key is to develop a: Back Engineer the Goal into Logical and Strategic Plan with Pitfall Avoidance to Your First Million in Options and Beyond.  Without a well thought out and simplified plan money becomes very slippery.    With a strategic, systematic plan, you put yourself into a position to make, keep and compound money over time.  Learn More!

Options Trading AUTHORITY Courses - Learn Options Trading FAST

If you want to succeed as with any profession you must learn the fundamentals and the "inner game" giving you a very solid foundation.

Trading for a Good Living Program

Get Started in Trading to Today with our Monthly Trading Coaching for a Living Program

Program 1) $297/mo We go on teaching you monthly secrets of the trade, the inner game of trading, exactly "protocols" you'll need to execute to put yourself into master trader status which puts you into a high probability position to succeed and to succeed big.   Monthly strategy training.  Learn different ways to trade the markets, ways that are designed with the intent to be ways of trading options for a living.


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Options Trading AUTHORITY Overview

Options Trading Systems

We have options trading systems in many different shapes and sizes to meet different goals and needs.  Discover how you could put these options systems to work for you like a powerful operations manual in concept to your own options trading business.

Options Trading Strategies

There are 3 types of products we have with options strategies: 1.  Options Combination Strategies (i.e. covered calls or credit spreads...). 2.  Price Strategy Trading Using Options (buy calls or buy puts or using options combination strategies).  3. Strategic Approach:  Back Engineered Approaches to Accomplish Trading Goals

Options Trading Courses

Learn Options.  Learn Winning Mindset.  Learn Strategy How to Accomplish Your Trading Dream Goals.  Learn Various Options Combination Strategies.   All of our systems and strategies are in course format to teach you the secrets and application of the system or strategy.

Options Trading Signals

We have several affiliated options signal services for cash flow and net worth building.

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Options Trading Systems, Strategies and Courses Product Genres for Different Styles and Approaches in Options Trading

We have in insane variety of options trading courses, options systems and strategies.  These products for produced can learn options quickly and become potential Master trader in a very short period time. We have other products on other sites too!

Trying to start from scratch in trading is a very expensive journey.  You don't need to take this journey nor should you.  Sometimes the accumulated mistakes can cause emotional damage which can impair your trading into the future. You don't want that. That's why you want to adhere to a method that can just train you how to trade options the right way.

In order to trade options correctly you'll need a few things:

  1. You're going to have to learn the fundamentals in basics of options mechanics and pitfalls to avoid
  2. You have to learn how to coordinate your entries and exits dynamically with expirations and premium decay so you can end up profitable
  3. You have to learn how to trade price action off the price charts otherwise how are you going to know exactly when to get in and get out?
  4. You need to reduce your decision-making in options trading to a process that's very cerebral and systematic. You don't have to get all consumes an emotionally involved in the training process. Actually is preferred if you do not.
  5. You need to pick up the correct mindset that will attract success to you. Many traders have a Poor mindset that attracts failure to themselves
  • Options Swing Trading Systems
  • Options Trend Trading Systems
  • Options Day Trading Systems
  • Options Micro Swing Trading Systems
  • Fast Cash Options Systems
  • Day Bars Fast Cash Options System
  • Micro Swings Fast Cash Options Systems – Intraday
  • Selling Options Systems
  • Credit Spreads Systems
  • Covered Calls Systems
  • Index Options Strategies and Systems
  • ETF Options Strategies and Systems
  • Weekly Options Systems
  • Chart Pattern Options Systems and Strategies
  • Intraday Chart Pattern Trading
  • Big Move Chart Pattern Trading
  • Learn Options Courses
  • Options Strategies Courses

Options Learning Divisions

  • Options Swing Trading Division
  • Options Trend Trading Division
  • Options Strategy Trader Division
  • Learn Options – Options Courses – Master Options Division
  • Chart Patterns Options Systems and Strategies Division
  • Weekly Paychecks Systems Division
  • Daily Paychecks Systems Division
  • Selling Options Division
  • Credit Spreads Division
  • Covered Calls Division
  • Index Options Division
  • ETF Options Division
  • Weekly Options Division
  • Cash Now, M.O.D, Fast Cash Approach Options Systems
  • Big Move Options Trader Division

Some Student Feedback

LH Makes $240,000 in One Week…


Aug, 2010:

“I just wanted to let you know that System B caught that Potash move this morning! I am rich!!!!!
Thank you so much for giving me this freedom! I don’t know how to
express my gratitude! I hope someday I can repay your kindness for
sharing this system! ”

I ended up buying 100 contracts at 1.22 and got out at 25.30 and
slightly broke some money management rules but not that bad. 100
contracts is alot for me but I just got so tired of being a wuss and
being scared all the time and I figured I just have to do it. I’m
definitely feeling the “crack high” but I’m completely out of the
position. I’ve been doubting the system, and maybe my ability to
trade the system for awhile, thinking that it was too good to be
true. I now (finally!) have to accept that this system works. I was
worried it was all a scam in the beginning! I have listened to all
of Chris’s audios so I remember him saying to own some stuff and pay off debts.
I just have to pay off my car and I will put the rest in
the bank. You can use whatever testimonial you would like. You
guys are amazing and I’m so thankful for this good fortune.”





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