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“Learn Options.  Master Options. Learn How to Win in Options”

Discover the Principles Behind Making Money in Options, Keeping What You Make and then Growing What You Keep In Options…

Our “trading philosophies” below are comprised of 2 elements:  1. A mental approach to trading the options market  2. A mental approach end goal, desired outcome when developing a trading system to fit a desire.

Trade Options for a Good Living Philosophy

Hunter Speculator Philosophy
Stupid Simple Trading Philosophy
JackPOT Philosophy
Create Your Own Trading Business Philosophy
Home Run Options Trading Philosophy
The “FREE Money” Trading Philosophy for trading and systems development
MOD “Money On Demand” Systems Development Philosophy

It’s important to know our trading philosophies to know the type of trading system or trading strategy solutions we offer.  You can see that there is a backbone, substance behind the system and strategy that is deeper than just price action.  Having a end result in mind for the trading experience in trading the system and the trading result can help us have more successful and unique approaches to trading the markets.  Fore more information on our trading philosophies go to this page.




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  • Options trading can be very rewarding if you know how to trade the right way
  • Enjoy instant Options trading solutions with our Options Systems and Options Strategies
  • Learn to Swing Trade Options, Day Trade Options, Trend Trade Options, Micro Swing Trade Options, Sell options, Sell Covered Calls, Credit Spreads... with a large variety of our systems and strategies that are solutions to many different types of approaches in options trading


learn optionsOptions Systems, Strategies & Courses:

We have many products.  Our products have been organized through product, interest category below:

  • Vanilla Options Trading Systems (Regular Stock Options)
  • Weekly Options Systems
  • Index Options Trading Systems
  • Options Strategies Systems: Covered Calls Systems | Naked Puts Systems | Credit Spread Systems | Naked Call Systems
  • Binary Options Systems
  • Options Swing Trading Systems
  • Options Trend Trading Systems
  • Options Day Trading Systems

For More Information go to our Options Trading Systems page.

Newly Released Options Trading Systems and Strategies

See our products page for the centralized location of all of our products.  Also see links to our new products from the right side menu.

  • GS7 – Selling Credit Spreads on Weekly Options
  • GS8 Naked options System
  • JIVE5 Micro Swing Scalping System
  • OZ5 Options Weekly Paychecks Naked Options Starter System
  • OZ4 Options Weekly Paychecks Credit Spreads Starter System
  • NADEX Weekly Options System1
  • STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks
  • BOLT2 Options Strategy Starter Options Weekly Paychecks Strategy
  • PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy – Precision Strategy
  • NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy – Micro Burst Trading
  • POWDERKEG5 Options Trading Strategy for Power Momentum Moves
  • Binary SCHMACK2.1 2 Minute Forex Binary Options System
  • Viscosity8 Options Trading Strategy
  • MAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trading System

Upcoming Options Trading Systems, Strategies, Courses

  • OG1 Options Trading System
  • OMNI12
  • POPS5 Weekly Options Trading System
  • OMNI14 ULTRA Binary Options System
  • OMNI13 ULTRA Binary Options System
  • BB24 ULTRA Binary Options System

(All binary options systems will be moving to BinaryOptionsAUTHORITY.com

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