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learn options We offer exact solutions for you to start trading with a plan, an exact method so you can trade options excellently, become consistent, professional in your trading.

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We’ll teach you how to trade options systematically. Obtain one of our “business operations manuals” – our options trading systems – to start your own options trading business. You’ll learn how to stop treating trading as a gimmick and start treating trading as the greatest business opportunity on the planet.

  • Learn to stop trying to guess the markets and start systems trading
  • Take the strain out of training
  • Fix you position sizing with our masterful options money management system
  • Know exactly what you’re are doing in trading: exactly where to get in, set a stop loss and get out with profits.
  • Learn to trade stocks, but with options
  • Find out how to compound correctly in options trading
  • Understand time decay in a practical sense so you don’t have to worry about it any more so you can simple focus on your entries and exits.

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Discover the Principles Behind Making Money, Keeping What You Make and Growing What You Keep In Options…

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  2. Go to our Products Page and see the variety of options systems and strategies we offer. Each system is unique, creative and time tested.
  3. View our trading philosophies
  4. New to options? Want to turn your options trading around and start winning? Then check out our options educational courses
  5. Want to start trading building potential net worth in under 10 minutes a night? Then check out our options trading systems
  6. Looking to potentially generate cash flow now? Check out our options daily paychecks systems and our options weekly paychecks systems

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Learn to Trade Options Well and Evolve Your Personal Trading into a “Trading Business” …

Can you “get rich” trading options? Sure. Why not? But you’re going to have to learn how to trade well, mastering the principles of excellent trading while mastering yourself in the process. We think we can help you with that, if you listen and implement what we have to say as some of our very successful students have.

Learn, Re-Learn options the right way – for the sake of trading and making money over time. Speed up your ability to trade well with one of our options systems or options strategies We Have Poured over 27 Years Experience into MANY Excellent, Solid Options Trading Products as Seen Below. Why? 1. To help you stop losing your shirt and potentially start to make money, keep that money you made and grow that which you kept. 2. There is simply too much knowledge in options and trading options that needed to be expressed creatively so we made a bunch of products. Reap the rewards while our products remain available…

Have you hit your limits in options trading? Are you tired of losing, tired of not knowing what you are doing in options?

You’re only ready, when you are ready. When you get so sick of losing that you’re fed up, you’re ready to start winning. Either or, if you’ve hit your own ‘tipping point’ or if you are preparing to get to your own ‘tipping point’ you’ll need the knowledge to make a ‘turning point’. Options trading can be hard, when you trade with your emotions. Successful options trading can be startlingly simple, embarrassingly so, once you learn what we have to tech you. We offer you are options trading solutions from ALL angles of trading options, broken down into every step, every component so you have a real way to approach options trading success, as many of our students have. To get started I suggest to ALL, from beginning to advanced options trader opt in to the newsletter above to get my “Trading Manifesto”. Then obtain my Options 100, Options 101 and Options 102 courses to reformat, re-groove your brain, reprogram your emotions in the way it thinks about options trading. For those of you have have consistently lost in options trading, always seeming to get in at the wrong time may I suggest the “The Millionaire Maker: Consistent Loser to Consistent Winner” and “Winning in Options” courses. For those of you who have been through my training and are ready to make it happen, to start your options trading business and potentially trade for a good living then it’s time to pick up a Pro level Options System or Strategy. In terms of what systems you would need to obtain for starting your own options business you may want to look into first establishing cash flow through an options day trading system or binary options system (day trading). From there you can move bigger funds through swing trading and power trend systems. While looking to grow net worth, account size in a more stable way look to add an longer term Options Trend Trading System.

Join the ranks of some of our most successful students.

We have many successful students who have purchased many of our courses, trading systems and trading strategies that have gone on to achieve considerable success with some of them having claimed to have broken seven figures in profits… Many of our most successful students use our systems as an “operations manual” for their own trading business. And then other students use our systems and strategies for their own clues or “puzzle pieces” to their ideal “trading puzzle” for their “ideal system” that best fits their personality and type of trading lifestyle they wish to have.

We have options trading signal services.

Options trading signal services or otherwise known as options newsletters, options alerts, options picks were options tips… Bottom line is that we provide trading ideas based off of options trading system strategies of ours to inspire you to trade well. These signal services are of benefit also because they help keep you in a more professional mindset when trading. We use exact entries, stop loss and profit taking exit points in our trades we raise money management. And we can do so by using contingent orders. You can follow our trading ideas or our trading systems in real time by subscribing to our signal services.

We have binary options systems in binary options strategies.

Chris Kunnundro is one of the first to market with binary options trading systems. His groundbreaking work in binary systems development has led the way for many extremely profitable binary options traders. Make sure you join our newsletter to be alerted to your new binary options product creations.

We have index options trading systems.

Index options offer unique advantages for trading. They are unique advantages to trading index options whether they be cash based index options four ETF based index options. You can swing trading index options. And you can view options strategies on the index options. Plus you can also trade binary options on indices. In order to get started with options trading authority please click on our products tab. On this tab you can see the vast assortment of products we have to help you gain a potential success quickly. Almost every course has its own initial presentation page and a newsletter that is that directly associated what is promoted. Make sure you opt into that newsletter and that newsletter will take you into a series of messages about that product in particular. This will help you get familiarized about the product in an automatic way. We offer need reminders about a product you’re interested because maybe we can take action on a right way. Were also these e-mail series of messages will help explain the product more clearly see you. You do not want a miss out on a product that can potentially change your life for good! To success and options trading is a combination of knowledge, understanding and money management. We need to learn this on the mental level but more importantly we need to learn how to successfully trade on the emotional level. Our trading strategies and trading systems are designed to simplify the act is successful trading. You’re able to do so out of over 27 years of experience In trading and investing.

How do you become successful in options trading?

You need to learn how options work. Then you learn how price action works. And then you can purchase or create an options trading price based strategy that can show you where to get in and out exactly. Having an exact entry and exit points is even more critical if you’re trading in options strategy or an option, combinations strategy. Once you determine your strategies you need to actually go practice your strategy without money and then go practice two strategy with tiny trade sizes plus real money. It may seem boring at first but if you lay the foundation right you could end up making a fortune later. But if you do not lay a foundation right you can be setting yourself up for years of futility. Simply your trading to a certain set of simple. logical actions, actions that have proven to be able to net out a profit in the past. this gives us our best chance at success into the future…

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