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Simple Trading Systems Plus Options Could Be Your Ticket to Getting Finances Done


We’ve had many many students over time and we’ve seen different students’ interactions with different ways of trading through a different trading system vs our different trading strategies.

We’ve learned several things from the students and their success or lack of success. And some students seem to do well with complex systems but others do not.


Most people tend to do well with trading systems that are very simple. It’s not that they are any less intelligent (and one could even argue that they are more intelligent in certain ways..). They just understand that all they need to do is net out of profit.  And they keep the markets simple.  They don’t don’t necessarily tend to think to big bout it although they tend to grow rather large trading accounts.

Successful students accept what is and how things are in the market place.  They take when the markets are giving and they don’t try to force the markets to give them money. They understand the game of money management position sizing whereas they grow their position sizing along with their trading account size while not getting fancy in the process while rocketing their account size over time into potentially something very big.

In fact some of the successful students would rather have a simple system will even appreciate a lower winning percentage just as long as the system is super simple to do. That may make sense to some people but it will once you start trading. If you don’t have much training experience then you may not see what we’re talking about here but if you do have a lot of trading experience then you can understand what that means.

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