Micro Swing Options Trading Systems

What’s a “micro swing” ?  It’s a 1 to 3 day price swing that can even evolve into a 2 week move.  It’s a price swing yes but it trades with bars less than day bars, usually with the 60 or 30 minute bars.

A micro swing trading system tends to allow you to have more control over your risk to reward.  Your stop loss points are smaller.  You can also enter in earlier to a swing and exit later in a swing vs. the day bars allowing you to potentially take more profits from the markets. Therefore micro swing trading systems can inspire confidence and a good feeling for traders from newbie traders to professionals.

And if you treat these systems professionally a whole new world of potential options profiting could be opened to you.  So get educated and get systematized.  Start adding on to your trading power, your trading arsenal with our options micro swing trading systems below.

Below is a list of our options micro swing trading systems.  You can click on a box to access the system’s details page:

Featured Starter Micro Swing – Micro Trend Trading Systems:

rightside3.0 trading systemRightSide3.0 Inside Swing and Trend trading system. New version 3.0. This is Micro Swing trading! What’s that? Micro Swing trading lets you go behind the scenes of price action and gives you greater control of your entry and profit taking. This means there is potential for less expensive entries, better entry prices, potential less risk and potential more profits captured. Version 3.0 hounds every little mini swing while allowing you to stay in high momentum swings through the end. The RightSide system is great for beginners, intermediates and very powerful for advanced traders. This was a seminal system that helped me get going many years ago – a confidence booster for sure!


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Options Weekly Paychecks 2.0  B – Accuracy and system profitability jacked. System B gives control and more system profit points. Options Weekly Paychecks System B is designed to take out trends within each week on good moving stocks leveraged with short-term options for the profit objective of taking home an AVERAGE weekly paycheck from the options market. Now in version 2.0. Powerful system with lots of successful students… Options Weekly
Options Weekly Paychecks System B

 optionsweeklypaycheckssystem-270x300  STRIKER-weeklyoptionspaychecks-microswingtrading-ecover  NADEXweeklypaychecks-weeklybinaryoptionssystem-ecover


 PROTOTYPE-GS8-weeklyoptions-NAKEDOPTIONS-system-ecover  GS7-weeklyoptions-creditspread-system-ecover  JIVE5-weeklyoptionspaychecks-microswingtrading-ecover


 OZ5-weeklyoptions-NAKEDOPTIONS-system-ecover  oz4-weeklyoptions-creditspread-system-ecover  indexoptionsweeklypaycheckssystem-270x300
 150rightside-set  04  weekly options credit spreads


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