NEW Vortex 2.0 Stock Options Trading System! Target Parabolic Trends

ANNOUNCING:  The New Vortex  2.0 Stock Options Trading System!
We’ve transformed Vortex Options Trading System in to a MONSTER!
Vortex2.0 now rockets to the top echelon of some our our best,
released, options trading systems.

We’re going to change the price but you can have the current
price since we’ve just launched.  But when the price is change
then that’s it.  Vortex 2.0 has become an extremely powerful system.

Check out what it has done on just 2 stocks last year (not 5 stocks
but 2!)

System Results for 2011 into the start of 2012:
(this means if you would have done the system
rules you could of had the same, similar results):

Approximate Stock Points         604.24
Approximate Options Points         314.20

Estimated Options System Results Profit
5 Options Contracts         $157,102.40
10 Options Contracts     $314,204.80
50 Options Contracts     $1,571,024.00
100 Options Contracts     $3,142,048.00


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