Option Strategies Systems

Options Strategies Systems are priced based trading systems that are combined with options strategies.   What’s an options strategy?  It’s a type of option play, a use of an option or a combination of options.  Although in this case we are not considering ‘buy calls’ or ‘buy puts’ as an options strategy.  An options strategy we focus upon are combinations of calls and puts or calls and call or puts and puts.

You can see the strategy systems below we focus upon such as: covered calls, credit spreads, naked calls, naked puts and strangles.  You can use various options strategies, in particular, directional options strategies on Chart Pattern Riches which provides a super solid directional trading trigger.



naked puts system

Naked Puts Extreme Naked Puts Options Trading System


covered calls system

Covered Calls Extreme Covered Calls Options Trading System


credit spreads

Credit Spreads Extreme Credit Spreads Options Trading System


sell credit spreads

sell naked calls

Naked Calls Extreme Naked Calls Options Trading System


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