Options Swing Trading Systems

Options Swing Trading is a Great Way to Trade Calls and Puts with Limited Risk and Unlimited Profit Potential for Trading Calls and Puts


Take advantage of the short term momentum in a stock swing and ride that swing with options.  Short term high momentum moves are ideal for buying calls and puts.  Such moves can be potentially leveraged into large gains over time with a good trading system, money management system and a consistent approach.

Swing trading can also be combined with other options strategies for powerful potential gains.

All in all the price swing in options trading can be the most profitable way to trade. Why?  A swing usually happens right away.  It happens over 2 to 5 days although it can extend into 2 weeks if you’re really rolling in momentum.  Well the shorter the term options you can use the better.  Time cost money in options in rotting time premium.  But shorter term options allow for better deltas, a better bang for the buck. Shorter term options are also cheaper in price so you can get higher ROI on your trades and risk less total dollar amounts per trade.    So if you can get good at options swing trading then this is a GREAT way to go to build cash flow and net worth.

Bottom line:  you need a good swing trading system in order for you to have a chance of making, keeping and growing your trading account over time.  Here are some of our powerful options swing trading systems:

The Following Systems Below Play Swing Trades with Options Thereby Targeting a 1 to 5 Plus Day Swing On Average

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OPTIONS swing trading
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We have options “Micro Swing” trading systems too.