We’ve transformed Vortex Options Trading System in to a MONSTER!

Vortex2.0 now rockets to the top echelon of some our our best, released, options trading systems.

How? Why?

  • Vortex 2.0 Options Trading System is now extremely accurate.
  • Time tested creative versions of tweaks have been added to make Vortex2.0 highly accurate for entries
  • Now you can play consolidation patterns!  Imagine making money in a consolidation pattern! (vs. getting your account chewed up before, as usually by only swing, trend trading)
  • Now you can capture the most treasured price action trades there is: The Parabolic Power Trend.  (A Parabolic Trend is a trend that lasts 1 to 3 months that has a lot of directional conviction
  • Capture theses Parabolic Trends on a repeated basis