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There is an art, science and strategy for selling naked options to make it worth your while and convert naked options selling into a stable net worth builder.    Our products will help you avoid the traps that so many naked options sellers fall into unaware.  We have some fantastic naked options strategies and systems that could help you establish your networth building machine.

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New Covered Calls Power Series of Amazing Products

We've made some really powerful and even creative covered calls systems, courses, strategies, concepts...

The ideal is for you to start IMMEDIATELY building up your Cash Producing Asset portfolio of stocks for turning covered calls into an incredible cash cow by doing covered calls way different than the average, common strategies taught.

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Pure Price Action Trading Systems and Strategies - No Indicators

Impress your friends by being able to simply look at a blank price chart and make great trades.

Interest has been expressed for price action based trading systems specifically and only whereas no indicators are used. This means one would just see bars on the chart and react off of certain patterns and combinations.

In a way that's pretty impressive if you think about it. Your friends will think you are a genius in that you can just look at a price chart, with no indicators or lines, and see high probability opportunity,very high probability opportunities.

We have assembled our price action systems and strategies here

credit-spreads-cash-flow Credit Spreads Cash Flow Program

 Advanced Options Credit Spread Systems

We've taken strategic and systematic credit spreads to a brand new level on top of the last level we took it too thanks to the fusion of advanced binary options strategies into credit spreads. Check out for fantastic, while "buffered" (due to spread) cash plucking opportunities, to be compounded, stacked in real time:

  • Monthly Paychecks - monthly based credit spreads
  • Weekly Paychecks - Weekly options credit sprads
  • Even Daily Paychecks Strategies and Systems - Weekly options and NADEX (see for lots of NADEX Systems)
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New Systems Series: M.O.D

M.O.D. Stands for "Money On Demand". Now yes admittedly that sounds tacky. But before you judge understand that the M.O.D. is more for us in terms of our desired end result, an idealistic result.

So we went for it and we made some amazing, powerful, high precision, frequent opportunity at most times, options trading systems! These systems are designed for:

  • Flexibility - flexibility over many different stocks and at different times
  • High winning percentage as seen historically to our test results
  • Are also strategic - trade when you want

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 Options Trend Trading - Big Trend Trading

Buying Calls and Puts with a Priced Based Strategy.  Targeting big moves to make heavy duty scores on our options positions on purpose, with conviction all based on our amazing price action big move trading strategies.  We'll look to crush it on the day bars for power trends, to medium term trends to investor trends to bigger picture support and resistance scenarios back to micro trends and bursts as well.  This is a FUN way to trade that could help a lot of you profit quite hugely.   For some of you, less trading and more strategy could work out better.





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