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  • What your buying is a high probability solution based on past results combined with our several decades of experience in the markets.
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Options Trading AUTHORITY Courses – Learn Options Trading FAST

If you want to succeed as with any profession you must learn the fundamentals and the “inner game” giving you a very solid foundation.

Options Power Trend Trading

Options MILLIONZ Reverse Engineering Your 1st Million in Options

Options Power Trend Trading

Options MILLIONZ Reverse Engineering Your 1st Million in Options

Options Chart Patterns Systems & Strategies


Options Trading Strategies















   credit spreads system
   credit spreads


covered calls system




  1. Winning in Trading – Winners Make It Happen – Most fall short in trading because they do not follow through.  Video training course.




 naked puts  naked calls system
 naked puts system  



 Coming soon.  You may want to see Binary Options AUTHORITY for a ton of options daily paychecks possibilities.  

Long Call and Put Directional Options Trading Systems



RightSide3.0 Micro Trend Trading Options Trading System  Tight Shadowing of Micro Swings Keeping You In on the Up and Down Price Fluctuations at Potentially Better Entries and Exits with the Potential to Turn into Power Swings or even Parabolic Moves for big scores to your trading account. $2997
Options Weekly Paychecks System B V2.0 – Long Time Student Favorite – Takes Out Weekly Price Action Swings on the Micro Level $2997
set and forget trading Options Weekly Paychecks System A V2.0 – a literal set and forget system designed for 15 minutes a week of “work” per week letting the system do it’s thing over time. $1997
swing trade index options  “NEW!  Trade Big Micro Swing Moves in Index Options with Very Good Precision for the Russell 2000 and S&P 500 Now with the Index Options Weekly2.0 Paychecks Options Trading System.” More Info $3997
“Discover Your Potential to ‘Kill It’ Trading Weekly Options on an Intraday Basis with Index Options on the RUT and SPX! Using ‘Cheap’ Weekly Options…” $3997
OWP System C Options Weekly Paychecks System C – NEW! – a different type of intra-week paycheck were we look to capture momentum burst and pocket profits quickly after.  Very simple rules to follow. $1997
slingshot3.0 300x54 Products SlingShotOptions3.0 – Rapid Momentum Options Swing Trading System. This system has been pummeling the options markets for years – a must have system. $2997
FLUX2 – Options Trend Trading System – Trend Proliferator with “Cluster FLUX” $2997
VISCOSITY8-optionstradingstrategy Options Strategy Viscosity8 Provides The Options Trader a Simple, Strategic Way of Targeting and Plucking Off Swing Trading Profits $997
MAEDAY2-3-homerun-optionstradingsystem MAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trading System is Options Strategy / System $1497
VORTEX-optionstradingsystem Vortex 2.0 Options Trading System – Focus on Riding Parabolic Hyper Trends ONLY. $1997
stackers-options-trading-system-cash-flow STACKERS 3.0 Options Trading System – “Cash Flow Machine” $2997
jackpot cyclone trendsystem 300x103 Products JackPOT Options CYCLONE – Options Monthly Trend Trading System  $1497
jackpotd JackPOT Options System D – Power trend options trading system.  $1497
Fury FURY – options trend trading swing trading fusion, point cornering domination system.  $2997

Options Strategy Systems

credit spreads system Credit Spreads Extreme – Credit Spreads trading system taking credit spreads to a new level.  $2497
naked calls system Naked Calls Extreme – once considered risky, naked calls has been turned into a net worth building system   $2497
naked puts system Naked Puts Extreme – naked puts corrected, dumb ideas of the past eradicated – now systematically sell naked puts for net worth building.   $2497
covered calls system Covered Calls Extreme – Covered Calls trading system plus protection and profit strategies taking what is a mediocre options strategy on its own, turning it into an options trading powerhouse.

 Weekly Options Systems

NBP619(2) CreditSNIPE – Weekly Options Credit Spreads – sell them systematically.   $2997
Thetabully THETABULLY – covered calls with weekly options! 4 Times the Opportunity! Shows entries and exits  $2997
naked options weekly options system PremiumPILLAGE – Claim Plump Weekly Options Premium in a Systematic Way – Weekly Options Naked Calls and Naked Puts Selling System  $2997
weeklyoptionssystemdeltastryklogo DetaSTRYK – Aggressive Micro Swing Weekly Options System – buying weekly options calls and puts  $2997
indexoptionspops2system Index Options POPS2.0 Trading System – 2 Day Trades, POPS, and done!Index Options POPS3.0 Trading System  $2997

 Options Trading Strategies

NITRO3-optionsswingtradingstrategy NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy – Micro Burst Trading  $1997
BOLT2-optionsswingtradingstrategy BOLT2 Options Strategy Starter Options Weekly Paychecks Strategy  $997
PANIK3-optiontradingstrategy PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy – Precision Strategy  $1997
POWDERKEG-optionstradingstrategy POWDERKEG5 Options Trading Strategy for Power Momentum Moves  $1997

Options Trading Courses – Learn Options

covered calls Covered Calls MASTERY – Transform a fairly mediocre strategy into something powerful. Learn all about Covered Calls and how to potentially start profiting significantly while protecting your stock investment.  $197
naked puts Naked Puts MASTERY – Fears and worries about Naked Puts SOLVED. Naked Puts now has become a powerful net worth building strategy. Learn about the pitfalls of the past and understand Naked Puts so you can trade them well and not succumb to dumb strategy ideas that seem to pop up often with naked puts.   $197
naked calls Naked Calls MASTERY – Naked Calls fears and worries are now solved. Turn naked call selling into a flexible, powerful net worth building strategy that can be more safe than owning stock.   $197
credit spreads Credit Spreads MASTERY – a popular concept, generally a mediocre strategy or even a dangerous strategy as taught by popular options marketers that is now turned into very good strategy with our strategic twists. Learn how to properly structure a trade and when to place a trade for the sake of profitability, stacking cash gain after cash gain   $197
option100 Options 100 – learn about the possibilities in options. Discover how it could be possible to make 6, 7, 8 figures and beyond in options. Get your belief and enthusiasm high. Doing so can drive you to follow through, get a plan and execute a plan for options trading success – very important!  $0
options trading 101 Practical Options 101 – the information you need to avoid pitfalls and to be able to start trading options.(new version coming soon)  $97
win in options The Millionaire Maker: Consistent Loser to Consistent Winner – Exactly How it’s Done  $197
winning in options Winning in Options  $97


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Covered Calls Systems Strategies and Courses

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Naked Options – Options Selling

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