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Super solid swing trading system taking SlingShot3.0 up a notch.  More Info

MEGABUILDER9 Big Trend Big Move Trading Strategy

Sometimes we just work to hard for a pay check.   So what if you could work maybe 30 minutes a month average, roughly and ride monster moves with very large probability and average massive reward to risk ratios?   Well then you'd have the potential to become the next Turtle Trader wouldn't you... More Info

RightSide4 "Micro Dominator" Options & Stock Trading System

This is an exciting newer development of the RightSide Micro Swing Trading Approach that gives us a serious edge and great risk to reward ratios.   If you're looking to dominate in your trading stocks and options more aggressively then you'll want to take a look at this RightSide4 MicroDominator System.  More Info

Ultra prolific options swing trading system for advanced traders looking for incredible amounts of profit points.  More Info

RightSide1 UTLRA Options & Stock Trading System - Cash Flow Swing Trading

This is a fantastic new system discovery that evolved out of layers of years of systems development. More Info

RightSide BIG - Big Trends Trading System for Stocks and Longer Term Options

Discover trend trading.  Discover the wisdom of making things much EASIER.  Discover the roll the dice method bonus with options which could be one of the best approaches you've ever seen in options trading.  Extremely fun system and it makes trading like you always thought it could (or have experienced before) which is fun, enjoyable and exciting.  More Info

KATANA3 Big Chunk Precision Profit Grabber Strategy

Use KATANA3 strategy to potentially totally transform your trading.  Be able to get in on the RideSide of the markets time after time to be able to trade those nice juicy breakout moves only, time after time.  More info


RightSide2 Systems Deal with the RightSide Approach of Getting in On the RightSide of the Consolidation Breakout Cycle of the Markets

- Which is the Nemesis of All Novice Trader Who Get Sucked into the Wrong Side of this Cycle.  Now You Can Have an Exact System for Being Able to Cerebrally Get in On the RightSide of this Price Action Phenomenon.  More Info

QUATRO4 Precision High Velocity Swing Trading Strategy

QUATRO4 is a heavy duty, high velocity, high probability strategy for a highly motivated move to ride with stock, options, futures, forex etc.  Turning this strategy into a habit can help make you a very powerful trader. More Info

RightSide3 Systems Deal with the Fascinating World of Price Action within Price Ranges and the Price Range Matrix.

We Look to Get on the RightSide of Price Action Through the Price Range Matrix:  More Info

RightSide6 Stocks and Options Net Worth Developer System.

Massive trend trading system. More Info

Options Trading Simplified Into a Couple Powerful Clear Cut Trades Per Month for Potential Huge Profits to Be Compounded Over Time for a Very Large Trading Account. More info

TNT III Options System and Strategy - Harness the Hidden Power Behind Monthly Bars & Options. It's Time to Make Trading Easier and Position Your Self for Big Moves in a Methodical, Clear Way.  More info

Cyclone II Options Trading System Set and Forget Style is a really great method to trade that we have been following for many many years. And that we have now discovered a great new tweak to make this system even better and more fun to trade. More info

TNT II Options Explosion Strategy & System for Trading Monthly Bars for Big Profits and a Lot Less Effort!
Discover this new approach by trading monthly bars that could be the solution to your trading challenges of stressing yourself out by trading too often. More info

See The MASSIVE Amount of RUT Index Options Points VECTOR4 Index Options Trading System Was Able to Generate in Just 6 Months!  More info

This is a system designed with the intent, the focus, the goal, the specific goal of making one million dollars from options.   Once one has a goal one can back engender a plan.  Once you have a plan you can go about taking action towards your goal.  Once you have a battle plan for conquering your 1st million  you put yourself in a much higher probability position for success.  Probability is the best we can do in trading.  More info

Powerful, solid, fundamental system that is relativily easy to trade due to a good feel coordinating with market flow vs. a system that goes directly against the feel of the market price flow which makes it harder.  You'll definitely want to know this system!  More info

Millionaire Maker System 3 is designed to coordinate with the Options Millionaire Maker & Options MILLIONZ approach towards targeting home runs in order to target and achieve one’s first million from options trading.  More info

Options Trading AUTHORITY Courses – Learn Options Trading FAST

If you want to succeed as with any profession you must learn the fundamentals and the “inner game” giving you a very solid foundation.

SlingShotOptions Swing Trading Options Courses - Click logo to access more info:


 Courses Coming Soon:  Contact Us if Interested and We Can Accelerate Release


Pure Price Action Trading Systems and Strategies - No Indicators

Impress your friends by being able to simply look at a blank price chart and make great trades.

Interest has been expressed for price action based trading systems specifically and only whereas no indicators are used. This means one would just see bars on the chart and react off of certain patterns and combinations.

In a way that's pretty impressive if you think about it. Your friends will think you are a genius in that you can just look at a price chart, with no indicators or lines, and see high probability opportunity,very high probability opportunities.

We have assembled our price action systems and strategies here


New Systems Series: M.O.D

M.O.D. Stands for "Money On Demand". Now yes admittedly that sounds tacky. But before you judge understand that the M.O.D. is more for us in terms of our desired end result, an idealistic result.

So we went for it and we made some amazing, powerful, high precision, frequent opportunity at most times, options trading systems! These systems are designed for:

  • Flexibility - flexibility over many different stocks and at different times
  • High winning percentage as seen historically to our test results
  • Are also strategic - trade when you want


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