REVERB8 Power Trend Trading System is a Power Trend options trading system that aims for collecting moves on stocks with options that offer bigger potential scope vs. swing trading.



The Less I Work the More I Make in Options Trading.. How So?

Really sometimes we just make more work for ourselves than we need to. Have you ever heard the expression “the less I do the more I make”? Well there is certainly truth to that in trading especially for a lot of folks.

People are attracted to trading because there’s a possibility of creating a very real part time business that can be very part-time in this part-time business in eventually provide a lot of cash flow.

Unfortunately most people don’t treat the market seriously and they don’t get educated. They also don’t train and practice to be expert Traders. They want some sort of easy trick, gimick. Well “the universe” is not set up that way. And the fastest way to success is the simply get good at something that can produce results.

That said when one has a good trading system that in trade extremely part-time while putting you in front of very high probability trading setups that can move a ton of points in 2 to 4 weeks, then you certainly have leveraged Edge.

REVERB8 can give you this leverage Edge. Don’t underestimate the system because it makes Trading so easy and simple, that’s the mistake most people make for those who do not move forward into success.

What’s a power move or a Power trend? It’s a directional move that has high velocity that moves almost in a straight line usually that last two to four weeks. This is an ideal move to make fortunes and options by driving and options position far into the money where your Delta’s are very high.

What the – How Did REVERB8 Pull Off 95% Winning Riding Power Trends?

21 Trades
1 Loss
20 Wins
95.24 % Winning

Complete “Trading Business in a Box”  – We teach you the secrets behind this system when you purchase the system home study course.

What if you could get good at this system? What if you can get good at this system and grew a small account into a very large one over the next several years?  Would you be happy about that?

What if you you could do such a feat in trading only 5 minutes a night?

Five minutes a night? Yes that’s it. What you looking at the markets more than that. See if you have an order or if you need to make a trail stop adjustment and that’s about it.
You see in the markets involve that watching price go up and down the better. If you don’t know by now or if you haven’t heard about the “Sirens Song of the market” then I’ll just say, you don’t want to be lured into doing non financially productive things which can happen if you get to emotionally involved with the markets, watching price, action too much your portfolio value too much or financial media.  You can learn more about his in our courses on our site.

Power are trends usually last between two to four weeks.

With this method we look to favor the shorter-term for the sake of focusing on the “power” and velocity angle of the power Trend trading approach.

This means that we would rather have our move go right away for a great move in the stock while not being extra flexible with the trail stop mechanism.

Performance Sample: Results are shown in terms of stock points and options points.

Here is a performance sample of BA (Boeing). It’s not really a drama mover but it can make some decent runs.  By moving into stocks with options that can produce more points, your options positions can accumulate significant profits as your options go deep in the money on a power trend.


16-Jan 21
3.2 21 T
1.5 1 L
2.3 20 W
4.8 95.24% W%
17-Jan 2.1
105.88 Stock Points
46.59 Options Points Approximately
$46,587.20 10 Contracts Per Trade
$232,936.00 50 Contracts Per Trade
$465,872.00 100 Contracts Per Trade







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