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New Options Trading AUTHORITY Generation 12 Options Trading Systems & Strategies

We Have In Large Variety Of Options Trading Courses, Options Systems & Strategies & We Likely Have an Options Trading Solution for You!

We Have In Large Variety Of Options Trading Courses, Options Systems & Strategies. Trying to start from scratch in options?

Starting from scratch trying to figure it out without experienced successful help can be an expensive journey. You don't need to take this journey nor should you. Sometimes the accumulated mistakes can cause emotional damage which can impair your trading into the future. You don't want that.

So what's the solution?  Get educated in options through our memberships and get an instant solution with a trading system. 

Options Systems & Options Strategies for Cash Flow & Net Worth Building. Get Started Right Away. And Avoid Missing Out On Time When You Could Have Been Compounding. Also Avoid Missing Out on Those Big Moves that Just Keep Passing Buy without Your Options Position in Front of It.

FLUX3 Swing & Trend Trading Options Trading System

Perpetual Profiting Possibilities. Start Your New Online Business in Trading. Work from Home with a System that You Can Turn into a Business that You Operate a Few Minutes a Night Max Using Options and Contingent Order Triggers... Discover the Possibility of Taking a Small Sum & Compounding that Small Sum into an Empire

The End All Options Trading System?

In one sense you could argue that you will not need another trading system once you have this CPR2.0 options trading system. Why would we say such a thing? Because it cracks the code on the mysterious universal law of price movement that simply allows you get on this side of the marketplace over and over and over again, perpetually. Once you learn this way of trading you'll have a method you could use for life for trading for a good living and a method that is so super solid provide for you a high probability of very large compounding  over time: Discover the Power of CPR2.0 - Our Powerful Chart Pattern Riches System 

Start Here:  Must Know, Must MASTER Options Trading System

Options Trading AUTHORITY CORE - Options Swing Trading System

Get a Trading System Business Plan Blueprint for the Sake of  Developing Your Own Options Trading Business & Trading for a Good Living

OTA CORE is the method that was the starting point of Options Trading AUTHORITY over 20+ years ago.  We should have launched this system a long time ago. It's the secret from scary accurate, highly developed trading intuition which was then translated to paper in order to trade this method over and over with very little effort or thinking.  

This system which was figured out intuitively before even knowing much what a price chart was CRUSHED it running $13k up to $425k in 4 months - now it's been translated into a set of rules so you can do this method over and over and over again.

Options Trading Signals

OTA CORE PRO Trading System Upgrade to OTA CORE Trading System for Another World of  Trading Opportunities

OTA CORE PRO Trading System  - More info

OTA MASTERY Program. Options 101, 102, 103... and Beyond.  Educational Home Run Options Trading Signals as Well!

Awesome new way to learn options.  Become a master not only of the ins and outs of how options work, but how to actually use options in a practical and smart way.    

A lot of options teaching out and about is ultimately vague.   It's stops short in teaching you exactly how to options trade in real time.  They leave you guessing and gambling.  So learn from us in our nearing 40 years of experience in the markets, trading, options trading systems development and teaching.   Cut through the chase and get the info you need to know in order to start netting profit and compounding that profit over time.

Options Trading Articles

Options Swing Trading with the Trend stock exchange, trading floor, business

Learn How to Trade Price Swings Within a Trend

Learn How to Trade Price Swings Within a Trend to Put the Wind at Your Back and Make Trading Much More Enjoyable and Profitable Learn how to trade price swings within a trend, how to swing trade more smartly by swing trading with the trend ...
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The Mega Crash of December 2022

“What Are Best Options Trading Systems for the Coming December MEGA CRASH?”

What Are Best Options Trading Systems for the Coming December MEGA CRASH In Order to Profit Smartly, While Avoiding Trouble in the Process? Certainly we want to be a buyer of options only and not selling naked options.  That would be dumb.  Short coverings,  stampeded ...
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CycloneCORE Simple Options Trading System Trading Tip 1

Get this system and never ever stop trading it! Even if using 1 tiny contract. Compound it. Turn trading CYCLONE CORE into a habit and you'll likely be very happy you did months, years, decades from now... Cyclone CORE Trading System – Simple Options Trading ...
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The POWER of CycloneCORE Options Trading System

The POWER of CycloneCORE Options Trading System Get this system and never ever stop trading it! Even if using 1 tiny contract. Compound it. Turn trading CYCLONE CORE into a habit and you'll likely be very happy you did months, years, decades from now... Cyclone ...
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POWDERKEG12 Options Trading System Review and Overview

Really really really good system! " POWDERKEG12 Options Trading System Explosive Cash Flow Generator Method for Potential Long Term Ever Compounding Cashflow See more info here: "   ...
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SlingShot Options 3.0 Options Trading System Review and Overview

a Powerful Trading for a Good Living Style System. You can use as a stock trading system too! Check out more info here: ...
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Options Trading Signals Services

  Are there any good options trading signals out there? Well of course there are because we just launched theses new ones! Now there may be others but you would have to go look into that.  But if you're looking for a swing trading signal ...
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What’s Better Trading DeltaSTRYK Weekly Options Trading System As A Strategy Or A System?

What's Better Trading DeltaSTRYK Weekly Options Trading System As a Strategy Or A System? Not much! Not much is better.  DeltSTRYK rocks Recent CAT results since we talked about CAt in a recent overview video of DeltaSTRYK: +13.5 +12.8 +7.2 +5.6 +4.8 +1.2 +3.8 +6.3 ...
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Announcing New Options Weekly Paycheck Signals!

System 5 - Option Weekly Paychecks Trading Signals?  Yes that right!  They are ultra powerful precision based trading signals.  We give you the entry and then you just get out 5 days later with a 5 day time based exit! 5 Days Later?  What's up ...
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woman sitting on floor and leaning on couch using laptop

Trading for a living

  Trading for a Living Sounds Great!  So How Exactly Do You trade for a Living? You may have heard the concept tossed around for a while. There is even a book called Trading for a Living. But if you read most of those books ...
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big trend trading

Ride Large Precision Trend Moves with Options On Stocks

Ride Large Precision Trend Moves with Options On Stocks – an Options Trader’s Dream System for Crushing it with Options… Looking for EASY Trend Trading and EASY Money Making from Riding Big Trends? Looking for a Way to Rescue Your Trading Account? MAEDAY2.3 Home Run ...
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Options MILLIONZ Course – How to Make Your First Million from Options Through Strategic Planning

Discover How to Develop Your Own Strategic, Specific Plan for Accomplishing Your First Million Dollars from Trading Options by Reverse Engineering the Goal You Know You Want it and Are Probably Kinda Going for It – But It’s Time to Do it Right and Make ...
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Join Our New Trend Trading Options Training Series – by Options Trading AUTHORITY

Join Our New Trend Trading Options Training Series - by Options Trading AUTHORITY - Free - Sign up to the right: [aweber listid=4830119 formid=1264948425 formtype=webform] Trend trading with options is arguably one of the best ways to trade options. Why is that? Because with options ...
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Get Started in Options Trading Fast…

Let's get started, FAST.  Speed of getting started is key when it comes to compounding... Have you see some of options trading systems results?  They are powerful!  And just imaging compounding those results over time! Every day that goes by not applying a sold trading ...
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Top Options Chains Websites

Top Options Chains  What's the best source for options chains? Your broker! Then you can get the most accurate and usually easy read of the options you need to see. But if you don't want to log into your broker or if don't even have ...
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Trade for a Living Starting Today

TRADE FOR A LIVING STARTING TODAY?   How to start trading for a living right now??  Like right now. Is that even possible without screwing up? Sure it is. You know how? Get a simple system and stay simple with it and simply execute the system ...
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Want More Cash FLOW? CRUSH IT with POPS CRUSH Then! And Get to It!

Why would you want to get POPS CRUSH options trading system and put it to work right away? Well if you're looking for a solid prolific highly accurate cash flow solution (and who isn't!) that can put you in a very high probability position for ...
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Looking for a Side Business for Cash Flow & Net Worth?  Do FLUX2!

FLUX2 Options Trading System which is a very powerful and stable style options trading method. FLUX2 is a mix between a swing and a trend. It's a very unique creation of ours that has stood the test of time and will very likely stand the ...
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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Check out our Options MILLIONZ Program

We made some courses systems and strategies that we haven't really promoted much yet but they are really really good! Although a lot of people these these are struggling just to make some cash flow due to a lot of things and really, mentality (maybe ...
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Apply These 3 Secret Techniques To Improve Options Trading

Apply These 3 Secret Techniques To Improve Options Trading Here is a "surefire" plan for putting yourself in a position to succeed: Use an option system that is super solid. Fancy isn't necessarily better but it Dependable netting out of profits is what the pros ...
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What if you could win four out of five trades on average with very large returns when you win?

The Secret of trading math... Have you ever studied the Turtle Traders? I have. I have studied the detailed course that explained their system and why they're so successful by Russell Sands, sometime ago. And what he explained was quite shocking at the time. And ...
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Why it’s Smart to Start Your Own Formal Trading Company for Increasing Your Probability of Success in Trading for the Short Medium & Long Term

Most people treat trading way too casually. The opportunity in the markets is tremendous. There are very many ways to make money in the markets. And each method, each system, for profiting in the markets can be employed and in a more organized way to ...
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OWP Special & Reason Why a Trading Business is Better Than Any Other Online Business

Hello everybody. Here's a new special.  it's 70% off of all products on this site. (join newsletter to get specials like these) for We forgot about this site quite frankly and sorry it looks so ugly.   We actually have in the works new systems for the ...
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30% 60% 90% Trading Systems Deal of Weekend for Options and Binary Options

30% 60% 90% Trading Systems Deal of Weekend for Options and Binary Options Here's a weekend special. This applies to options and binary options. If you have any questions on our products let us know. We are working on new websites and new products that ...
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Some Student Feedback


Some Student Feedback

LH Makes $240,000 in One Week…

Aug, 2010:

“I just wanted to let you know that System B caught that Potash move this morning! I am rich!!!!!Thank you so much for giving me this freedom! I don’t know how toexpress my gratitude! I hope someday I can repay your kindness forsharing this system! ”LH

I ended up buying 100 contracts at 1.22 and got out at 25.30 andslightly broke some money management rules but not that bad. 100contracts is alot for me but I just got so tired of being a wuss andbeing scared all the time and I figured I just have to do it. I’mdefinitely feeling the “crack high” but I’m completely out of theposition. I’ve been doubting the system, and maybe my ability totrade the system for awhile, thinking that it was too good to betrue. I now (finally!) have to accept that this system works. I wasworried it was all a scam in the beginning! I have listened to allof Chris’s audios so I remember him saying to own some stuff and pay off debts.I just have to pay off my car and I will put the rest inthe bank. You can use whatever testimonial you would like. Youguys are amazing and I’m so thankful for this good fortune.”**


Options Trading as a Side Business, a Full Time Business or a Side Income "Job"

Want to Learn How to Trade Options for a Good Living?  How About Learning How to Trade Options on the Side, as Side Income, as a Side Business, for Semi Passive Income, Part Time in a Few Minutes a Night? 

Well we can teach you that. 

  • Learn Options & How to Trade Options Well.  How?  Join Our Newsletter.  Take Our Courses. Do Our Monthly Coaching Programs.
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What makes us an AUTHORITY as you seen in the brand name? Our experience.  Our success.  And our successful students. We've been at this a long time.  We have certain approaches and we are certainly an authority in our own approaches we created & invented.   You'll see.  You'll also see that we sell good stuff.  Many of our students buy many of our products from use and some buy everything because they want to capture our secrets while they can finding multiple trading business centers to setup multiple treading companies of their own. Join our newsletter to learn more.
WARNING:  There are a LOT of lame options educators and options books out there in options that can waste a lot of time, money and future money you could be making. Don't let them bog you down in their never ending mysterious technical gobbledygook that wastes your time, that teaches you how to lose in trading while robbing you of potential future systematic compounding.  It's time to stop letting these guys in addition to the media tell you what to do and who you can become.  You can use options to ride very  specific HUGE moves over and over and do so on purpose.  We'll teach you how to position yourself for those moves in addition to teaching you how to generate cash flow. You can use options to systematically and methodically generated cash flow income while compounding those profits.  We show you how to AIM BIG and by doing so we can teach you how to reverse engineer that bigness into a workable plan.   The opportunity is HUGE in options.  The markets are MASSIVE in options.  May we suggest that you GO FOR IT but also get some smart education first.

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Ride trend after trend after trend with options... What happens when you do that? You have on average high rewards to low risk in ratio, putting you at a very strong chance for success over the short medium and long-term. So therefore you have great trading math and those who have great trading math tend to win overtime.

Power Trend Trading with options is also a lot less work and a lot less stressful and a lot more fun for many. And with Power Trend Trading you are targeting in the most excited powerful movements there are, moves that tend to travel a large distance very rapidly between two to four weeks in duration. Power Trends are the drama moves you see on price charts within that 2-4 weeks time duration.

POPS Trading? What is it? Well you know that options have time, premium decay. And also you know that shorter-term options have higher deltas which means that we can make more money faster with shorter term options that are preferably in the money at least somewhat for even higher deltas.

We target buying options with POPS for extraordinary 1 to 3 day cash grab returns. That said you can also use POPS for selling thereby collapsing premium decay into your account as profit which can be fun as well. So if you like faster cash, cheaper priced higher Delta shorter-term options and cash flow then POPS trading with options is for you.

We have a variety of different options swing trading systems that approach many different angles of options swing Trading. Option swing trading is the bread and butter of cash flow in options trading.

What exactly is options swing Trading? We are trading price swings which traditionally last between three and five days to capture a motivated directional move using relatively short turn options. We look to maximize profits from stock moves by using Leverage options. These swing trading opportunities happen regularly and frequently. In fact the price swing is the backbone of all price action in the markets. So therefore we have near endless opportunity for money making in combination with an options swing trading system or options swing trading strategy.

  • Options Swing Trading Systems
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  • Covered Calls Systems
  • Index Options Strategies and Systems
  • ETF Options Strategies and Systems
  • Weekly Options Systems
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  • Intraday Chart Pattern Trading
  • Big Move Chart Pattern Trading
  • Learn Options Courses
  • Options Strategies Courses

What's options Micro Swing Trading? The micro swing goes inside of the standard price swing which gives us a lot more opportunity and a lot more precision for entry and exit.

Micro swing trading is an incredible new world of price action trading. It's kind of like exploring the oceans with a whole different world of life right below us but in our case there is a whole different world of pinpoint precision short-term to medium-term options profiting.

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