Announcing New Options Weekly Paycheck Signals!

System 5 – Option Weekly Paychecks Trading Signals?  Yes that right!  They are ultra powerful precision based trading signals.  We give you the entry and then you just get out 5 days later with a 5 day time based exit!

5 Days Later?  What’s up with that? 

OWP System 5 Options Trading Signals and Stock Trading Signals  is in line with the 1.  Weekly paycheck concept  since the trades last exactly 5 days  2. The “POPS”  concept where we are only in a trade for a certain number of days. And we are only in a trade for a certain number of days not just for the sake of it or not just because it sounds cool although it does sound pretty cool, but we are trying to maximize a price action cycle. And yes 5 is the number in the Fibonacci sequence and is one of the most common numbers in swing Trading.  

But it’s more than just getting out five days later on any old trade. We needed a particular trading strategy that would trigger a  a highly precise entry into a higher momentum follow-through swing trade.  We want that juice, full bodied price swing and most of the time we have gotten it getting out at the maximum, 5 days later.

At first we had another swing system attached to these signals and then realized, hey, let’s do this other idea to make it even better… and so we found this new method for greater precision and follow-through which is just excellent.

We are very excited about these trading signals and doing them ourselves. You should be very excited about employing these OWP System 5 trading signals as well in our own trading accounts. You can use options. You can use in the money options. You can use whatever options you want. You can trade with the stock. The trading signal is so good that it doesn’t really matter which method you choose. You could even sell Naked options if you want to do so and these types of signals would be great for that as well, just go somewhat in the money to capture the momentum follow through.

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