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Please Read So You Learn How to Be Successful In Auto Trading and With Our Signals

We now offer auto trading.    We are currently auto trading with the following firms:

Autotrading Providers

global autotrading logo options trading authority Autotrading Global AutoTrading specializes in autotrading equities and options, including fast moving instruments like spreads and other combinations. US & International traders are welcome. Global AutoTrading uses Interactive Brokers, thus commissions start from $1 per equity trade and $0.70 per option contract. If you have an existing account with IB, no need to open a new account! Please visit the Global AutoTrading web site for general information about the autotrading services offered, and visit the page for  TBA for more information about autotrading TBA
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Auto Trading Disclaimer

Auto trading.  What is it?  You’re broker will trade your account for you upon your authorization.  You authorize your broker to take our newsletter trading signals and perform those trading ideas or system trading signals in your account.  We do not trade your account nor is there any interest in us doing so.  Every trade performed in your account is your responsibility and or your brokers.

This could be a convenient service for you.  But you need to understand the process and the results may not be entirely positive.  Things can go wrong such as:  an error in communication between our trading signals to the broker, a misinterpretation of our signals by the broker, typos on our end, general foul ups on the brokers end that in addition to a slow or choppy market trading conditions can lead to loss, your loss (although occasionally mistakes can be made in your benefit as well) to which you can make no claims against.  By accepting AutoTrading of our trading signals you accept and agree that you accept the various risks, mistakes and general errors that may happen when auto trading your account.  You also accept that there will be no compensation for a mistake, error or any sort of losing money trade made by us or your broker.

Even though you permission your broker to trade your account you still need to monitor the account.   You still are responsible for your money and you will always be responsible for your money.

Trading systems can hit rough spots and if your position sizing is too large you could lose all of your money fast!   And if the rough spot is rough enough you can even lose all of your money with small percentage position sizes.

If you are trading too many instruments at once (stock positions, options positions etc…) your risk is increased due to exposure.  If all those stocks follow the market and head in the same direction your positions becomes one large position which thereby becomes more risky, losing you significant amounts of money.

Your position sizing could make or break any potential success.  When trading leveraged instruments especially such as options or futures you must use small percentage position sizes (we like 5% down to 1%  position sizes of trading account).  Anything can happen any day in the financial markets and any one position can go awry due to market condition or simple mechanical error from our signal calling to your broker’s entry error (mechanical error or by missing the error all together)

We have no interest in your money or your trading account.  We do not care if it performs well or not.  That’s what separates us as a trading newsletter provider vs an ‘investment advisor.   We have no vested interest in your success or failure.  Nor are we managing your money.  Your broker is essentially managing your money using our trading signals as trading ideas upon which to trade your account.  If we did have vested interest we would be taking at least 20% of the profits plus other fees.

You understand that you accept our disclaimers, terms and privacy policy when you register for our trading services.  You understand that the potential is there to possible profit using our auto trading services.  And you understand the potential is there to lose all of your money, your initial investment and any further contributions you make to your trading account by using our trading signals and your broker’s auto trading of our trading newsletter, trading signal service.

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