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About Us

Options Trading Authority is a hub site for our various options education products, services and systems.

Through the Options Trading Authority Newsletter we communicate to our subscribers valuable information for success in options trading.

We have highly seasoned system developers who developed many systems and strategies to approach the markets in solid ways. Her head systems developer has now over 30 years of experience in the market and 20 years of systems development experience. So far we have had many very successful students that we know of who report to us and rumors about many others who do well with our systems. Frankly our systems a very solid in approach and have a great chance of doing well into the for those who actually learn and get good at executing our systems and strategies. But for those who are lazy hacks and are too lazy to learn our systems, only partially learning our systems, well, you’re not going to do well and rightfully so. We require our students who buy our materials to learn our products well and become very good at them so they have the potential of setting themselves financially free while becoming very wealthy in the process. If you don’t want to learn our systems well then don’t buy our products.

Predictive analytics” is the study in which we are engaged.

This means we analyze repetitive patterns in price in order to give us a higher probably ‘bet’ on future potential happenings.  The financial markets offer a variety of such repetitive price patterns.  Our focus is upon the price patterns and price behavior that has stood the test of time.

While other other systems developers out there maybe looking for some sort of loophole in the markets, we’ve matured out of that long time ago and now look for what can be solid and dependable and compoundable over time.

For those who are serious about making money in the markets we think you’re going to like our options trading systems a lot.

We aim to identify price behavior that is based upon the ‘human animal’, ‘human nature’ for human nature does not change.  We use this constant as a factor to give us an edge in the markets. While most ‘trade by the seat of their pants’ or from the emotional ‘whim of the moment’ we look to trade with a simple entry and exit plan based on systems figured out, outside of the market trading action.

Our principle systems developer started investing at the age of 14 in a serious way, being granted permission (by his father) to take over his portfolio of stocks granted to him by his father.  He went on to quadruple his investment account over the next several years by investing in stock, following teachings of his child hood heroes: Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch.  By starting at such a young age Chris was able to develop a finely tuned instinct for the markets.

After finishing a couple degrees in college he tuned to full time trading and now options trading.  Then age 26 he took $13,000 and turned it into $435,000 but then ended up cashing out $225,000 in 4 months in four months roughly trading simple stock swings within a trend intuitively (while also cracking the code to selling at tippy top peaks after that experience).  He was able to hit the million dollar mark later that year by sticking to the same strategy.

After that he started to realize that it took quite a bit of concentration to trade intuitively and wanted an easier solution.  So he started studying price charts to figure out exactly what he did that made his success.  After some study he started to observe specific patterns and trigger points on those patterns.  Soon he was able to translate his intuition to a set of rules on a price chart and his systems develop area was born.

He says he is extremely creative and says that he “just can’t stop creating things” theses days (a ‘backlash’ from making it too easy to trade, using his trading systems).  Creating trading products has given him a diversion, something else to do besides just trading which has now become frankly a little boring since it has become so simplified. So systems and strategies development an outlet for his creative drive. And from that major new discoveries have been made in ways to trade the markets.   Fortunately for all of us we can now access some of his genius through his trading systems, strategies and courses!!  Consequently, many students across the globe are surprised to find trading systems that actually work and credit their success to his teachings.

We have become sick and tired of seeing people, especially friends and family who have a real and genuine desire to succeed in options trading and “investing”  lose their shirts in the past due to bad educators.  We are tired of all the naysayers that say options can not be traded consistently and profitably.  We’re  tired of seeing traders who get conned or con themselves into losing their trading accounts through bad “options trading education”. –  You know,  the kind of options education that looks very ‘professional’, formal and ‘institutional’ but ends up being a bunch of rehashed options trading info that does not tell you practically and exactly what actions you need to take and not take in order to start netting out a profit in options trading.

Now we understand that as Options trading educators that we can not make you do anything.  But we can present trading education information in such a way that can make sense to you so you’ll start to agree that correct trading, trading that can actually net out results over time is really the only way to trade.  For trading is a waste of time if your objective is anything less than making, keeping and growing money over time.   And that takes patience, consistency, persistence and a plan – a plan that must be started NOW.

We focus on the practical, the bottom line:  “What Makes Money?”  and “What Makes YOU Money!”  This is our approach.  We can’t guarantee you results but our intentions are to make products, solutions “that work”.  Also we look to continually improve our products over time as well.  Perfection is the standard in which we can rest.  We will drive until we get there.  Your feedback is always appreciated and helpful in helping us make greatness for you.

That said we found several approaches that have worked for him and many other successful traders over time:

  1. The “Trading for a Good Living Philosophy
  2. The “Hunter Speculator Philosophy
  3. The “Stupid Simple Trading Philosophy
  4. The “JackPOT Philosophy

Ultimately, you need a plan.  Our “Trading for a Good Living Philosophy” is a great approach that creates many great trading plans, trading systems of ours.  Once you have a solid approach that tends to net out nice profits on average over time then money management can take over for potential large gains over time.  And a great model for this philosophy is what the Turtle Traders founded by Richard Dennis were able to do over time.

Losers get stuck in theory.  The are too scared to enter or exit at the right time. They do not do their home work.  They trade too big then refuse to get out at their stop loss points.  They have no system for entry and exit.  They have no money management system.  And are consumed by their moment to moment emotions, emotions that are 99.8% WRONG in trading decision making.

That’s not for you.

You are a winner.  Say it. “I am a winning options trader”.  Believe it!   Become it.   Act as if you are a winner and you’ll soon start believing.  Now start doing the things in trading that winners do.

Get educated the right way, the way to WINNING.  And winning in trading means you can make, keep those makings, and grow those keepings!  Anything less than that is just, losing.