Options Trading AUTHORITY Purpose, Cause, Mission, Story…


The mission of Options Trading AUTHORITY is to help willing students actually make money trading the markets with options.  Our intent is to create success stories and Hall of Fame stories we can put it on the success story at Hall of Fame wall.

We are interested in helping folks avoid pitfalls and learn to trade options cracking from the start before they start getting on bad habits. Bad habits can be hard to break although they can be breakable with understanding.  So on that note we do love to help people get over there bad habits and start practicing new winning habits and trading.

Another part of her mission is to reformat the options trading industries approach to training options in a couple ways:

  1. We look to reformat many popularized and standardize options strategies into something that’s actually workable for profit. Current options combination strategies are not very effective on their own.
  2. We look to get people to stop trading for an emotional chase, for an emotional high (as a compulsive gambler does, a sugar addict, a drug addict etc…) and start their own actual bona fide trading business.
  3. It’s not just good enough to”trade as a business” because most people have never owned a business and most people who own a business don’t do a good job with it. Speaking of jobs, it may help many folks to start thinking of trading as their job in order to take their trading more seriously. We would to take your students into a level seriousness of forming and operating their own focused trading company. And we can put one system in one trading company thereby giving and individual an operations manual per each company similar to a franchise company (although we are not selling franchises only information products). We believe a good trading system is far better an opportunity with a lot more potential, with a lot less headache and a lot less risk versus of these expensive standardize franchises that are being touted as”safe” in the marketplace today.
  4. For the ambitious student we look to help them methodically take a small amount of money and grown into a very large amount of money
  5. We want to take bottom line rocksolid historically proven tendencies, probabilities and put them on our side, arranging them into sets of simplified rules in order to form trading systems.  We want to methodically trade trading systems with SmartMoney management position sizes optimized on individual level to fit one’s own winning percentage, drawdown, average loss for average win.. And look to compound profits over time.