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Register Below Per Product to Access Your Affiliate Link.  I have tested the affiliate program on the aMember membership management script.  It works in tracking and with rebills (for 2 pays and memberships, signal services)


Commission rate is 40% across all products with a 10% second tier. You’ll have a cookie duration of 90 days! That means, you get a commission on any purchase made within those 90 days from that same customer, even if that customer goes directly to our site!  The cookie will still track that customer and credit you the sale! It’s that simple.

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NOTE:  On trading systems we do NOT offer money back guarantees no matter what the payment processor says.  So do not promise money back guarantees or  we will remove you from the affiliate system.   You do not want those types of people buying high ticket systems.  You will waste your time because those type of ‘guarantee’ seeking people tend to be losers and cheats and just want something for nothing.  They’ll try anything to get a refund and you won’t get a commission for your efforts.

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Options Trading Products

We offer a variety of Options Trading Courses and Systems. Please find the links below for your affiliate link:



  • Options Weekly Paychecks Options Trading System
  • JackPOT Options “System D” Options Trading System
  • JackPOT Options Monthly Trend Cycler Options Trading System
  • Options FURY Options Trading System
  • STACKERS Options Trading System
  • SlingShot Options Options Trading System
  • Options Daily Paychecks
  • FLUX2 Options Trading Syste
  • Practical Options 101 Home Study Course
  • Options Time Trading Machine Options Trading System
  • Home Run Options Trading Options Trading System
  • MAGNA Options Trend Trading Options Trading System
  • Index Options Systems: Index Options Weekly Paychecks, Index Options Daily Paychecks, PUMMELER Index Options System, Prudence Index Options System, Velocity Index Options System,  Twister Index Options System, Index Options Time Trading Machines
  • Up And Coming Product Released:
  • Futures Options Systems
  • Binary Options Products (see below)
  • Practical Options 201 Home Study Course
  • Covered Call Mastery Home Study Course
  • Covered Call Extreme Home Study Course
  • Naked Put Mastery Home Study Course
  • Naked Put Extreme Home Study Course
  • Strangle Mastery Home Study Course
  • Credit Spread Mastery Home Study Course
  • Credit Spread Extreme Home Study Course

Binary Options Products