Covered Calls Cash Flow Program

Covered Calls Can Be Turned into an Ultimate Retirement Package Better than Real Estate After You Find Out How to Fix Them and Make them Great

Do you know much about covered calls? But we can certainly teach you and we can teach you in a better way.

Covered calls were popularized especially over the past 20 years often in reference to how Warren Buffet making lots of money by selling covered calls, hundreds of millions and billions it is considered.  So if Warren does it why not us right?  Well yes and hold your horses on the other hand.   Why?

Well you need to know exactly what you are doing:

  • You need to know exactly when to buy the stock;
  • when to sell the call
  • which strike to sell
  • which expiration to sell
  • when to close out early if trade doesn’t go in desired direction
  • how to make more money in up trends and down trends
  • how to make fortunes when  your stock tanks
  • how to make way more when your stock goes up
  • when not to sell the call while capping off stock profits
  • when and where to not sell the call to avoid getting your stock called out, losing your stock

Unfortunately most of the teaching on covered calls out there covers the basic covered call strategy. And the basic covered call strategy is actually pretty lame.  People tout “covered calls” as if they were magic on their own.  That is simply not true.  Those are people who are more concerned with selling books vs. trying to figure out how to make covered calls dependable.

Otherwise covered calls on their own can end up causing more trouble for most people than there worth until… we fixed them!

Another problem is that lot of folks tend to think that just because an option strategy has a cool name like “covered calls” that it’s a magic solution to make money. It has certainly been marketed as such. But that said, although covered calls on their own are pretty lame I’m here to tell you that I fixed them – now we’ve made them great! You can call this a covered calls 2.0 if you’d like.

The bottom line is that we have a very new approach to covered calls, converting them into an opportunity for creating a great cash producing assets.  Also we all now have a new approach to retirement with the ability to smartly turn cash producing assets that can make us money when the stock goes up, down or sideways (without having to drain capital asset value when the stock goes down anymore either).

It’s Time to Get Started Right Away Building Your Covered Calls Cash Portfolio.  Start Small and Build.  Start the Habit of Building Now!

Firstly, we look to establish a solid base of cash in a stock.  We change our thinking into “cash producing asset” thinking, which is a mindset of the wealthy. We want to make cash in other ways of trading or other business ventures or even savings from our job and turn that cash into an asset, one that can produces a significant cash flow income, and do so on a frequent basis.  So now we can grow more wealth but also have cash flow to pay bills and take care of a lifestyle we want to lead.  But it gets better than that.

In prior times, covered call sellers had no way of dealing with a stock when it would start into a downtown.

Also very few people knew exactly where or when to  sell a covered call exactly. Most people would sell a call to soon and then lock themselves out of far more profits they could have achieved by letting the stock run.

Additionally, a lot more money can be made when stocks go down and a lot more money to be made when stocks go up cash so we have crack the Code of these methods.  And most were missing out on such profits that could have rapidly swelled the net worth value of one’s trading account which would then make for the ability to sell more and more covered calls for bigger and bigger cash flows!

So from now on expect to:

  • Know exactly when to sell your call
  • Learn how to take far more covered call Premium out of the markets when you sell a call
  • Learn how to increase your opportunity the generating paychecks from covered calls through the use of weekly options and through the use of our strength systems making money from covered calls on a short-term basis the high degree of probability.
  • Learn how to make mini fortunes as your stock goes down
  • Learn how to make mini fortune says your stock goes up
  • Find out how no matter which way the market goes you’ll have a plan for protecting your money and then making extra money, potentially a lot of extra money off of your cash producing assets cash stock holding

There are also many very interesting and Powerful covered call strategies and systems we have developed extra paychecks from your stock holding, even on face it, even several times a week.

Are new methods are used to turn covered call selling it to a powerhouse of cash flow.


Covered Calls Trading Systems & Covered Calls Strategies

Covered Calls Mastery  Awesome home study course that teaches you “Covered Calls2.0”  Relearn covered calls.  Turn a once mediocre strategy into a very powerful strategy combined with new approaches.

covered calls system

Covered Calls Extreme – Advanced covered calls trading system that shows you where to get in and get out with 4 incredible profit maximization and risk reduction strategies that turn an average strategy into a powerhouse strategy.


THETABULLY  Weekly options covered calls trading system.  This is a method that looks to give you pin point opportunities for potential weekly cash flows by using advanced methods for selling covered calls in a timely way.