Debit Spreads 101 Course 1

Debit Spreads 101 Course for the Discovery of a New Way of Adding Extra Cash Flow at Choice Opportunity Price Scenarios While Being Able to Play the High Flyer Stock’s Options at a Much Lower Cost.

What are debit spreads?  A debit spread is an options combination strategy that buys a more expensive and sells a less expensive option. Debit spreads reduce your cost to own an option. Debit spread trading allows you to play those expensive highflyer stock options at day reduced and measured cost.

Debit spread trading can be used in conjunction with credit spread trading to take advantage of opportunities that are just too expensive for buy calls and buy put opportunities. Understand that debit spreads are essentially the same thing as a credit spread but credit spreads were just more popularized.  And debit spreads are less likely to be exercised against you versus the credit spread. 

Discover the pitfalls in debit spread trading that most don’t seem to want to talk about. When you understand the parameters, and pitfalls of debit spread trading then you can be free to go in about trading debit spreads in a more correct way.

  • Learn about concepts of strategic debit spread trading.
  • Learn about big spreads trading – learn how to trade wider spreads.
  • Learn about when to do to put yourself in maximum advantage for a trade by using debit spreads.
  • Learn about micro debit spreads trading.
  • Learn about weekly options debit spreads trading
  • Learn about low-hanging fruit easy profit opportunities as the option contract is a approaching expiration.
  • Learn about concepts of combining debit spread trading with other forms of cash flow such as covered call trading and systematic buy calls by puts trading in order to set up a cash flow trading business or a cash flow retirement.


Debit Spreads 101 Course 2