Finally I Create Options Trading Strategies and they Rock 1

Finally I Create Options Trading Strategies and they Rock

Finally I Create Options Trading Strategies and they Rock

Wait, an options strategy vs. an options trading strategy?  What’s the difference?

An options strategy is considered to be a particular options instrument or combination of options instruments from “buy calls” to “butterflies” to “ratio backspreads”…

An Options Trading Strategy – in my words, is a priced based, price chart based trading strategy where the “strategy” is a price strategy trigger from a price chart.  And then you can use whatever pertinent options strategy that would best apply to a price based strategy (usually ‘buy call’ or ‘buy put’ is the best).

We’ve come up with some very powerful strategies.  These strategies to options traders are like subs, air craft carriers, hypersonic weaponry and nukes to a country.  Ok maybe that was a bit dramatized lol but you get the point.  These strategies are really, really, really good.  Every time one of theses price strategies pop up – we all, all AUTHORITY traders, need to take every one of these.  Otherwise, we are behaving irresponsibly by letting all of these potentially very profitable moves continually slip away from us.  Have you thought about trading this way?

Well I want to push the drama and emphasis on these options trading strategies.  These are very powerful, solid and essential trading strategies we all need to employ.  You’ll see… click on the link below get get more details.


“Options Trading Strategies in Line with the Options Weekly Paychecks Philosophy that Show You How to Hone in On Potential Big Options Moves with Precision”

See more here:

ecover-BOLT2-optionsswingtradingstrategy ecover-NITRO3-optionsswingtradingstrategy ecover-POWDERKEG-optionstradingstrategy ecover-PANIK3-optiontradingstrategy

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