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FLUX3 Swing & Trend Trading Options Trading System

Perpetual Profiting Possibilities. Start Your New Online Business in Trading. Work from Home with a System that You Can Turn into a Business that You Operate a Few Minutes a Night, Max, Using Options and Contingent Order Triggers…

Discover the Very Real Possibility of Taking a Small Sum & Compounding that Small Sum into an Empire

Why Buy FLUX3 Options Swing & Trend Trading Hybrid System?

  1. Super-solid long-term tested approach to training based on our proprietary methods that we created a long time ago.

  2. An ultimate in stability in systems design with a potential for ultimate stability and consistency of performance over time allowing for potential excellent compound ability whether you’re trading with stocks or options.

  3. FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System puts you in the place to capture the trends and swings so you don’t have to guess or wonder where the best spot is to get in. You’ll just follow the system and you’ll be there.
  4. FLUX 3 puts you in front of moves before they happen so you don’t have to guess or waste time worrying about it.
  5. This swing and trend trading system hybrid has an excellent performance track record as you can see below for FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System.
  6. You can trade stocks with FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System because we now is take it one trade at a time allowing for potential incredible returns with the potential of repeated, consistent, superior performance, overtime, that can then therefor also be compounded.
  7. Trying to figure out what the markets are doing is a futile waste of time for most people. The marketplace is like a sports arena and it’s you versus the market. The market is going to Juke and Jive you, trying to trick you in order to score on you, which means take your money, while you are trying to do the same to the marketplace. But you can rise above the marketplace and gain significant advantage by using a trading system where you no longer try to figure out the markets in real time or read the markets jukes and jives. You just simply apply your trading system a few minutes a day and let the system do its work. This is a genius way to go. All top and big businesses use systems for operation in one way or another. Let’s apply the same sophistication to our approach to trading the markets.
  8. If you’re looking for a way to consistently make money then look into learning FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System for a high probability approach for potential excellent consistent future performance.

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Features of FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System

  1. Trend trading swing trading hybrid.
  2. Get in front of most all swings and trends that are significant.
  3. No more guessing of when to get in and get out. FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System gives you the exact entries, stop losses and profit taking exits.
  4. Exact clear system that makes trading very very simple.
  5. Potentially start off or build up a small account overtime for the good potential of trading for a living and just a few minutes a day.
  6. Enjoy swing and Trend Trading with a very solid system which are you really only takes 5 minutes a day. If you can get FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System employed for yourself to a point where you’re making significant enough cash flow then your income can be taken care of in roughly 30 minutes per week.
  7. Employ the power of a solid trading system where all the decisions are pre-made in the system. You don’t have to strain yourself or think or guess. You just put your orders on after the market is closed for the next day and that’s it. And quite frankly any other involvement could be counterproductive!
  8. FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System Can be a stock trading system trading one trade at a time.
  9. FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System can also be an options trading system where you can buy calls, buy puts, use credit spreads and debit spreads, sell Naked options or whatever other directional strategy you would like to use.

Benefits of FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System

  1. Potential for liberation from losing in the markets! From losing in the markets!
  2. A solid sample trading plan to be executed simply and solidly and just a few minutes at night with profits that could be compounded over time In a systematic and organized way.
  3. A Very clear path and plan for taking advantage of compounded growth over time.
  4. A solid approach for winning and stocks.
  5. A solid approach for winning an options giving you strong directional trading opportunities that can be employed on a continuous basis.
  6. Potential for Financial Freedom and the Traders lifestyle which comes with a bigger bank account, lots of cash flow and little time needed to manage the trading system trading account.
  7. The potential for abundance of cash flow wow freeing up your time in order for you to do what you want and need to do in life.

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FAQ FOR FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System

  1. Will FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System work for me?

    1. Although we can’t guarantee your future results and future returns and the like FLUX3 is a very solid system that if you learn it well and apply a correctly can put you in a good probability position for winning as you look to do all the trades. An important point for winning with the trading system is that you take all the trades consistently and don’t try to pick and choose. The system is built for taking all the trades consistently.
  2. “I don’t have a lot of money, will FLUX3 Evertrend Stocks & Options Trading System work for me?”

    1. Hey you have to start Where You Are. If you have to start with one contract then that is what you need to do. Actually it’s better starting small because then you can practice correct execution and build up your account over time while building up the habit of correct execution.
    2. There’s a tendency for many when they enter the markets with a lot of money to make mistakes or make up stuff or take random ideas that pop into their head counter to this system versus correctly executing the system. The system is built to be a system not something to pick and choose.
    3. We eliminated pick and choose with the system because picking and choosing usually ends up losing for most people. Now you are liberated from the near insane flip flop price action of the marketplace, in a Marketplace that is trying to take your money.
    4. You don’t need to listen to that noise just focus on executing a system and you can put yourself in a much higher probability position for winning. See the book “How I Made Two Million Dollars in the Stock Market” by Nicolas Darvas for a good story on finally learning to trade a trading system.

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FLUX3 Performance Updates of System Results:

SPY: 2019 + 24 + 6 + 6 + 11 -2 + 4 + 8 + 14 = + 71 that would mean 71 net ETF points off of which you would play options.

2020 + 10.5 -1.5 + 4.6 + 26 + 41 + 37 -6 + 21 + 9 +21 =+ 162.6 stop August 7th

– that would mean hundred 162.6 net ETF points off of which you would play options. This is for eight months up to the point of the recording of the results. The results are rounded to drive include slippage and premium decay etc. but these results give an accurate depiction, representation of the system rules of FLUX3 which is what you want to know.

There are a lot more points here in 2020 because the markets became more active and moved around more with more drama.

So you could play these with stock as well. Nothing is stacked with FLUX3. It’s a one trade at a time system. So could have used stock and if you traded the system as per the rules that produce the results above you could have had these most excellent profit amounts.


2020: +16.3+65.4+59.84-9.6-5.6+12.4-3.9+13.1 = +147.94 System results stock profit points off of which you would play options.


2021 January 1st 2021 + 87 + 14 + 25 + 34 + 25 + 31 + 14 + 29+ 27 + 7 + 57 + 58 + 81 -19 + 11 -8 + 12 + 7 + 97 = +589 incredible! and still open as of November 18th 2021


2017 -5 -6 + 12 + 12 + 8.4 +10 + 3.4 -10 +43 + 7 +21+3-6-4 +44-5+14+27 =+168.82018 -4+8+1.2 +6-4+5+ 23+3+12+ 18 -4 + 9 + 6 -4 + 22 + 1 -3 + 22 + 3 -3 +9+7 -6 + 12 -7 + 76 +3 -5 + 11 = +217.22019 +3 -5 + 11 + 17 -11 -6 + 28 -3 – 5 +39 =+68 up through may

AAPL 2017 + 21 -3 + 2 + 1.5 + 11.5 + 8.3+ 4.5 -1 + 15 -3+ 5 + 2.5 + 8.6 + 17 + 1+3 + 4 =+97.92018 + 4.5 + 14 + 12.5 -2 – 2.5 + 7 + 3 + 7 + 17.5 +1 – 1.5 + 3.2 +1 -2 + 23 -4 +1 -6 -7 -5 -10+ 25 -7 + 24 = +96.72019 -2 + 12 -4 +5 + 4 -2 + 12 -7 + 30 =+48 stop end of May

Netflix 2018 +123 + 19 + 13 + 43 -24 + 26 + 3 + 11 + 68 + 4 + 2 + 43 + 23 -7 + 18 -8 + 43 -11 + 7 =+3962019: + 88 + 7 + 6 -9 -4 -3 + 8 -6 -11 -2 + 26 =+100 stop end of May

FLUX3 Evertrend Trading System MeansPerpetual Profiting Possibilities & Probabilities FLUX3 Stock Trading System & Options Trading System

  • FLUX3 is one of our is one of our prized inventions for the trading world the has proven that they long-term stable, undeniable concept for the marketplace, for trading price action. In our opinion you would do extremely well to get this system and start trading it even with just one contract.
  • FLUX3 helps allow you to maximize the move thereby staying with the trend.
  • FLUX3 can be thought of as a swing trading system and a trend trading system combined.
  • Use FLUX3 for starting small and compounding, looking to compounded very large account over time.
  • Take action now before we start increasing the price of the system closer to what it’s worth. Of which you can look at the results below, which in our opinion these types of results are very doable to achieve. And if you’re able to keep producing results like these into the future well how would you price the system?

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