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FLUX3 Swing & Trend Trading Options Trading System

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FLUX3 Performance Updates of System Results:

SPY: 2019  + 24 + 6 + 6 + 11 -2 + 4 + 8 + 14  = + 71  that would mean 71 net ETF points off of which you would play options.

 2020 + 10.5  -1.5 + 4.6 + 26 + 41 + 37 -6 + 21 + 9 +21  =+ 162.6 stop August 7th  

- that would mean hundred 162.6 net ETF points off of which you would play options.   This is for eight months up to the point of the recording of the results. The results are rounded to drive include slippage and premium decay etc. but these results give an accurate depiction, representation of the system rules of FLUX3 which is what you want to know.


There are a lot more points here in 2020 because the markets became more active and moved around more with more drama.

So you could play these with stock as well. Nothing is stacked with FLUX3. It's a one trade at a time system.  So could have used stock and if you traded the system as per the rules that produce the results above you could have had these most excellent profit amounts.


HD FLUX 3 2020 

+16.3+65.4+59.84-9.6-5.6+12.4-3.9+13.1  (still open Aug 15 2020) = +147.94  System results stock profit points off of which you would play options. 

Perpetual Profiting Possibilities & Probabilities FLUX3 Stock Trading System & Options Trading System

  • FLUX3 is one of our is one of our prized inventions for the trading world the has proven that they long-term stable, undeniable concept for the marketplace, four trading price action. In our opinion you would do extremely well to get this system and start trading it even with just one contract.
  • FLUX3 helps allow you to maximize the move thereby staying with the trend.
  • FLUX3 can be thought of as a swing trading system and a trend trading system combined.
  • Use FLUX3 for starting  small and compounding, looking to compounded very large account over time.
  • Take action now before we start increasing the price of the system closer to what it's worth.  Of which you can look at the results below, which in our opinion these types of results are very doable to achieve.  And if you're able to keep producing results like these into the future well how would you price the system?
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