Here’s the Beef on the NEW Vortex 2.0 Stock Options Trading System

Where’s the Beef?

Here’s the Beef on the NEW Vortex 2.0 Stock Options Trading System

I re-engineered Vortex to take it up a notch. In actuality
i’ve turned it into a monster. How is that?

Vortex2.0 now gives you the ability to pinpoint the
vaunted “Parabolic Trend”. This is THE most profitable
pattern moves there is. If you could only ride parabolic moves
in your trading, do nothing else, you could catch up
to the trading record breakers, the big names, Soros, Buffet,

So why hasn’t anyone that I know of done this yet, including myself?
Ha, I just thought of it!
It’s like, you know things, you have a bunch of pieces
to the puzzle but you’re missing a few… Then one day out
of nowhere a new piece appears. This piece came while
making Vortex2.0 just recently!

Plus as a bonus that I included in the last system video
with Vortex2.0 that shows you how to hone in specifically
and hunt down, pinpoint down the massive parabolic trend.
Also Vortex2.0 shows you exactly how to STAY with that
parabolic trend then exit with your profits right near the
PEAK. Who else is going to show you how to do that??!

Example of a parabolic move – the end of December 2011
to Feb 10 2012 in AAPL (and the move may not be over yet!)

All this said Vortex2.0 not only lets you hone in on the
Parabolic move – it also gives you a very specific
way, entry and exit to play the CHOPPY back and forth
markets! So now imagine actually ma*king mo*ney in those
markets (instead of having your account beat up).

Here are some performance examples of Vortex2.0
run as a system:

2011 25.36 Jauary -2.86
12.12 28.45
-14.74 -2.79
-6.24 18.14
-7.48 -8.72
7.38 -15.14
3.37 14.18
18.14 14.18
57.15 -4.87
38.21 -17.54
-4.68 34.63
5.78 6.39
3.78 -16.3
15.41 -31.85
15.77 134.05
14.61 -1.58
15.06 9.47
-16.34 47 and counting
-15.87 38
2012 103.36 and still counting 242.84 Totals
361.4 Totals

Totals During Performance Sampling:
Approximate Stock Points 604.24
Approximate Options Points 314.20

Estimated Options System Results Profit
5 Options Contracts $157,102.40
10 Options Contracts $314,204.80
50 Options Contracts $1,571,024.00
100 Options Contracts $3,142,048.00


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