How Swing Trading Can Replace Your Job in Only 25 Minutes a Week.  1

How Swing Trading Can Replace Your Job in Only 25 Minutes a Week. 

A “25 minute work week” sounds a bit tacky, doesn’t it? It sounds like one of those gimmicky things, one of those loser scams doesn’t it?

I mean, everyone knows that the way to get rich is to work a job at least 40 hours a week, right?

Uhhh wait a minute. The 40-hour work week job employment is a way to get rich?

Well, you know, the plan is to make money for the next 50 years setting aside savings every year and then one day those savings will make you rich later right?

Or you can “Invest your money in the markets because the markets always go up” right?

How Swing Trading Can Replace Your Job in Only 25 Minutes a Week.  2

Well the markets have had some good runs over the decades but certainly nothing is guaranteed and you can still lose most of your money if not all. For example, it has been mentioned that various governments around the world have stolen people’s pension plans and retirement accounts. What are you going to do if that happens, for example? 

We think it’s a good idea to develop multiple methods of profiting.  We also think that it’s a good idea to diversify investments and one potentially powerful way of investing is to invest into a trading system, meaning take a small amount of money, master a trading system and see if you can steadily grow it then compound it over time.

Anyways before you write off the concept of a 25-minute work weak being a scam or too good to be true you have to understand how swing trading works.

In order to place a swing trade it takes roughly to 5 minutes to log in and place your trade order. Then after you enter the trade and you have profits you would adjust something that’s called a trail stop in order to lock profits in as your swing advances in price. And that’s all you do.

If you sit there watching the marketplace all day you’re wasting time. If you sit there watching the marketplace all day for entertainment you’re more likely to get enticed into making erroneous trades. If you sit there watching the markets all day then you’re going to create stress and your subconscious is going to eventually take over and remove you from that stress one way or another which usually ends up in loss to your trading account. So therefore swing training has to be roughly a 25 minute work week or less in order to maximize profit, financial profit which also happens to maximize profit in the form of increased time added to your life if you’re able to replace your job with robust cash flow from systematic swing trading.

So, If you can get your trading accounts going so that they are generating robust cash flow for you then guess what? You do not have to have a job if you don’t want to.

As your account grows over time you can increase your position size in proportion to your trading account. Therefore you could start generating more and more cash flow out into the future upon consistent, successful systems trading into the future.

Swing trading is nothing new. People have been swing trading successfully for decades. There are plenty of success stories and testimonials all over the internet of people being able to consistently profit from swing trading.  

Now a key word used there was the word consistently. You need a consistent approach to do over and over and turn into a habit if you want to make the big money profits that you read about and trading books.

You don’t want to be a one hit wonder and then never be able to make money again as you have also read in various trading books.  You also don’t be one who can’t keep a simple focus on a profitable thing jumping to this or that or always looking for newer or better. 

The most profitable traders over time found consistent methods to do over and over and they just kept on doing that method while growing their trading account and compounding their trading account.

You could do the same thing. Technically most of our systems are 25-minute work weeks style systems that are swing trading systems or trend trading systems.

One of the most powerful and fundamental option swing trading systems that you can use starting today would be OTA CORE and OTA CORE PRO. Those two systems are must have. I hope you’re able to learn them while they are available. They may not last long. But if you can order it do so. If the order button is gone then there will be no more access to the systems. Check out more information below.

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