How to Make Money in Options for Beginner

How to Make Money in Options Part 2 if You’re Fairly New to Options

How to Make Money in Options Part 2 if You’re Fairly New to Options and You Have Some Time and Some Money 

What I would suggest is that you aim for bigger moves.  Do Power Trend Trading and Big Trend Trading.

What you don’t want to do is get stressed out trying to chase the markets and trade methods that trade too frequently which can get you to make mistakes if you don’t do a lot of practice.

On the other hand you could do a lot of practice and actually be ready to trade a more frequently traded system or strategy without screwing it up.

Speaking of systems and strategies I would look to be strategic with a bigger picture move and or be systematic trading a system if you’re going to trade shorter-term moves.

You’ve got a have a very clear and specific plan in your trading or the markets will take you for a ride.  Your plan, your way of entering and exiting on a repeated basis must not require you to try and figure out the markets in real time.  If you’re trying to guess which way the market is going to go in real time, you’re gonna be in trouble.  

Yes intuitive trading can be developed but you’re going to need ninja level, severe training over time.  It could be cool to do but that takes  a ton of effort and focus.  It’s far more efficient to just simply get good at a simple trading system.  And we have plenty of those!

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