How To Trade Out of The Money Options – OTM Options Trading

There are good ways to trade out-of-the-money options and there is the more common way of error and low probability that a lot of people get sucked into because they are looking for the cheapest and the mostest at the same time. Looking for the cheapest in the most this comes from a fear-based mentality although some would call that greed as well, but you can also argue greed is a form of fear,  fear of lack,  fear of not being able to achieve success.  It’s a low faith mentality and you can imagine that having low faith already sounds like a bad thing. 

Speaking of faith you need an internal conviction if you are going to be a strategy trader to trade out-of-the-money options to make those big huge scores that you may have read about online or in books.  So that means that you’re going to need to have a very well figured out out of the money options trading strategy or system. 

You can certainly make a ton of money by trading out-of-the-money options.   You just need the strategic approaches to do so. You can make a lot of money trading out-of-the-money options with day trading and micro swing trading in particular. Also if you go out further in time and you focus on the big trends you can make a lot of money with out-of-the-money options then.

Additionally there are certain types of moves on the day bars price charts that have a high probability tendency to move far and fast in an explosive way. These are the types of shorter-term moves that you will want to target when looking to take more of a swing trade or powertrain trading approach to using out-of-the-money options. If using out-of-the-money options on a day-trading basis then you’re only going to be in the trade for a few hours and you would usually target a bigger morning intraday trend move. 

If you were targeting micro swing movements which would be like using 30-minute bars or 60-minute bars or even 120-minute bars etc then you could trade out of the money options when you expect a nice move where that stock is able to commonly make that  nice move on a micro swing level.   And so that the common move with your method on your favorite can move well and past your out-of-the-money options strike price giving you a nice profit.

Micro swing out-of-the-money options trading will usually involve options with at least two weeks to expiration  but that’s just going to entirely depend on the type of micro swing trading strategy or trading system you were using.

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