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“Discover Your Potential to ‘Kill It’ Trading Weekly Options on an Intraday Basis with Index Options on the RUT and SPX! Using ‘Cheap’ Weekly Options…"

 We've designed a system that has the ability to potentially net you out an average daily profit for those of you who will execute the system.  What's a system?  It's a set of rules you "mindlessly employ" in real time.

Learn to get boring in your trading and get your excitement from your trading account growth.

Watch This Video for an Explanation of This System:


  • Day trade Weekly  Index Options!  That nasty premium doesn't bother us because we're out by the end of the day.
  • See how you can make potentially ridiculous scores, especially when our weekly expiration options get near expiration giving us relatively cheap options with high deltas - killer for those days with 20 to 40 point swings!
  • And with the indices you get lots of price action!
  • You’re out of the trade by the end of the day!
  • Discover our secret options money management system and learn how to compound options profits the right way
  • Trading 50 contracts on Weekly expiration index options is more realistic than it sounds.  But of course you'll need to work your way up there.  We give you our MOMMS money management system for position sizing and properly compounding options.   That $2.4 mil annualized system result on 50 contracts is pretty good!
  • You know how those indices gap all over the place the next day.  Well now you take control and refuse to be subjected to that insanity.  You keep control and get in and get out by the end of the trading day!

Index Options Daily Paychecks System Performance:

See one month system's performance example below.  The points you see are index points.   Options points are usually a little less than half of the Index options points.  Also understand we are trading weekly options since we are in and out of the stock within the day.   Also to day trade you will need a minimum of  $25,000 for that "Pattern day trading rule"...


11-May$SPX  11-May$RUT   
 8.14  2-May-2-210.1 
 2.1   8.87   
 -5.36   3.21   
 -3.02-3.02  -3.24-3.2  
 -3.666.05  -1.87-1.92.88 
 -2.68-2.683.9 7.14   
 8.09   9.12   
 12.19   10.4   
 -4.656.25  6.77   
 -5.114.88  -3.426.78  
 -3.79-3.79  -1.88-1.9  
18-May8.06   7.14   
 5.98   0.21   
 -2.06-2.06  -2.19-0.2  
 -3.21   -2.23-2.2-2.23 
 2.88   -1.67   
 -2.225.04  7.13   
 -2.66-2.66  -1.668.05  
 8.13   11.5   
 -4.21-2.23  -3.44   
    Total:   Total:
Running TotalsAnnualized1099      
Stock Points12 Month1099      
Options Points Potential12 Month494.6      
 Approximate System Profit Based On:     
5 Contracts$247,320.00       
10 Contracts$494,640.00       
20 Contracts$989,280.00       
50 Contracts$2,473,200.00 `     
100 Contracts$4,946,400.00       


Price: $3997

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