IOP2.0 Trading System:  Index Options Trading System, Stock Options Trading System, Stock Trading System… for Short Term Weekly Options

Trade Quick 2 Day Trades – High Momentum Price Pops for Buying Short Term Calls and Puts in Index and Stock Options.  This System is Used for Cash Flow Development through an Easier Way of Trading.   All You Do is Enter According to the System then Get Out 2 Days Later – a Brilliant New Breakthrough in Fun & Easy Trading.

Who doesn’t like Fast Cash?  Well that may sound corny but it’s actually the intent of this options trading system.  FAST is an important intent to have when trading options that decay, although highly leveraged.

Think about this:  140.14 Index Points on RUT in just 4 months.  386.53 points on PCLN in 4 months.  – While winning around 80% of your trades?!

POPS2.0 Then Becomes a NO BRAINER as they say, as in don’t think, just do it!

Generate Potential Awesome Cash Now and Cash Flow While Leveraging Higher Delta Lower Premium Short Term Weekly Options

We have an incredible new fun trading system that uses Index options and Weekly Index Options!

The system only holds trades for 2 days.  That’s it.

The system is optimized at 2 day hold.   With a good POP  you can KILL IT with weekly options with a good 20, 40, 60 point pop.

What is this exactly?

  • It’s a trading system that teaches you how to trade short term options swing trading bursts.
  • This  is a home study course that teaches you the system so you can trade for life (this is not software or some lame ‘robot’)
  • These are 2 day trades only!

pop2-index-options-quick-swing-trading-systemWhy get this system?

  • POPS2.0 is  potential very nice cash flow stream that you can do in as little as 5 minutes a night (using contingent orders to trigger by price and time)
  • Take advantage of a system that is EXCITING to trade and PACKED with lots of action
  • This is the system that catches those moves that seem to keep flying by on a daily basis.  You now have a way to capture awesome moves while avoiding most of the mediocre days.

That said sometimes you’ll have the opportunities to ride a larger, full 5 day swing.  We’ll show you how to manage that although that is outside the system.  We’ll also show you how to tell if the index is likely to go a full 5 days in a swing.  But unless you are entering on a Monday,  weekly options won’t work out so well for a full 5 days so you can use 30 day options.

You will need to be able to place orders before the market close, within the last 15 minutes of the markets.

You don’t need the ‘pattern day trader’ account minimum since we are holding over night so you can get started with a small account.

POPS2.0 Performance Run As a System with All of the Trades

We love high flyers but can really trade anything that moves.  All of the performance results below are based on 2 day exits.  Due to the nature of the systems development using the “Trading for a Good Living” Systems Development Philosophy Long Term Consistancey is Expexcted while Thriving on Stocks that are More Excited.   Use IOP2.0 System as:

  • Index options trading system
  • Stock trading system
  • Vanilla Options Trading System
  • Weekly Options Trading System:  We can use shorter term weekly options.  If you use more ITM options then you have greater deltas and less premium decay issues.  If you use ATM or OTM options you have potential for greater percent return but lower deltas and more premium decay issues. 
2014 January START 8.3
 Stop end of Apr 14

 Totals for 4 Months!

386.53 Stock Points

So 386.53 stock points would be about 170 options points.  170 options points with 10 contracts (which can be much cheaper than you think with only a few days left till expiration) would be $170,000 cash profits – in 4 months.  Well that would be pretty nice wouldn’t it.   This isn’t magic.  This is just simple trading mixed it with some IOP2.0 “special sauce”.

Some of you maybe thinking, well if I’m trading very short term options what about time decay?  Yes it’s more rapid but… we’re trading high momentum burst style positions and you also get In The Money much quicker.  So if you get a lot of big follow through moves your delta could get up to 70 to even 90 on average on those moves. So for example, if you were averaging a delta of 70 then the options profits would be 270 points or $270,000 on just 10 contracts per trade in four months.  That’s a big difference isn’t it!

So converted to options points, depending upon the type of options you used regarding Deltas (how far out of the money), premium decay rates (how close to expiration), while understanding that as a stock advances past your strike your deltas increase and your premium decay becomes less of a worry…

Let’s just take 40% of the stock points as options profit points for another example (understanding that if PCLN is several points past your strike in a single move you’ll be making close 80-90% of that move (depending how far out your strike is).   So on 1 contract 386.53*.40 = 154.61 in approximate options points.   So…. with just one contract, simply capturing all of those POPS that the system spit out then 154.61 options points equals $15,461.00 profit!

Now for those who have a few more bucks in their account 154.61 options profit points would have equaled an extra $154,610.00 on 10 contracts.   10 Contract is not really a big position but on stocks like PLCN, as of this typing, the options can be very pricey.

Here are some more performance examples with just 4 months of trades.  Examples are in stock points:

2014 January 2.82
Stop end of Apr 14

 Totals for 4 Months!

111.47 Stock Points
2014 January -8.6
Stop end of Apr 14

Totals for 4 Months!

140.14 Index Points

We can go on and on with performance samples but it’s always the same.  We look to play Instruments that can move.  This often happens when any stock really breaks out of it consolidation pattern as well.

Arm yourself with this awesome options trading system. Put the fun back in your trading!

POPS2.0 Index Options Trading System $2,997.00 – & Potentially Make the Cost in One Trade!


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