Inner Game of Trading Courses

  1. Options Millionz – Strategic, Logical, Reversed Engineered Planing to Your First Million Online 
  2. Consistent Loser to Consistent Winner – Secrets of Consistent Winning in Options Trading 
  3. How to Make More Money in Options
  4. Covered Calls Cash Flow Early Retirement Plan
  5. Making, Keeping and Compounding Options Profits
  6. Trading Goal Setting – Learn to Set Trading Goals the Right Way.
  7. Super Strategy Traders – the New Breed of Super Traders
  8. Intuitive Trading Mastery – Learn to Tap Your Intuition and Differentiate it from Erroneous Emotion
  9. Winning in Trading:  Winners Make it Happen.   Most Fall Short in Trading Because they Do Not Follow Through.  Discover How to Make the Breakthrough to Victory and Consistent Compounding Options Success
  10. Dealing with Trading Success:  Know How to Deal with Success Before It Happens
  11. The Compounding Options Profits Trader – How to Compound Options Correctly
  12. On Becoming a Winner and Being a Winner in Trading
  13. Why Are You Really Trading?  MOST Are Not in the Markets to Actually Make Money
  14. Starting and Growing a Trading Business
  15. How to Treat Trading Like Your Job and Get Making Money Done!
  16. The 1 Hour Work Week – Trading for a Good Living
  17. Optimal Trader Mindsets for Peak Trading Performance

Strategic Courses

  1. Covered Calls Accelerated Cash Flow
  2. Options Exploits
  3. Credit Spreads Cash Machine
  4. Story Trend Investing – How I Turned $13,000 into $425,000 in 4 Months in the Vgra Approval Anticipation
  5. Investor Trends –  Fortunes with LEAPS
  6. NINJA Box Miracle
  7. Options Fibonacci Fan Fortunes
  8. The Fibonacci MATRIX Driving All Price Action Behind the Scenes
  9. Last Day Low Hanging Fruit Premium Profit Grabs
  10. Set & Forget Binary Vanilla Options Trading Explained
  11. Fibonacci Circles and Options Profits Fortunes

Core Options Courses

  1. Practical Options 101
  2. Practical Options 102
  3. Credit Spreads Cash Machine
  4. Weekly Options Loopholes
  5. Covered Calls Retirement Program
  6. Covered Calls 101
  7. Credit Spreads 101
  8. Calendar Spreads 101
  9. Debit Spreads 101
  10. Buying Calls and Puts 101
  11. Naked Options Selling 101