JackPOT Options Power Trend Trading System

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Ride Power Trends on stocks with options!
JackPOT Options System D plays powertrends, the one month average trend move that usually carries much momentum in a single, powerful direction. This type of move is often comprised of three swing trades, as we define them, in the same direction.   Once hit, these powertrend can become quite profitable.


  • Ride PowerTrends – strong directional moves
  • Incorporate the powerful JackPOT options philosophy / mentality
  • Trade in under 10 minutes a day
  • Entry, stop loss and profit taking exit included


  • Ride big trends
  • Hit JackPOTs
  • A great system proven over time
  • Some thing to run no matter what, even if only with 1 contract. Not running this system is like throwing money away.

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