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Trend trading with options is arguably one of the best ways to trade options. Why is that?

Because with options we need the follow through in price action in order to get deeper into the money and go closer to tick for tick with the stock with our long calls and long puts.

When we can go deep in the money we are usually making a lot of profit!

Also Trend Trading sets a great perspective and pacing to trading which arguably most traders need and would do better if they had this trend trading pacing.

A lot of Traders get discombobulated acting and reacting to the jukes and the jives of the marketplace. It becomes too much and getting discombobulated causes traders to make a lot of mistakes.

It’s human nature to want to be comfortable but the marketplace is the opposite of comfortable. And if you are feeling comfortable in the marketplace then you are in a trap and are about to lose.

You are at war in the marketplace. It’s a continual battle for survival of your trading account. If you dive into “physical  battle”  hustling and tussling and bustling with the marketplace, acting and reacting to every little move or talking head on TV then that battle can become very tiring. And as soon as you are tired down then you are vulnerable for the marketplace to exploit and take your money.

So in other words.. Slowing down in your trading and going at a pace that coordinates with the price trend is a great thing to do for most traders.

Additionally, trend trading doesn’t even have to only be on the day bars.  We can trend trade weekly bars. Trend trading can be on micro swing bars like the 60-minute bars. You can even trade intraday trends with 5-minute bars or less.

And let’s say you were trading 1 minute bars, you will still have a pacing that allows you to be strategic and not get  roughed up by the marketplace. 

Trend trading also helps prevent you from getting into fear and greed. The concept of wanting more and more in addition to the concept of trying to be perfect and this and that are subset concepts to fear and greed. But trend trading helps you keep out of that.

So enjoy this series of educational emails on Trend trading. I think these email series will help you a lot. This is an email campaign which is subset to our main newsletter so do keep that in mind.

We don’t know  how many emails in the series there will be right now but when we make these emails they are for the sake of helping you become a great Trend Trader. We will also  introduce you to instant Trend trading solution products that we have that can help you get started right away  In Trend Trading.

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Join Our New Trend Trading Options Training Series – by Options Trading AUTHORITY – Free – Sign up to the right:

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