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Learn How to Trade Price Swings Within a Trend

Learn How to Trade Price Swings Within a Trend to Put the Wind at Your Back and Make Trading Much More Enjoyable and Profitable

Learn how to trade price swings within a trend, how to swing trade more smartly by swing trading with the trend instead of against a trend.

Now the issue at hand is to answer the question, what is a trend? What is a trend Exactly? Did you know that there were multiple ways of identifying a trend? Some use Trend Lines, some use moving averages, some use channels some count waves and so on. And did you know that you can take each method and develop a swing trading system that is effective at each way of determining a trend?

If you’ve been struggling in your trading, try to trade this method or that method or this fancy method or that method and are feeling down and frustrated the solution for you is to start trading within the trend. And that would be to start trading swings within the trend. So we have developed many swing trading systems that trade within the trend. And you can find these swing trading systems, particularly options trading swing trading systems on this site options swing trading systems that is that you can use with buying calls and buying puts naked calls and naked puts credit spreads and debit spreads.

Here is an Awesome Solution:

Learn How to Trade Price Swings Within a Trend 1


Learn How to Trade Price Swings Within a Trend 2

When you trade with the trend, you get the wind at your back. It feels good. trading with the trend or trading the swings within a trend will start to give you a boost in confidence. It will start to give you better feelings about trading.  Your fears in trading will start to be reduced.  Your confidence will start to be boosted. This is very important.

Why is it very important is because, in trading, you will be drawn strongly to trading setups price action scenarios on a price chart that correspond to the way you’re thinking to the way you’re feeling and what you really believe. If you have negative thoughts, negative emotions, negative feelings and negative beliefs about trading in general then your ability to succeed in trading or the ability of anyone to succeed in trading will be greatly diminished.   And a lot of negativity in trading stems from erroneous expectations maybe from some dopey sales letter or by not realizing that price behavior in the markets cycles back and forth and back and forth.

If you’re negative minded you will be drawn to losing.  It’s very strange.  It’s like your subconscious is trying to prove your losing belief.  Hmmm now that’s interesting.   Some of you may not believe this quite yet until you test it out.   

I spent a couple of decades specifically testing back and forth. feelings, thoughts, beliefs against different price action opportunities. It’s very interesting indeed to test these inner game things.  You’ll learn a lot about how things work on the bigger picture.  So I’ve tested a broad spectrum of these thoughts and emotions. It is absolutely fascinating. But it’s not only me. We have many students here and we’ve seen much over the years. But it’s not only our students. It’s the students of many other trading instructors over time. And you can see the same type of psychological phenomenon talked about in trading books for the past 100 plus years.

Put these 2 systems to work as well: 

L-SCALPEL Options Trading System and MOD System

TURTYL 2 Options Trading System

Some may want to call that quantum manifestation or some fancy term like that. It’s just extra strong when you’re trading the markets. Maybe because one’s emotional energy is usually heightened to new heights while trading, especially if they’re day trading. When someone has their money on the line, their emotions usually get elevated. If one’s emotions are extremely elevated, if they usually have too much money in the markets that they can’t afford to lose, or their position size is too big or they didn’t practice their strategy or trading system enough.

Have you ever heard the term scared money always loses? It’s quite fascinating to study this concept.  When you are in a negative emotional state, a negative emotional mind state then you will be drawn very strongly, you will be wooed by the marketplace very strongly into sucker traps.   You will be attracted to entries off of a price chart that are either very weak or that are about to go in the opposite direction of the entry that you picked.  And when you realize that the marketplace, trading in the markets is more like a sport, maybe basketball due to the continuousness of it, where everyone is trying to juke and jive the other out of their money, then you’ll start doing better. 

Remember this:  the marketplace is not there to give you money, it’s their to TAKE your money and do so as fast as it can.  If you’re following good feelings, happiness, excitement, kindness, mercy from the markets: you’re gonna get mugged by the markets.  If you’re looking to find those trading setups that correspond to those feel good emotions, but then take the opposite trade, you’ll likely start winning most of the time and crush it in your trading.

Or… you can be simple minded, on purpose, as a performance technique and just trade a simple, good system, simply, over and over!  See the system images we have above. 

We could talk about a lot of different components of how to trade swings within a trend. But ultimately, if you want a solution to get started, like today, then check out these trading systems below and get one start working it you can ask us your trading questions and get the ball rolling. Remember that every day you let go by without trading a good trading system, you let a day go by where you have missed out on compounding. Have you ever used a compounding calculator?

What if your swing trading system made you an average of $2,000 a month when you started at $10,000 a month? Well after month one you would have $12,000 So at that point, your account value increased so then therefore, what do you do? Well if contract size allows it you increase your position size or you wait to your account grows big enough. Let’s say you’re trading one options contract.  In order to trade 2 contracts thereby retaining the same risk per trade or I should say dollar risk per trade per that $10,000 in your account you would trade 2 contracts per same risk level.  So in other words, you would use a percent base position size model. So as your account grows you would increase your position size accordingly.

So then, if you retain this rate of an average $2,000 profit a month per $10,000 trading account, if your trading account is now at $20,000 and you have a double size position, assuming your same profit average, then you would have $4,000 profit for that month.

And then so as you increase your position size your account starts growing faster and faster at a faster rate by using this simple compounding concept.

Back to topic. In order to trade swings within a trend, you need a good option swing trading strategy or options swing trading system that has a repeatable options swing trading strategy.  You need to either develop your own system or save a ton of time, maybe even decades trying to figure it out and you can get one of ours.

Just start putting that options trading system to work and put yourself in a high probability position to succeed. 

Just understand that money is made in trading in a similar way a business makes money. It’s over a series of deals. So it’s not a one hit wonder money is made and grown over doing the series of deals one after the other.

And you can go study your trading system historically to see if it works out well on your favorite stocks. If so, then you can go look to employ that trading system to go work for you to put you in a high probability position for future success.

We use the word probability simply because it’s likely to perform in a similar way in the future but we are talking about the future so no one knows the future but if in the past, the same patterns or group of patterns or other triggers have consistently produced a solid winning average, for decades and decades, then chances are, those price based scenarios will continue on doing so into the future.

So here are some excellent options swing trading systems that swing trade with the trend below. And I say that they swing trade with the trend because some options swing trading systems do not trade with the trend. They trade in other different styles. We trade options with the trend, and that’s a great feeling.

If you’re new to options trading Where are you if you’ve been struggling with options trading in the past then really get to know how to trade swings within a trend with options swing trading system that trades within a trend.

I think that’s going to help a lot of people break out of any funk they’re in and it’s going to help beginners get on a good encouraging path that feels good to trade. So check out some of these systems below. We believe that they are very good and that they could likely help you become very successful.


Learn How to Trade Price Swings Within a Trend 1


Learn How to Trade Price Swings Within a Trend 2



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