MAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trading System 1

Ride Large Precision Trend Moves with Options On Stocks – an Options Trader’s Dream System for Crushing it with Options…

Looking for EASY Trend Trading and EASY Money Making from Riding Big Trends? Looking for a Way to Rescue Your Trading Account?

MAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trend Trading System is Options System that You Can Use to Line Up Potential Home Run Hits Or Run Over and Over Again on Your Favorite Stocks.

MAEDAY2.3 Is a GREAT System that gives you clear cut huge potential repeatable biggest of big home run trades on stocks you can ride with options.  It takes very little time to manage and is an absolute must do trading method for growing large net worth.  Click Add to Cart below to get started to have your own crystal clear home run trading signals for life!

Use it as a strategy across many stocks.  Keep in mind that this can be run as a strategy or system. This means you can find stocks that are prime to make the big move with this MAEDAY2.3 method and be ready to strike.

I mean, have  You ever compounded and stacked up Home run trend moves?  I have and you can make a ton of money doing so.

Yes I think a lot of people get tripped up trying to go for shorter and shorter timeframes in trading whereas if they would just expand their Time horizon to which a look at the markets they could do a lot better.

Yes MAEDAY2.3 we’ll be able to help you break this cycle of mediocrity and start hitting homerun moves with options.

Look at the track record below! Those moves are based exactly on running MAEDAE2.3 as a system taking every single trade in a row!  Nothing skipped.

Look how accurate it is.  You have to think a little and see yourself riding options for huge returns, over and over.  That is how you’re going to win big in options over time.

The purpose of this system is to conservatively, stalk, target, pinpoint high probability potential home run trades on stocks and ride them with options. 

As you see below the system has had some very high accuracy.  I’m sure you don’t mind high accuracy.

I hope you know by now that big money in trading is grown by trading SOLID ways.

Professional traders learned to not fool around with gimmicky stuff because gimmicky stuff usually has too much hidden costs, especially when market conditions shift.

Well you need a system that can handle over all market conditions.   And you need a system that will put you in the sweet spot of bigger trends.  MAEDAY2.3 is designed to do that.

Let’s look and see how this system does performance wise below.  Below I post systems results samples.


  • Why work so hard day trading, Micro swing trading or trying to capture every little swing there is!  Trade trends with an exact strategy and you only have to watch the markets a couple minutes a day (really, we don’t what you watching the markets more than a couple minutes a day to avoid the siren song of the market place – Read How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market)
  • Be able to potentially compound home run big moves, big trends.  You can look at the Turtle Traders as an example for this.
  • Take control back over your trading instead of being stressed out trying to keep up with day trades, micro trades, swing trades etc…
  • Be able to anticipate your big move ahead of time and trade more aggressively with options (but learn the limits of position sizing aggression for best profit maximization in your course.


  • Hit big moves with high precision
  • Learn how to ride big trends with options correctly.  Learn which options to buy for maximum profit potential
  • Learn a high precision method for exact entry, stop loss and profit taking exit.
  • Learn what options to buy for bigger trend moves for maximum profit and leverage while being able to handle the longer term move.

Now let’s define a home run.

A home run on NFLX or high flying stock (NFLX has split after this typing so imagine a pre-split NFLX or some other high flyer like GOOGL)  is going to be a different deal than a home run on HD.

For example, an 8 point short term move on HD with options 6 weeks out can turn options that cost 1.64 into 7.50 for a 457% increase.

NFLX options 6 weeks out over an 8 point move turns options from 17.85 into approximately 21.20 in a short term move for an 18.7% increase.

It would take NFLX 85 points to achieve what HD did in 8 points!

But then again, NFLX puts in more profit points bringing back 63.6 points of profit over that move while HD brings back 5.86 points of profit.

The point is HD has been able to make 4, 5, 8 point moves and NFLX has been able to make 20, 50 and 70 point moves.

The money is there.  You just need to go grab it.  And having a precision entry system that makes these home run trades easy to spot and anticipate is extremely valuable.

Here are some more recent systems results of MAEDAY2.3

  1. HD 2020 Jan 1 to Dec 31 2020: +66.26+33.12-11.7+30.2-4.4+4.5-11.6+14.9= +121.28  Stock points that you ride with options All year.  HUGE!   And so EASY to trade!
  2. HD 2021 Jan 1 to June 22 2021  6.3+2.1+7.3+42.4+6.5=64.6   stop june 22

So Twitter is a hot IPO – let’s play it for some potential big scores!  And MAEDAY2.3 does it!

16.08    13-Dec
14.88    14-Apr

36.43 Total

36.43 Total Twitter Points in just 5 months of very spare time “work”.  36 points on twitter is a lot of points! (roughly 63% of the entire stock price) which was a low price stock at the time.

These are stock points of profit that you would capture with options.  So we trade off the stock, but use options in stead of the stock. So imagine just waiting for the right time then striking when the opportunity presents it self, which is clearly indicated by MAEDAY2.3

So MAEDAY2.3 Gives You an Exact Plan that is VERY Solid.

All you need in trading is a simple system that is solid, that has proven itself over time.  Then use a consistent percent position size and keep doing the deals over and over. Then potentially one day before you realize, wow, your account has grown quite large.   But you have to do something.  You have to start somewhere.

Chasing the perfect system will only cost you dearly over time.

NFLX is getting excited again so we hop on in and apply MAEDAY2.3.  We get 3 precision “killer” strikes.  And for those of you worried about NFLX options being pricey, just buy less contracts!  Why let nearly free money pass you buy?!  We started playing after NFLX STARTED making big moves again assuming the wild volatility would continue at least a little while, which it did.

48.94    Jan 2014
24.08    Apr 2014

146.18 Total points on 3 trades.  There were no trade entries skipped.  We are not cherry picking examples but running the entries as a system.  Three easy no sweat moves there.

3.5    13-Jan
1.08    Stop april 14

21.63 Total

Hey why not!  Low priced options and a more stable stock allow for great opportunities!

Now these moves on HD don’t seem like “home run trends” but HD just doesn’t move that much so a small move in the stock can certainly provide a “home run” in your options!  Go pull up an options chain now on HD and see stock point move to options profit by reading up the chain.

Why not play this old stalwart IBM!

9.3 2013
8.19 Stop Apr14 2014
64.14 Totals

And of course how can you not play AAPL….  Frankly you can play any stock you want.  There are many NYSE stocks that put in some very nice smooth moves that seem to go unnoticed, but can make absolute fortunes.

For example:  MMM puts in 5 to 10 point moves all over the place and a 5 point move can double 6 week out options and a 10 point move can triple plus your options position!  (just using 6 week options to keep the comparison on this page consistent.  You can use any options you want.  And if you get stuck with no time left in a profitable position you can simply close your position and roll out to the next month.)

22.69  2013
2.63  14-Mar 2014   Stop

185.53 Totals Stock Points  and on average options points are a little less than half of the stock point total so that would mean 81.4 options points. 

maeday2-3-ibm-option-trading-system maeday2-3-mmm-options-system maeday2-3-options-system maeday2-3-twtr-options-trading-system


1. What it this exactly?  MAEDAY2.3 is an options trend trading system that was created for those who look to trade trends with options a bit more accurately.  The clarity of the system is very comforting for most, making it easily tradable – and that’s a big deal!

The course is self is online based training provided through videos you access through a membership site.  It’s not software nor is it shipped.

2. How much do I need to trade this system?  The broker minimum.  You can really start out with just 1 contract.  In fact, you can now trade “micro” contracts where 1 contract of an options controls 10 shares of stock vs. the usual 100 shares of stock.

3. Can I make a  million dollars with this system?  With proper money management (ie a fixed small % position size), methodical execution, while staying focused on one or two stocks with the system and continued performance of the system – the possibility is real although we can’t promise you results as you know how that goes with trading systems and the market.  That said you’ll never get anywhere in trading unless you first believe that it’s possible.  If you don’t believe you can’t achieve, you won’t take action and you’ll let trend after trend after trend fly by.

 Price $1497  $497.00 for each 30 days, for 3 installments


Or $997.00 One Time Payment


* chart examples are screen shots of qcharts