Naked Options Selling 101 Course

Welcome to the wonderful world of naked option selling, wonderful in the way I teach…

Naked option selling and has all sorts of fantastic stories in its history. There are some good stories but then there are some fantastically bad stories as well. There’s a reason why your broker gets uptight when you talk about selling naked options…

That said naked options selling just need a few fixes which I provide and will teach you in this course.

You can turn naked options into a potential Cash Cow, even an weekly paycheck on average when done properly, strategically and systematically.

Now just think: you’ve generated huge wads of cash from swing trading and now you set aside a nice chunk of funds into a new trading account called “Retirement Income” whereas the money makes money for you by spending a few minutes a night systematically selling naked calls and naked puts.  Is that fantasy? Why would it be?  Just get a solid swing trading system and apply it to naked options selling while learning the details in this course.

The number one problem with naked option selling is the leverage Factor. We address this leverage factor issue and how to fix it so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Then you can focus on putting the advantage of naked options selling on your side.

There’s a nice advantage of selling naked options over covered calls in that you are more free to just focus on playing the swing.

Whereas when selling covered calls has you dealing with two contrary positions which may be complicated for some although we figured out cover calls pretty well if you check out our cover calls products. Back to naked auction selling, be free just to focus on the swing it can be very nice. Picture leverage problem that comes in a kit option selling then you could have a method of making even more cash flow from the options selling process by selling naked options.

We’re going to discuss how to generate a weekly paycheck so you can start setting goals and planning for a better retirement.

Remember just because you trade one way doesn’t mean it’s the only way you have to trade. Become comfortable with a way, it, system for trading then you will feel comfortable trading other systems and strategies at the same time. So when you move from emotional and intuitive into the purely cerebral round then you can become much more free and much more effective.

I’m going to tell you about the pitfalls of a naked auction selling even to the secret and hidden mechanical plus emotional level that sucks people in to losing big uncovered calls so much you understand this you could prevent this in the future.

Overall, learning how to sell Naked options the right way, our way, will give you a great understanding and confidence into the future in that you have a new way to approach generating cash flow off of your larger chunks of cash, making your money work for you into the future. So therefore are you canal start generating ideas and setting goals to create another potential retirement portfolio for purely naked options selling.

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