NEW Buy with Crypto & Save Big! – Instructions

Use XLM or XRP and Save Big (for Now): 

Take Advantage of the Low XRP and XLM Prices While You Can!  

How it Works:  It’s 1 XLM Token Per $1 of Product Price.  For Example the Rate of XLM as of this typing is ~ $.14 cents).  So if a System Costs $3000, then in XLM, it Now Costs $3000 X $.14 =  Only $420! 

Or it’s .3333 XLM per $1 of Product Price .  XRP as of this Typing is Around $.40.  So a $3000 System is $3000 X .40 X .33 = Only $399.96.   Of course prices will vary as XRP and XLM move up or down. And if XLM or XRP gets above $1 per token, then contact us for a requote.

Example: So if you see a trading system and it is priced at $2997 Then You would:  1. Send 2997 XLM  or 2. send 2997x.3333 = 998.9 XLM.  Send where? To the address provided below.  If confused, contact us and we’ll walk you through.  This is a good time to learn the new Crypto 2.0, the real crypto that is backed with precious metals. 

Why are we doing this?  Well for now it’s fun.  And more importantly, everyone needs to start learning how to use XLM and XRP.  Those 2 will be the primary coins of the future.   It’s been said that new stock market will be on XLM networks as well so we all certainly need to learn this!

Prices could change in XRP and XLM dramatically down the road after this typing, but as of this typing, prices are cheap.   Regardless, if you have any questions you can email us here: 

Easy Instructions for Buying XLM or XRP and Sending to Buy Systems or Strategies on This Site:

  1. Pick a system or strategy or multiple multiple products.  Buy XRP or XLM where it’s 1 XLM per $1 product cost or .3333 of $1 for XRP per $1 systems cost.  Then send it on over as per the instructions below.  But do a test order with minimum amount first and email us to verify, if you’re new to sending XLM or XRP.

    Then we will confirm your send so you can send the rest.  In that email, send us what products you are buying.  Upon completion of XLM or XRP we will then just manually add your products to your members back office.  If you aren’t already a customer in the cart then we will create a member profile for you and email it to you.  is the email.   That’s the easiest way for now.  

  2. BUT… if you’re new to crypto then email us for help from the email above and below so we can help if you’re stuck.  Or contact us from the member’s area support ticket system if you’re a current customer.   We’ll help you start with a small test order to make sure you’ve got it right.  This way you’ll learn how to use crypto with the new generation of wallets like  

    1. To buy XLM one of the easiest ways currently is through
    2. Then with Coinbase you can buy XLM through wire or through your debit card.  If you use ACH there will be a 5 business day hold. 
    3. Lobstr also said in an article that the following were ways to buy XLM to send it (although this was from 2 years ago and there maybe plenty more places since then. You can search online for more)
      1. Bittrex:
      2. Binance:
      3. Kraken:
      4. Poloniex:
  3. The easiest way is to just email us and tell us what systems you are buying.  If you are a current customer it’s even better if you use the support ticket system in your members area. 
  5. Or Send XRP to this wallet GDXBDUM22IX3BONHVSICE4WID5BYLU2JIEOCBN245ZBXH5ZBB4HB3KCK on XRP Ledger Network but you have to send to this address (what’s  It’s XRP wrapped in XLM so it can exist on the XLM Stellar Network since XRP Ledger Network is a different network.  It works. We’ve done this many times) after you select the amount of XRP you are sending, then select “XRP Ledger Network” in the “to” section, then click the button for the next step, then you will be asked to input an Address and DestinationTag, so put this in:
    1. Address: rJnUXy7x3RW58Kien2eFtZEY2Pa3HBvpQ2
    2. DestinationTag: 100004644
    3. So before you send anywhere on XRP Ledger Network it will ask for Address and Destination Tag.   These 2 are mandatory.  Suggested is to do a small minimum test at first, check with us, then send the rest. 
  6. Buying XRP on
      1. Sign up for  Do all the account verifications. 
      2. Buy XRP.  Put in amount of XRP you want to send Then send it “to” the XRP Ledger Network.    After you click the button for the next step it will ask you for the address and destination tag.  
        1. So you put this in below:
        2. Address: rJnUXy7x3RW58Kien2eFtZEY2Pa3HBvpQ2
        3. DestinationTag: 100004644
        4. So before you send anywhere on XRP Ledger Network it will ask for Address and Destination Tag.   These 2 are mandatory. 
        5. Suggested is to do a small minimum test at first, check with us, then send the rest.
        6. You can contact us here for the easiest contact:  
    1. Additional tip:  many experts say that for now, until “Protocol 19” hits, that it’s best to use crypto exchanges as mentioned above to buy and send crypto but it’s not good to hold there.  They say to hold your crypto on a hot or cold wallet.  Hot wallets are said to be sites like  and  Exodus has a cold wallet / hardware wallet option.   A cold wallet aka a hardware wallet  site many like is  Do you own research and you would want to contact those websites for further instructions. is working on a massive project so their support is very limited but those other sites like Exodus and Ledger have been very helpful.  There are tons of youtube videos on these topics. 
    2. you can email us here: 

You’re going to need to know how to use crypto, “digital assets”, “digital currency”, especially on really soon.  So now’s a good time to get started! 

Note: If we created a listing per product with the Crypto Payment Version – You’ll see “$0” price or “Free”. It’s Not Free it’s Just How We Can Get You in this Shopping Cart System to then Assign You the Product Manually After You’ve Paid in Crypto.

Add your name and product in the crypto payment memo.   

But the easy way is to just just email us and tell us what product you’re buying, send 1 xlm / $1 product price or send 1 XRP / .3333 X $1 of product price and we’ll just manually assign you the product or products.  You can buy multiple products at once.