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Here are some reserve bonus links for $1 Trials on 5 hot options signal services – they are 30 day trials.  And you can manage your membership through Clickbank so you can control if you want to cancel or not.  We figured that would help resolve worry for you (and us).   Here are the 30 day trials special link. (trials not listed on site usually so copy down that link)  And you can check out more regarding each signal service on

We have a lot of Options Courses.  Here is a special bundle offer to get you key, core education so you can start off RIGHT and avoid costly pitfalls.   When you start off with a plan, with 30 plus years of experience in the markets, trading and developing systems, you can leverage knowledge and understanding to hit the fast track.  Most traders dive ahead following their emotions thinking that the markets are some easy game but then… the marketplace schmacks them back into place.   If you have respect for the market place, the market place can be VERY generous.   So gain this respect by treating trading very seriously.   You’ll be very glad you did.

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Doing a good methodical job learning how to trade is super important.  Yet, you can do this good methodical job quickly.  How so?  Get the courses.  Learn. But then get a plan, an exact plan of action for trading.   How?

There are 2 approaches for trading plans:  Strategy Trading and Systems Trading.   You can achieve phenomenal success with both.  We tend to be more systems minded because systems completely remove the need for thinking, brooding, getting emotional, researching, worrying, wondering etc… With a system you just simply do the signals.  With a swing or trend trading system your total work load ends up being only 2 to 10 minutes a night.

Here are some great starter strategies you may want to look into

Here is the Options Millionz plan – which is brilliant new approach to teaching you how to reverse engineer your first million from options in a very genuine and serious way.

Here are some great starter options systems that you may want to look into as well.  A trading system is like the operations manual to a bricks and mortar franchises, meaning that the operation manually essentially IS the franchise.  ABC 123 sets of rules that can put you in position for potential long term compounding profits.

Starter Options Systems

Good Combinations;  Swing System + Trend System.   A micro swing system + swing system.