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“Naked Calls Mastery Teaches You How to Trade Naked Calls the Right Way Throwing Off Decades of Mystery and Fear Enabling You to Have a Very Potentially Powerful Net Worth Building Strategy”

Are You Sure About the Notion  that Covered Calls are “Safe” and Naked Calls Are “Risky?   Says Who?!

I’m hear to tell you today that all options strategies are risky, all trading is risky, all investing is risky, marriage is risky and driving a car is risky… Fortunately risk can be reduced and probability for profit can be increased, systematically and strategically.

There is no magical options strategy that just simply makes you money.  All options strategies must be traded according to the price chart with entries, stops and profit triggers in order to have operational procedures that allow you to trade correctly, trade as a business.

How do you make money with naked calls? 

a. Sell at a strike price above the current price looking for the stock to stay below that price, if even only by 1 cent (because you get the keep the full cash premium even if you’re only right by one cent!). 

b. Sell a call at the money or in the money as the stock bounces off resistance or starts a downward price swing.

A key for you is identifying exactly where to sell a call according to the price charts.  Yes and you absolutely must use a price chart or you’ll have no bearing. It’s time to define exact entry points: 

Exact stop loss points –   Exact ways to take profits early if necessary for maximum profit lockdown – You need a money management system!  Learn how leverage is useless with nakeds and how you can make much more money not using leverage.

Secondly, you must understand all parameters of an options strategy in order to use it correctly.  As for selling naked calls you need to understand that possibilities and parameters that are involved.  With naked calls:

  • You can have limited risk with naked calls
  • Discover how to eliminate leverage issues and worries associated with naked calls.
  • Turn naked call selling more safe than covered call selling.
  • You only need to worry about one thing, the stock going above your strike price.  (vs. covered calls where you need to worry about the stock and the written call which can influence you into a bad position if your stock keeps going down.   (see Covered Call Mastery and Covered Call Extreme for our our maximizer strategies on how we fix that)
  • Learn how to sell In The Money calls the right way
  • Discover when you’re likely to have your short call exercised against you and 1. Why it won’ t matter with our style and 2. How to avoid getting exercised most of the time – 2 tips.
  • Learn resistance point strategies to sell naked calls with limited risk
  • Find out about momentum strategies that allow you to sell naked calls then roll them down and roll them out for more profits (for profits – never for ‘averaging a loss’ as other losers do)
  • Have a plan.  Have the strategies
  • See our long term networth building plan.
  • Learn about weekly naked calls opportunities
  • Combine with the Naked Puts Mastery course and have a plan to drain the options markets of premium, up, down and sideways…

If you’re looking for away to put options premium decay in your pockets on a continual basis without the hassles and complexities of covered calls then pick up a copy of Naked Call Mastery.  Learn every angle regarding selling naked calls.  Learn the pitfalls to avoid.  Learn the new methods and strategies that now make naked call selling a very sound investment vehicle.

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