“The Naked Puts Mastery Course Resets Popular Thinking and Gives You Exact Powerful Doable Strategies for Potentially Profiting Significantly Over the Short and Long Run with a New Networth Building Approach…”

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Are Naked Puts Dangerous? Are they Risky?

Depends how you play them. You can lose money in any form of trading or investing, easily too.  But if you gain knowledge and understanding of how an instrument such as naked puts works, you can create a plan for profit, and potential consistent profit for years to come.

Naked puts have gotten a bad rap and rightfully so.  Several not so bright folks have mutilated the naked put strategy over time into an awfully lame strategy a couple times in history.  What they did:  1. They thought they would never lose and stocks would ‘always go up’  2. They ridiculously over leveraged themselves (you don’t need ANY leverage to make a potential fortune over time with naked puts!) 3. They were in a bad reward to risk scenario small to moderate gains to big risks.    4. They had no exit plan at all for when the stock did not go their way.

It seems really stupid if you look at it.  And maybe we’ve just evolved as traders over the years, decades due to the amount of knowledge available on the Internet through other’s experiences. But there is a MUCH more intelligent way to sell naked puts and we are going to show you that in addition to showing you new ways to potentially enhance your profitability and reduce your costs.

All trading and investing involves risk.  You just need to have a strategy that helps minimize loss and more importantly achieve profits.  Once you identify and acknowledge what the marketplace really is then you can proceed towards a trading system or strategy that can allow you to profit consistently.

  • Naked puts can become a great LOW stress way of building net worth
  • Learn how to use a stop loss trigger that is not an actual stop loss but triggers at the exact price you want, invisible to the marketplace
  • Put time decay on your side.  If the stock doesn’t reach your strike you get to keep all the premium
  • Less hassle than a credit spread
  • Learn how to develop a trading strategy and system for exact entry, stop loss and exit (if necessary)
  • Find out how to swing trade naked puts and combine that with naked calls.
  • Discover how to sell naked puts at support points
  • See how you can sell naked puts at the start of new up trends
  • Get to know naked puts extremely well.  Learn how to combine the options strategy of selling naked puts with a price strategy. Master naked puts and learn a method of cash collection from the options market for many years to come.
  • Why buy stock when you can sell naked puts? Profit off of premium rot and directional movement in the stock
  • Replace a stock portfolio with a naked put portfolio the right way.
  • Learn exact strategies to sell In the Money naked puts.
  • Rid of the worries of getting assigned the stock.
  • Learn when to place naked put orders based off several chart pattern strategies
  • Profit when the stock goes nowhere.

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