Credit Spreads on Weekly Options!

Imagine placing credit spreads on plump premium options that quickly decay for a potential weekly profit.

Well hopefully by now you understand that credit spreads sound like a great idea.  Pluck little paychecks out of the market  – get ‘free money’.   Well although it is possible to make such a scenario happen, we’re going to clean out all of the garbage taught by other mediocre courses (largely tossed together by marketers who don’t even know how to trade) and look at the facts, the math so we could actually and really potentially make an average weekly paycheck happen from selling credit spreads.

In trading you can’t just focus on the potential profits, you need all the facts.  Once you have all the facts, plug all of the scenarios, look at all the angles, what ifs, possibilities for profit AND loss, then you can start to make a strategy that has potential to work.

A credit spread in its self is not enough.  You can’t just make money selling random credit spreads.  You need an exact strategy, an exact system of entry, profit taking and stop loss exit.  That’s where we come in with this Weekly Options Credit Spread System

  • Learn how to enter a spread using advanced ordering
  • See how you can have contingent orders automatically trigger you into and order and get you out fast if the credit spread goes bad
  • Discover how to time your credit spreads
  • Find out about trading credit spread with our special credit spread chart strategies
  • We’ll explain risk reward ratios to you.  Learn why selling ‘high statistical probability’ credit spreads for small premiums can mean disaster for you
  • Learn when to hold em’ and learn when to fold em’
  • Discover aggressive swing momentum high reward weekly options credit spreads
  • Plus we’ll show you support and resistance high reward spreads as well

Sure enough – we have a weekly options credit spread system:  Check it out here: CREDITSNIPE Weekly Options Credit Spread System