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Discover How to Develop Your Own Strategic, Specific Plan for Accomplishing Your First Million Dollars from Trading Options by Reverse Engineering the Goal

You Know You Want it and Are Probably Kinda Going for It – But It’s Time to Do it Right and Make Your Exact Strategic Plan to Get Their…

It is utterly important in options trading to have a particular goal in mind.

Eventually, we all just simply need to pick a goal and go for it. I think your first million dollars is it good to go for. Why ? Because it’s practical.  And it sounds like an accomplishment to become a millionaire.

And just for understanding we’re not here looking to create a flash-in-the-pan million dollars hit and fade.   If you’re not trained on how to deal with making a lot of money relatively quickly you will not be able to handle the emotions of doing so when you get there.  Want proof?  It is said that over 90% of big lottery winners end up bankrupt later.  Why? They did not have a plan for the money or a methodical method for keeping and growing it and they could not handle the emotions of it all.

So you need to learn, develop a cerebral process of getting to your first million, how to keep that first million then grow that first million.  And really, the only way to do this and keep it going over the long term is to evolve into a systematic trader.

And just to note especially for you young guns out there: you do NOT want to make money too quickly.  If you do and then screw up and blow it all (which is easy to do meaning it’s easy to get “emotionally stupid” after hitting the mark) then you could cause yourself some longer term emotional damage which is a pain to vanquish, although it can be done.

We’re looking to create a methodical way to achieve that first million dollars in a relatively short to moderate of time.

Do understand the key word here is “methodical”. If we are not methodical, if we do rush and shoot for the moon with oversized non logical positions, driven by emotions on up to our first million dollars our first million dollars will not stable and frankly, you probably won’t get there in the first place.

Of course this is not any sort of guarantee of you making a million dollars etc etc. But a methodically reversed-engineered plan is essential in the world of trading there so many enticements and distractions.  One can fall as easy prey for the marketplace particularly if one does not have a lot of experience in trading, experience that has led to overcoming and winning.

It’s Time to Stop Wasting time and Get a Plan Going Towards Your Trading Goals

Every day that goes by is a day of enormous compounding burned!  You must act now.  You must start now making and completing your plan and putting it to work even if it is just with 1 contract at a time.  Compounding in options is massive when you do it right.  Every day and every dollar you do not put toward compounding is a huge future loss – just ask Warren Buffet for he emphasizes this quite a bit.

So what we’re going to do is define how to set a goal in trading and then we’re going to explain how you can formulate your own very specific plan towards obtaining your first million dollars from Trading options.

The “Way of the Turtle Step by Step” is the FASTEST Way to Get Big in Trading!

“Prove thyself small!”

And when we talk about obtaining your first million dollars we are assuming that you are not starting out with any sort of great sum of money. It is actually better to prove yourself with a small amount vs. coming in with bigger dollars urgent to make the “big bucks”.

It is much more profitable to prove yourself stable in the first place. For as soon as you start to get emotional, caused by trading without an exact plan for entry, exit and position sizing you open up yourself to erroneous suggestions by the marketplace that will inspire you to do the wrong thing at the wrong time.

This is a great and very intelligent and undergoing you are about to take If you do such a thing. It doesn’t guarantee you that you’re going to make your first million or your first 10 million or your first hundred million but having a plan gives you the greatest chance of getting to you or desired end result.

Get started today. Do not place another trade the market without having your exact plan to execute towards your goal. It’s way too easy to get tripped up into some mediocre trade that waste your money and time and kills future millions, tens of Millions, hundreds of Millions in future returns. And don’t doubt that you can get there.

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