Index options trading – what is it?

It’s the trading of the options that get their value from the underlying cash index.   The CBOE has many index options products.  For a full list go to their site for more information on cash settled index options 

Indices, index options have unique price behavior of which we can exploit for a trading edge.   That said index options have their own set of risks primarily in large premiums and large potential negative time decay if long.   But also, indices also can have very large price swings, and when played right these index options can product large profits, quickly.

Index options trading can be traded for trends, swings and even for intraday day trading!

Check out our Index Options Trading Systems for more information on that.

Here are some of the more popularly traded indices with options:

RUT – Russell 2000® Index | Components

OEX® – S&P 100® Index Options (American-style) | Components

DJX – Dow Jones Industrial Average Index Options | Components

MNX® – CBOE Mini-NDX Index Options | Components
NDX – Nasdaq-100® Index Options | Components
Visit the Nasdaq Index Options Site

To get options quotes go here:  Index Options Quotes

Binary Index Options – you have 2 types primarily:  The popular daytrading style and the CBOE longer term binaries:

BSZ – CBOE Binary Options on the S&P 500® Index (SPXSM) | Components
BVZ – CBOE Binary Options on the CBOE Volatility Index® (VIX®)