Options Price Action Trading Systems

What is options price action Trading? What does it mean?

Price action means to trade the action of a price chart. Of course you need to access a price chart in order to be able to study and react to a price chart.

There are many price chart Services out there.  Freestockcharts.com Ninjatrader.com and Tradingview.com are some free ones you could access now that work great.

In order to become a good trader who runs a solid trading business you need to do a lot of studying of price action off price charts. Why?  Because a price chart is the only mechanism that gets you exact point of entry, an exact stop loss point and an exact price to which you can take profit and maximize your profit.

Without exact entries and exits in trading you will likely fail badly.  There's simply no way to accurately trade the markets without involving a price chart.

But the great news is that many secrets of the markets can be found in the price charts. You'll  have more inside information free price chart vs rumors and secrets people whisper about.

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