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What are options strangles?

They are options company strategies where we combine buying a call and a put at the same time but on different strikes. We do option strangles of bit differently here.

And through our strangles trading methods we have created several different approaches for trading strangles positions for that ” no lose” scenario at big home run points.

Trading Strangles Strategically Can Become A Huge Breakthrough For Many People.

Why is this? Trading strangles takes away your fear!

With a well-placed strangle you’re not worried about which way the market is going to go.  You just simply target the big move set ups that we teach you to consistently put yourself in position for making money with strangles.

A lot of people talk about options straddles but we are bigger fans of strangles.  Why?  Because we know how to read price action and position ourselves for directional tendencies.   Noticed I used the word tendency.

We always trade off the concept of tendencies in probabilities by using our really good price based high probability trading setups that are often a combination of several factors at once. 

We look for patterns that have winning percentages of accomplishing the tendency of the pattern. And we look to exploit that tendency with its average percent winning in order to make money.

So in other words there’s no guaranteed every time magical pattern that a lot of people look for him because if there was the markets would likely fall apart.   Those who look for that pattern are called “holy grail chasers”  and that mindset never makes money  Because it doesn’t understand fundamentally how a market place works.

Although we would definitely strategically target a particular direction. So then we can have an answer at extreme points price action points that tend to explode for big moves and not be afraid as we may have been in the past by using options strangles.

But there are plenty of excellent patterns and combinations of patterns in combinations of patterns with other indicators and tendencies in the market that we can exploit with a option strangle position. And by putting on an option strangle position we have more flexibility because we’re not so worried about where the market is going. We’re not so worried about losing money as you would with a directional position.

The Tendency is that We Get Options Cheaper to Sell them More Expensive By Using Our Form of Price Action Trading for Strangles

The other nice thing about option strangle trading is that often because we’ve trade price action based and not based on an anticipated news event in particular, the price action usually slows down although not all the time but usually slows down so then there is a tendency for the options pricing to decrease due to a decrease in volatility. So then we can get options at better prices which then go on to expand.   And price as the move starts to happen options tend to get more expensive in their premium which adds extra advantage in bonus to us while we are trading strangles.

So this opens a huge opportunity for Traders who can “get it” and discover how options strangles the Options Trading AUTHORITY way opens doors for you to start taking advantage of huge opportunities that you keep seeing fly by but never could figure out to profit off of smartly.

Now when we talk about home run moves with strangles you have different types of homerun moves.  

  • Your home run will be relative to the time frame to which you are trading.  
  • You could swing trade strangles. Target power trends. Target big trends.
  • Target micro-trends.
  • Even Target intraday moves and even do so with NADEX binary options.  
  • We have many creative approaches.
  • You should really find out more especially because this method could be such a breakthrough and many Traders desire to succeed.

STRANGULATOR is launched.  The rest are in the cue and have not launched. Contact us if interested.