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Systems for cheap options trading so it’s options trading systems whatever you want to call it for cheap options so these are trading systems ultimately what do we need in order to trade cheap options well? In order to trade cheap options well we’re going to need a strategy or a system that coordinates with a short-term option that gives us a high probability momentum trigger that is explosive in nature.

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Micro Swing Trading Systems

When we are trading cheap options we need the underlying stock to move, preferably move quickly and move a good distance fast so we can make a high delta profit in our options and or a very high percent return on our options position.

Now obviously the first thought that would come to mind would be to use an options trading system that dealt with day trading options, this would be day trading vanilla options, you know, regular stock options. We have some of those and we have many in the queue for development if you are interested contact us and let us know.

The next step for trading cheap options for a lot of cash flow and great percent returns would be to use micro swing trading. We have a lot of really really good micro swing trading systems. Micro swing trading is trading anywhere between the 10 minute bars on up to 2-hour bars and usually we focus between the 2-hour bars on down to 30 minute bars.

Options Weekly Paychecks Has a Bunch of Really Good Options Trading Systems for Cheap Options Using High Momentum, High Probability Micro Swing Trading.

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There’s a whole world of opportunity that you can’t see very well on the day bars that is within the micro swing world of price action. We can actually have more accuracy on average while having less risk per trade and more profit opportunities and more ability to profit on the whole by micro swing trading. And with micro swing trading we can use very short-term in the money someone in the money moderately in the money cheap options needed in the underlying asset.

And then on the other hand we can do day bar swing trading with these very short-term cheap options. In order to do so we need certain types of swing trading systems and we need to coordinate the type of swing trading system entry with the time to expiration in order to find the best type of cheap options to trade.

So with good options trading systems that deal with short-term move you don’t have to fear trading short-term weekly options for cheap options trading anymore. And technically in a way, cheap options trading with the types of short-term burst momentum move price action systems is a more safe way arguably than some of the other vague concepts out there in addition to some of the other longer term concepts out there where these days people have attention span problems. And so they need more action in order to keep their focus.

We’ve seen this in our students and customers over time and the attention span has gotten shorter and shorter over the years. This may be due to some of the time cycles out there in the universe and worries of apocalyptic type of things doom and gloom and so on but fortunately as of the point of this recording it looks like we avoided the doom and gloom so you can now forget about it and now go on to start building some serious wealth. And actually going forward all the bad guys are supposed to be removed from the plant at least that’s what many have said. So now it’s going to be easier than ever to make money because you’re not going to have all these cheats rats snakes and con artists continually trying to steal your money.

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Regardless it’s fun it’s fun to be able to crush it consistently with short-term cheap options.  Cheap weekly options timed with very smart trading systems and strategies enable us to go back to the old days and even better with options that are even cheaper and with even higher deltas versus the old days while being able to make a lot of money with options again.

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Regardless you can contact us and tell us ideally what you’re looking for. Tell us ideally what you would like in terms of if anything was possible in trading because we probably have it.  We have probably already made a solution for it or we could probably make one so let us know.

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