What is Options Trading AUTHORITY exactly?

Options Trading AUTHORITY is a brand of ours that focuses on being a hub site collection for a variety of our options trading systems, strategies and courses.

This site develops options systems and option strategies based on the experience of our Traders and systems Developers.

We develop systems are strategies that we would use or do you use ourselves and then we look to sell some of those to help out aspiring Traders.

For example you can buy one of our trading systems learn it practiced it on historical charts by shoving the chart to the right and using your right arrow key then actually start putting that system to work with a tiny position until you get a hang of it and then increase that position to a full-size position. And Presto you have your own bona fide trading business that has astronomical potential.

Regarding this “AUTHORITY” brand we have several other sites that focus upon different price instruments. This was done because different price instruments require different approaches and different people thinking singular ways when they thinking Trading which means that a Forex Trader only wants to think about Forex or a binary options Trader only wants to think about binary options (unless they expand their Horizons later). That said we have a central Hub above this and that is called Online Trading AUTHORITY.

In regards to risk of money at this point we assume you read all the disclaimers although you probably didn’t because they look painful to read don’t they. So just so you understand, in case you were sold some sort of strange idea by some other trading site: Trading is gam–bling (slashes intentional due to search engines). But so is any business. So is marriage (which has been a low probability bet of the past few decades as of this typing). So is crossing the street. Everything in life is. You just need to know how to bet well.

Fortunately for you, our trading systems and trading strategies give you very high probability of winning opportunities.

And based on what? Based on price movement on a price chart that has shown repeated tendencies over time in common in with other indicators. So in fact trading can be and much more high probably endeavor actually then the other things mentioned above. How so?

You simply need to have common sense math position sizing just as any business would. Think about it: When a grocery store opens it’s doors would they sell only one product? No. So would a trader open up a trading account and put their money all on one options position? Some do and of course they usually don’t last very long in the business of trading.  But that’s just not very smart is it.  Yes someone has taught these people wrong somewhere in time to do things that just don’t make any sense. Who taught them this nonsense is the question…  Anyways let’s go unlearn these ways of error and learn to do some, things that can help all of us do well in the market and potentially make a lot of money.

Options are leveraged if you buy them. If you use margin for selling options than there’s a certain Leverage. Each different types of options position and or has a different risk and reward profile. You want to know these reward and risk profiles if you want to trade different, names of options. Understand for the most part we focus mostly on buying calls and buying puts only. That said we do have covered calls, credit spreads and naked options selling systems, strategies and courses as well.  Here is the official Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options PDF you can download now.  You should read it.

You can also read our formal disclaimers below as well as our terms for purchase and don’t buy stuff from us unless you read it. Crazy stuff happens in the markets from time to time that can the expensive or back it accidentally make you a mini fortune. The markets can move money fast, faster than 1 is used to in a traditional bricks-and-mortar business or a traditional job.

We also have a personal conviction about wanting to help people stop losing and getting their tails kicked by the markets.

We speak frank and blunt because that is what is needed to smash through all the woo woo swirling trickery by the marketplace that is trying to take your money just as you are trying to take the marketplaces money.

We like to help Traders become very honest about what trading is. Through that honesty one can actually develop a method that has a much better chance of working very well now and into the future.

Unfortunately most newbie Traders have read too many bad sales pitches from the past, from “yesteryear” and have strange ideas about what the markets are. They have caught what some would consider “bizopitis” and they are more interested in the purchasing experience than they are in the actual trading experience. But then they get confused after purchase something and have an emotional let down because they didn’t actually want to learn how to trade they wanted just to have the dreamy experience of buying a fun sounding sales pitch. Now I don’t think we are that talented in our sales pitches… But I understand this: We don’t have much toleration for those who come and buy are products and don’t want to actually learn how to trade. Do not buy a product unless you want to learn how to trade and become a great Trader. We can help you do so. But don’t make us look bad by buying our stuff and doing nothing with it or buying our stuff and not going on to 6 & 7 figures and Beyond.

Also since we have been willing to help trade learn to trade our products better we have zero Toleration for whiners and complainers and those who expect us to do everything for them. If you don’t do what we say when we instruct you in order to learn the system well then there will be no more help on that product. So we wanted to make this clear that you have the right attitude, for our sake yes because the other attitude is really annoying but more so for your sake so you actually break through and actually put yourself in a great position to become super successful in trading.

So are you ready?

Are you ready to hand it to the markets?!

Are you ready to start marching up a trading account overtime even giving Warren Buffett a run for his money?

Well come on then and get started with Options Trading AUTHORITY and or our other AUTHORITY brands.

Contact us if you have a question..