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Options Trading AUTHORITY’s (Much) Better Approach to Trading Naked Options

When it comes to trading options, one popular strategy is naked options selling yet it’s been taught in such an ineffective, lame & dangerous way for decades…

Yet… there is a LOT of money and superior returns to be made in selling naked options.  You just need to learn our fixes for trading Naked Options that we have invented here at Options Trading AUTHORITY.

Naked options selling involves selling options without having any offsetting positions to limit the potential losses. While this strategy can be profitable, it can also be quite risky. However, with the right knowledge and strategic approaches, Options Trading AUTHORITY’s  way of trading naked options selling can be a better way to trade options. That’s where the can help.

Naked options selling involves selling options with the goal of collecting the premium and generating cash flow. However, this strategy comes with the risk of unlimited loss if the underlying asset moves against the trade. As such, traders need to be diligent in their analysis and timing, and many shy away from implementing the strategy altogether. 

Why shy away from selling naked options for the premium’s sake?  Because it’s dumb.  It’s a low reward to risk ratio with temptation to get hit with a deer in headlights scenario.  There are other problems with naked options selling that we’ve noticed over the years and so we fixed them with new approaches now making naked options selling a great way to trade for superior returns.  How so?

  • You use a system or strategy to sell naked options with exact entry and exit
  • You don’t use margin.  Sorry, margin is just not going to work.
  • You sell moderately ITM naked options to get paid more while combining that position with a momentum burst strategy, entry where you enter at a high probability entry point for the underlying stock to move in your favor thereby giving you ITM options points while entering the OTM point where you collect melting premium along the way to your advantage and into expiration when appropriate. 

The offers a better way to approach naked options selling. The site provides traders with the necessary education, tools, and resources to make informed decisions and be more successful with the strategy. Here are some benefits of the’s approach to naked options selling:

1. Educational Resources

The site offers comprehensive educational, naked options courses, naked options strategies and naked options trading systems that help traders understand the risks and rewards of naked options selling, along with strategies for managing risk. With the proper understanding of the strategy, traders can make informed decisions and reduce potential losses.

2. Risk Management Minded

The provides traders with risk management education that are essential for successful naked options selling. These tools help traders decide when to enter and exit trades by providing data on historical trends, market volatility, and other factors that can impact their trades.

3. Cash Flow Generation

One advantage of naked options selling is the ability to generate cash flow. By collecting premiums from selling options, traders can generate a steady stream of income. The provides strategies for how to optimize cash flow and manage its impact on a trader’s overall portfolio.

4. Professional Support

Options trading can be complex and challenging, especially for those new to the game. The provides access to a team of professional traders who can help guide and support traders throughout their trading journey through our support ticket system.

Ultimately, the offers a better way to approach naked options selling. By providing traders with educational resources, risk management tools, and professional support, traders can reduce risk and optimize their returns. If you’re interested in naked options selling, the is a valuable resource that can help you trade with more confidence and generate more cash flow.


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