Practical Options 101 Gives You the Secrets of Options Trading Success from a 26 Year Trader and Investing Pro with 15+ Years in Options Trading Experience – Trading Star Chris K.

 Chris Will Show You the REAL DEAL to What it Takes to Potentially and Actually Make, Keep then Grow Money from Trading Options.

Check out the charts below and see how a few properly applied options strategies in combination with stock trading strategies…
Ha !  Who Gets the Last Laugh Here – Making a Fortune of a Trend Breakout that Goes Really Bad!

We Do – (You Do)!

Finally we saw some major trend clearance, yet we were skeptical… So here comes the STRANGLE to our rescue!  Although favoring an upside breakout, the powerful trend breakout reversal SLAMS Profits into our account as the upside breakout fails and collapses. Good thing we were covered on both sides! 

The “Lazy Man’s Way to Riches”? – buy a LEAPS when the big trend changes?  Set it and almost forget it.  Why not.  You just need to learn how to correctly identify a trend break.  It’s nice if YOU know WHEN to get in… Just think about it.  What if You Actually Knew When to Get in at the Start of a Big Huge Trend in a Stock!  Well first learn your mechanics with Options 101  then we’ll show you how to access this type of information – riding big trends. 

Even if big trend trading was all you did.  There’s nothing wrong with this route in the pursuit of 7 figures.  And if you became extra skilled you could make additional monthly cash flow off of your long term options position on the short term.


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It’s Decision Time…

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