<strong>Practical Options 101 V. 2.0</strong> 3

 Save Years  – Save Tens to Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Mistakes  – Save Potential Millions of Dollars in Lost Opportunity…

NEW Version: Practical Options 101 V. 2.0 – Position Yourself to Potentially Make at Least One Million Dollars Trading Options, On Purpose! 

“Practical Option Trading 101 Options Home Study Course Puts You on the Direct Route to Trading Options Profitably… 

Helping You Avoid Hidden Pitfalls That Only Veteran Successful Option Traders Would Know… Saving Years of Costly Mistakes While Enabling You To Be Able To Make, Keep And Grow Potential Large Cash Profits From The Options Market.”

Best Options 101 Course

Have You Been Burned  by The Options Market Before?

If So You’re In Good Company. Many Very Successful Options Traders Have Been Burned By The Options Market And Even Lost Fortunes Before Things ‘Clicked’.  These Successful Options Traders Simply Made A Phase Shift And Started ‘Partnering’ With The Marketplace Working With It Instead Of Working Against It…

And We Can Help You Get In Phase With The Markets Doing What Successful Options Traders Do…    If You Are A Beginning Option Trader Or If You Are An Experienced Option Trader You Need This Course To Get On The Right Path To Actually Being Able To Potentially Trade Options For A Good Living!

Announcing: Practical Options 101 – Options Course For Learning Options Quickly And Directly So You Can Get Onto Trading Options As Fast As Possible!

Practical Options 101 Gives You the Secrets of Options Trading Success from a 36 Year Trader and Investing Pro with 25 Years in Options Trading Pro


 We Will Show You the REAL DEAL to What it Takes to Potentially and Actually Make, Keep then Grow Money from Trading Options.

  • Learn the power of leverage in options
  • Understand options pricing in a practical way.
  • Learn how to finesse time decay on calls and puts
  • Know the best options to buy for the best bang for your buck
  • Know what options to buy and when
  • Understand when to get out.
  • Avoid the top 10 deadly pitfalls in options trading
  • Learn powerful options strategies that will enable you to profit in any market.
  • Understand what buying options cheap and selling them expensive actually means
  • Discover how to determine how much your options decay per week and per day!
  • See how you can access your potential “Holy Grail” trading systems almost immediately
  • Learn options strategies in order to potentially profit in any market condition – up, down, sideways or flat line…
  • Expand your goals.  How to plan for your first real million dollars in option trading profits (it’s much more possible than you think with options!)
  • Find out the one secret why 95% of options traders who could be winners, lose
  • Find out how this same secret can help you make dramatic profits and actually keep them then actually grow them! (that is an achievement in trading)


New Material Recently Added!

  • The Trading Philosophies Overview (from page)
  • What is Micro Swing Trading?
  • What is Cyclone Trading?
  • What is Jack POT Philosophy Trading
  • Finding Your Holy Grail in Trading – It Does Exist!
  • How to Trade Leaps
  • LEAPS vs. 4 to 9 Months Options
  • LEAPS Investing
  • LEAPS Gambling Roll the Dice Approach.
  • Options Day Trading Possibilities Overview
  • Pictures in Making Options Fortunes – Big Moves & How Options Move
  • Find Over Time The Feeling You Have Before You Enter a Trade When
  • Wrong vs. The Feeling Before You Enter a Trade When Right
  • Knowing What’s Right vs. Dumb Exciting Ideas that Usually Lose
  • How to Get to a Point When You Know What Is Going to Happen or Not
  • Premium Decay – This You Need to know
  • Deltas – This You Need to Know
  • Greeks – What Do You Really Need to Know Practically Speaking
  • Dynamically Dancing with Premium Decay
  • ITM and When to Use
  • OTM and When to Use
  • ATM and When to Use
  • Good Options Pricing vs. Crappy Options Pricing
  • Mind Your Bid Ask Spreads – Comparison in Different Stocks
  • Big Bid Ask Spreads vs. Opportunity of Large Movement
  • What’s the Best Way to Trade Options Introduction to: Options Swing Trading
  •  Introduction to: Range Trading
  •  Introduction to: Big Trend Trading
  •  Introduction to: Pivot trading
  •  Introduction to: Weekly Trends
  •  Introduction to: Monthly Trends
  •  Introduction to: Binary Options
  •  Introduction to: ETF Options
  •  Introduction to: Index Options
  •  Options Brokers:  Which ones?
  •  How to be 99.8% Wrong All of the Time in Your Trading
  • Profit Exiting Introductory Concepts:  When to Get Out
  • Trading styles:  System, Hunter Speculator, Investor.   Options works best with System style.  Hunter Speculator is part strategy and part art and part lots of preparation.
  • Options Day Trading
  • L.E.A.P.S and what to do with them.
  • Naked Options
  • Dynamic Options Trading Secrets
  • Practical Black Scholes
  • New Weekly Options
  • Options Spreads Trading

Have You Ever Heard Of The “Holy Grail” In Trading?

What’s that?  The “Holy Grail” in trading is  the “ultimate solution to trading success”,  the answer in that if you simply do this answer you could make untold, unimagined profits in trading the markets.

Many have come close to finding it.  And some have found it.  Yet most get lost in the pursuit of this ultimate trading solution and they simply do not persist long enough until they make that mental and emotional breakthrough as the Guinness World Book of Records in Trading did (Dan Zanger).  We’re going to explain how you can make this breakthrough through knowledge and experience. We’re going to show you how to copy the best so you can put your self in position to have similar success.

Yes several have found this “Holy Grail”.  Simply picking up and reading a copy of “The Market Wizards” by Jack Schwagger will show you how traders found their magic formulas for success.  Even a fellow named Richard Dennis was able to find his “Holy Grail” turning $400 into $200,000,000.  How about Nicolas Darvas?  Warren Buffet?

Today we offer you the closest thing to the “Holy Grail” of Options Trading.  We are going to teach you the elements of successful trading in options. Plus we’ll show you actual methods you can use right away through our Options Mastery 102 Continuing Education – extremely valuable short cuts directly to your potential, doable “Holy Grail”.  Additionally we are going to present to you powerful trading systems that have stood the test of time that are to be operated over a lifetime for potential staggering profits and net worth building.

There are core elements to options trading success that you need to know.  And if you do these success elements you can have success.

There are many ways to trade options.  You can use simple strategies to trade price momentum in the markets or you can use options strategies to trade lack of momentum in the markets.

Various options strategies give you much opportunity for profit.  You simply need to force the issue and make your self define and refine an excellent combination of option trading strategy and stock trading strategy, or rather I should say stock trading strategy first to which you add the appropriate options strategy.

Many traders foolishly stop short to options trading success, even when they are so very close to breaking through to consistent options trading success.  We are going to help you by giving you the FACTS and secrets that simply put you in the position for options trading success.

Yes, it’s true, we can not control the markets and we can only take form the markets what the markets are willing to give.  But the markets can be very giving IF you get in sync with the markets. You need to make the “Phase Shift” that can turn  you near instantly into a winning trader, out of your losing ways for good.

Unfortunately and fortunately, 90% to 99% of traders are out of sync with the market because they are seduced by the emotional line, the ‘sirens song’ of the marketplace tossed to and fro then dashed upon the rocks in their trading journeys.  It’s bad because it’s sad.  But it’s good also because once you get in sync with the market place you’ll be collecting all of that money the 99% of traders are donating if you’re willing to ‘pay the price’, learn, practice, spend money on your education and simply get good at trading.

Potential Dramatic Success Could Be Yours Starting Once you:

  1. Learn the mechanics and get them down cold…
  2. Learn options strategies and get them down cold…
  3. Learn chart patterns, trading patters, trading systems that will allow you to take advantage of repeated chart opportunities in price movement or lack thereof – high probability points and low probability points – high probability events and low probability events…
  4. Combine an option strategy best suited for best returns, lowest costs and lowest risk – all in combination – then practice applying your strategy to your stock trading system

The information provided in this course plus our other  courses can help you in the process to:

1. Fix your emotional baggage in trading permanently2. Find the secret money strategy to making and keeping and growing your money without you wiping out your account (again)

3. The methods of getting In and out exactly for consistent long term, long time potential profits

4. Keep you in the game with the ‘players’ – top traders –  with continuing ultra options education

We Think that we can solve YOUR options trading problems for good!


Practical Options 101 Makes the complicated world of options very simple and practical, direct to the point of making money from options and keeping it.  We explain every aspect of options trading that you’ll need to start practicing options trading to the point where you can actually become a potential long term, net successful career options trader.

Through over 26 years of trading and investing experience and 15 Years of options trading experience, pushing the envelope to trading options in many unique and creative ways I have accumulated aTON of valuable, creative, unique, insightful knowledge to share with you.  The good news for you is that I’ve recorded most of it and am revealing a majority of this info to you NOW.

Performance psychology is favorite topic of mind.  I’ve used performance psychology to do many things in my life well, creating many extraordinary moments.  I’m going to give you the secret mind tricks, the almost magic mind settings that will help you break through, finally, from losing or drifting in trading to becoming a consistent and winning trader who is always ready to receive when the market is willing to give!

You’re going to learn a path of successful trading, a proven method, a proven system of options trading in this options trading course.  The path is very clear and its very structured.

You will be given a LOT of content.  You will be able to play a lot of that content in your car.  Plus you can actually strip the audios out of the videos and listen to those in your car as well.

Overall we believe our course can save you years, if not decades in mistakes, bad trading, bad habits while saving you millions in missed opportunity.  Plus we believe we can help set you on a very unique, high performance level path that you just don’t see every day.

The opportunity is now while we are in the trading education business.  The turning point could be now in your career, your life right now.  Today could be the day your life, your trading takes an entirely new path.  And once you’ve tasted consistent success you’ll never want to go back to lameness again!

Who has time to get bogged down with complicated theories, math formulas and detailed non profitable strategies that simply take you on tangents while snuffing out your options trading enthusiasm?

You need to know what to do in options trading, how to do it with available smart short cuts and how to start making money NOW without losing money wastefully, making mistakes.  And you Don’t need another boring, hot air, options course that basically spins you in a big circle, blindfolded, trying to swing at profits as a child at a piñata event.  Practical Options 101 Takes you Right to the Money!

Only an experienced options trader, maybe even slightly genius option trader, can show you how to make and keep money over the long haul developing a huge net worth at an accelerated rate.

It can be so easy to  make a lot of money trading options if you only know how to do a few things.  In fact making a lot of money trading options is quite simple, yet too simple for most.  Most can’t handle the simplicity.  Most want to complicate.  Most can’t handle success because they think too low of them selves.  Through this course we’ll begin to show you these secrets learned from over 15 years of successful options trading.

  • Learn why most have it wrong about how to make money in options.  The key secret lies not behind the option strategy, but behind the underlying stock trading system!
  • You’ll see why our approach works with options trading and all the ‘issues’ of options.  Yes, we’ve finally cracked the code to long lasting options trading success for large bankroll profits.
  • Learn how to trade options from scratch so you can take advantage of various options trading systems and move forward in your pursuit to trading for a good living.
  • Discover the secret Attitude, yes an attitude, that unlocks the door to success to almost every person who puts on this mindset, converting options trading into a true business, done excellently in as few as 5 minutes a day.

There are So Many Ways to Make Money in Options.  You Just Need to Learn REALLY How.

Once you get a handle on the mechanics, then a good stock trading system or strategy for capturing stock moves (big or small stock movements can profit in big ways) and the all important options money management system you could actually start to MAKE MONEY from options.   Yes YOU.  And Yes YOU actually Making Money Consistently from Options.

Are you bold enough claim and command your options trading victory now?

Your purchase today of this course will set you on the correct path, the ‘narrow path’ that only few find in options trading success.

Now that sounded harsh – “that only few find” – ‘what do you mean by that?’

Most can’t  handle options trading well because of two things that have been happening in the options education market over the past few decades:

1. Most options courses have been lame and almost every one of them fall short to actually telling you how to actually, really pull money out of the options market on a consistent basis.  Sure, they give lots of theory and ‘option strategies’ but they don’t tell you where and when to get out of options, dynamically in real time so you can actually start to bank some options profits.

2. There has been  too much marketing hype in options.  Aspiring traders have gotten just a little too excited about options.   The ‘big money’ and ‘strike it rich’ mentality in options has done options trading and  you a disservice.  Yes you can become very wealthy trading options, but there is a certain respect, seriousness and methodical approach that is necessary to incrementally grow a huge options trading account.

Being excited is fine but the ‘options craze’ that most get caught up in needs to be simply toned downed and funneled into a more productive direction.  And that’s not that complicated or difficult (although pulling some of you off trading too big is going to be like weaning a crack addict of the rock).

Options traders, on the whole, from our observation, simply need to slow it down, become more methodical and organized in their options trading.  Options traders need to respect options as Richard Dennis, founder of the Turtle Traders, respected futures.  Options are so leveraged that if you can slow it down some, trade evenly, trade excellent stock trading signals with options and one day hit ‘critical mass’ where you net worth grows so rapidly you’d think you, yourself, were a bank or hedge fund.

We here are boldly, creatively and uniquely revolutionizing, literally the entire options market place in the way we teach options – which is all the way !!  All the way to the money.

This will become more crystal, clear as you graduation from Options 101 to Options 102 then through Options 103 in addition to the “Options Success Mastery – Continuing Education Series” on exactly how YOU will be set to become successful.

That said, and to be nice, not many options traders have the talent and the systems development brain pool that we have here at Options Trading Authority.  Those other options teachers simply don’t have the stock trading systems that we do because we made them ourselves!

Develop your options trading arsenal so you can trade your favorite stock system or strategy with options:

  • Discover How You Can Make money in options trading STRANGLES !
  • Discover How You Can Make money in options trading Spreads
  • Discover How You Can Make money in options trading simply buying Calls and Puts!
  • Discover How You Can Make money in options trading collecting money cash credit!
  • Discover How You Can Make money in options trading even six or seven figures off your current portfolio with Covered Call Mastery!
  • Discover How You Can Make money in options trading BIG TRENDS !
  • Discover How You Can Make Money in options trading SWINGS!
  • Discover How You Can Make money in options trading Ranges!
  • Discover How You Can Make money in options trading Pivots!
  • And there’s much much more… Many more ways to make money, stack it and grow it.

Check out the charts below and see how a few properly applied options strategies in combination with stock trading strategies…


Ha !  Who Gets the Last Laugh Here – Making a Fortune of a Trend Breakout that Goes Really Bad!

We Do – (You Do)!

Finally we saw some major trend clearance, yet we were skeptical… So here comes the STRANGLE to our rescue!  Although favoring an upside breakout, the powerful trend breakout reversal SLAMS Profits into our account as the upside breakout fails and collapses. Good thing we were covered on both sides!

The “Lazy Man’s Way to Riches” – buy a LEAPS when the big trend changes!  Set it and almost forget it!   It’s nice if YOU know WHEN to get in… Just think about it.  What if You Actually Knew When to Get in at the Start of a Big Huge Trend in a Stock!  THINK!

Even if big trend trading was all you did.  There’s nothing wrong with this route on the way to 7 figures.  And if you became extra skilled you could make additional monthly cash flow off of your long term options position on the short term.


Practical Options 101 the Puts You in a Position to Win, Keep Your Money and Grow It, Period! 

“Insider Proprietary Option Winning Secrets REVEALED Of Long Term Career Options Traders Who Have Developed Options Trading Systems And Options Strategies For Trading For A Very Good Living.”

From: The Desk of Options Trading AUTHORITY

Dear Friend,

I’ll be the first to tell you that Options Trading for a good living has been one of the best lifestyles I’ve ever experienced and there is no better way to trade for a living than options in my opinion.

There is so much flexibility in options trading in that there is basically an options strategy for just about every market condition.

With a good options trading money management system one can get on the path of steadily building net worth, stacking net gains and losses where the gains consistently outpace losses, building a potential mass fortune in the process.

Yes it sounds crazy, I guess!  But it’s just not a big deal anymore to make consistent trading scores in the market.  Once you figure it out, work it out (and most never do so in trading simply because they really only trade for thrills, when they are so close to actually trading for potential consistent thrilling, cashable, repeated jackpots in options trading profits.  What a shame!  But you’re not going to do that any more. No!  Today is the first day that you start treating trading as your very own business, your very own company. And once you know what you are doing you can make it happen.)

There is more than meets the eye to options trading. But the secrets are not that hard to do and they are not that hard to achieve.  Especially when you surround your self with the right education and a community of successful option traders!

Let me give you a little story, a little history of how Practical Options 101 came to be…

Back many years ago, I was simply a stock trader a stock investor.  I became pretty good at identifying stocks that would go up and when they would start going up big.  Some how I developed a knack  at picking stocks that would double my money.  I just kept doing it over and over, purely by instinct, and I thought that was pretty neat.

Then one day I got my hands on an options trading book.  I was fascinated.  The guy really sounded like he had some magic formula.  He did have a couple pretty good insights into finding and trading big moves with options, although those ideas worked only well in a strong bull market.  Then the bull market broke… and I learned a few things about trading and options trading in general, the hard way!

So… I took a break and thought a bit.  I thought… “What if I used my own common sense to see what was true in the stock market and options market?”  So I did!  Over the following 5 months I took approximately $13,000 and turned it into $225,000 (although I was up close to $400,000 at one point).  I was pretty ‘pumped’. I then went on to translate what learned intuitively into stock trading systems and option trading system so I could extract more profits from the options market on a regular basis, more methodically and with a lot less effort.

In the process over the years I learned that there are many pitfalls in options trading.  Option trading tends to easily seduce beginning, intermediate and even advanced traders who are distracted by life issues and who have chinks in their options trading armor into rapid losses and blow ups.   To be fair you can lose in any market and just about any style in a rapid disastrous way including:  Forex trading, futures trading, emini trading, stock trading in styles of day trading, swing trading… you name it.  .

Untold tens of thousands of people have lost a lot of money options trading.  Even millions of people recently lost a lot of money trading and investing in stocks.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  It is so simple to make money in options.  You just need to know how.  You just need to know a good stock trading strategy approach over which you apply options positions.  You just, and most importantly, need to know how to use a good money management system with options!  And finally you need to understand how to channel emotions to your advantage so emotions don’t come in and mess up your trading.

   Practical Options 101 Delves Into The Depths Of WINNING In Options Trading Discovered From Over 36 Years Of Stock Trading Experience And 25+ Years Of Powerful Option Trading Experience And Cuts To The Chase Giving You The Direct Secrets To Position Yourself To Start MAKING MONEY NOW In Options.”

Learn What You Need to Know to Get Started NOW Trading Options, Intelligently

  • Avoid common option trading pitfalls
  • Avoid Pitfalls only an experienced successful options trader can tell you – a trader who has basically tried it all and done it all in options over many many years
  • Learn the core fundamental mechanics of how options work so you can ‘work the options’
  • Learn all about time decay, option premium, rates of price change on options compared to the stock and other factors that affect your option trading decisions – the “Greeks”.
  • Learn what strike options to buy
  • Learn how far out to buy options (specific to a specific options strategy & stock trading strategy
  • Understand options price movement in a practical way so you know how much money you can make and how much you can lose on a particular stock movement.
  • Discover how it is very possible for you do double, triple, quadruple your money and more in options.
  • See the various options strategies available and learn why you may consider using them
  • Learn the core philosophy in making a lot of money in options without wasting time and money
  • Find out quick formulas to practically figure out options prices.

Practical options 101 consists of an array of audios and videos that cover the practical basics I can get you trading options quickly.

Practical options 101 is a unique options trading course that not only gives you the step-by-step: “do this” — “do that”… it also gives you the secret ways of thinking that can turn you into a winning option trader from the start while avoiding potential years even decades of pitfalls and losing.

It is important for you to become a winner in options trading from the start. We do not want you to go through big and bad losses because that damages your psychology.  Damaged psychology can be very expensive.

How do you become a winner in options trading?

There are several factors you will need to put in place to become a winner in options trading. Fortunately, it can be quite simple.  There is a way setting goals that works and options trading. You need to learn how to develop your intuition and channel your emotions (because he simply can’t get rid of your emotions). You need to learn the mechanics and then you need a good stock trading system upon which to trade your options, regardless what the option strategy is.  most of all you need an experienced guide to show you the path to success in options trading while showing you how to avoid the pitfalls, the deep black hole spiral of options trading death it pitfalls.

We are going to introduce to you various options trading strategies while pointing out the pluses and minuses to each.

We’ll also give you our secret Rolodex of options resources and tools we use to help us advance our option trading. Additionally give you the recommended reading that is valuable and worth your time from our reading and experience.

Why Practical Options 101?  What Makes This Course Better Than the Rest of Options Courses Out There?

Quite frankly, if you are a beginning option trader, or an intermediate or advanced trader temporarily lost in his/her ways there is no better course on the planet than Practical Options 101.  Why?  How?

  • We cover winning and how to get out of losing mind set in addition to exactly how to get into winning mindset.  This information comes from over 2 decades of trading success and side tracks.  Very unique information.
  • We take you from the vague world of ‘option strategies’ and show you how to bust through the nonsense to the ways that can make massive amounts of options profits while developing extraordinary net worth over time.
  • We give you insight on magical money management system for options

BONUS: See What We Cover and What You’ll Receive with Practical Options 101 AUDIOS bonus that You Can Play on Your Favorite .mp3 Player or in Your Car:

  • INTRODUCTION – Advantages/disadvantages. Buying options. Selling Options. Doing both in combination
  • Intro Audio how to get to six, seven figures and beyond in options trading
  • Intro Audio 2: – What stocks should I play?
  • Audio 3:  1.     Cave man basics to making money in options
  • Audio 4: Practical Money Management
  • Audio 5: Secret to succeeding in options while most others fail – fractional money management – simple mindedness)
  • Audio 6: The Intuitive Trading System Introduction. Peace. Prosperity.
  • Audio 7:  Common pitfalls to Avoid in Options Trading
  • Audio 8:  What strategy do I use?  Buying Premium
  • Audio 9:  Home Run Options Trading
  • Audio 10:  What’s the use of Options trading if you don’ t know where to get in and where to get out? Using Stock Trading systems for your option trading entries.

Practical Options 101 Saves You Time While Providing You Extremely Valuable Insights On How to Trade Options, When and Where…

Avoid the Deadly Options Trading Traps that 98% Fall Into – Simple Systems and Strategies Show  You How to Stay Out of Trouble, Make and Keep

Best Options 101 Course

See The Comprehensive Video Coverage We Give You of Practical Options Basics That Will Get  You Up  and Going Quickly On Level of an Intermediate Options Trader While Saving Possible DECADES in Wasted Time and Money of Going Down the Wrong Path in Options !

Become the 2% that Succeed!  Learn the FACTS, The Mechanics that Put You in the Position for High Probability of Making and Keeping a Fortune in Options – Here:

  1. Video 1: Introduction to Options
  2. Why Options?  The benefits of Options
  3. The features of options
  4. The Pitfalls of Options
  5. Keys to Success:  Money Management, Low Stress Enjoyable, A Good Stock Trading System from Which to Trade Options, Learning to the Point of Having a Crystal Clear Detailed Step by Step daily action plan that will net out profits.
  6. Options are derivatives
  7. Options provide leverage
  8. Options have a variety of prices from which you can choose
  9. Options expire in monthly cycles
  10. Video 2:  Introduction to Options II
  11. You can buy options and you can short options.
  12. You can buy calls and puts and make money when a stock goes up or goes down by BUYING the option.
  13. You can sell calls and puts short and you can make money when a stocks goes up or down by SELLING SHORT the option.
  14. Three classification of Option Strike Prices:  ATM = At The Money, OTM = Out of the Money, ITM = In The Money – which are the best to play?  Why?  and When?
  15. Time Decay issues.
  16. What’s Options Premium?
  17. What are the “Greeks” all about?
  18. Video 3 – The GREEKS – Options Greeks making them less ‘Greek’ to  you… Practical understanding that is actually very important that you know to maximize profit and avoid unnecessary loss.  Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma & Rho explained in a practical way so you can benefit, produce more profit and prevent loss.
  19. Video 4 – Buying Calls and Puts – Initial Practical Approaches for Making Money and A lot of it using Options.
  20. Trading short term options – Swing trading options
  21. Trading bigger trends – the three to six month trend
  22. Anticipating opportunities
  23. Advantages of buying calls and puts mixed with a good stock trading system and a good simple money management system – the best options strategy hands down!
  24. Video 5 – Buying Calls and Puts II – Initial Practical Approaches for Making Money and A lot of it using Options.
  25. Order entry. Basics: market, limit, stoplosses, buy stops, sell stops, contingent order, One Triggers Another orders… Using advanced order technology to make trading options much easier and to take advantage or more moves
  26. Video 6:  Basics review!
    1. Option Expiration Cycles
    2. LEAPS brief intro
    3. ITM, OTM, ATM
    4. Refocus to practical large scale money making and money keeping by buying calls and buying puts according to a solid trading system that is based on natural and fundamentals of price movement.
    5. European style.  American Style
    6. S&P 100 index options intro and commentary.
  27. Video 7
      1. How you can double, triple and quadruple your money on a regular basis with options – what’s possible, doable and how.
  28. Video 8
    1. Clearing up confusion on options pricing – practical thinking.  How to figure out options price charts vs. how much you have to pay for an option.
    2. How much you can sell an option.
    3. The decimal that shouldn’t be.
    4. Options are Not like penny stocks
    5. How much you can make with 1 contract vs 10 contracts vs 100 contracts.
    6. Getting to the point of becoming a 100 contract per trade, options trader
  29. Video 9 – How much money you can make buying options & What options to buy.
    1. Price figuring.  How much can you make on a call option?  How much can you lose on a call option? How to figure it out.
    2. How much can you make on a put option?  How much can you lose on a put option. How to figure it out.
    3. How much time do you need to buy on an option?
    4. ‘How much money will I lose in time decay?’  How to figure out time decay in a common sense way

Wait… There’s More!

  1. Video 10   Popular and Foolish schools of thought on covered call writing, naked put writing and credit spreads. Avoid the scams, the misinformation, the hype.
  2. Video 11   101 – How to Figure Out Time Decay in Options Pricing in a Practical Way.
    1. Month to Month subtraction.
    2. Time Decay charts revisited.
    3. Why you need to know about how much an option is going to rot, shrivel per month of holding in time premium.
    4. Review of matching option strategy to the stock trading system.
  3. Video 12:  How to Practically Figure Out Delta’s – the rate of change in your options price compared to the stock price.
    1. Pricing through delta figuring
    2. The immense deltas on near term options, even to a week out.  How and why you could play options even to a week out but only with a specific exact short-term momentum swing style system.
    3. Miniscule deltas on near term options when OTM.
    4. Mention of the options price calculator.  The practical options price calculator!
  4. Video 13  – All about OTM ‘Out of The Money’, ‘cheap calls’
    1. Appropriate and inappropriate gambling
    2. Money management reviewed.  The utter importance of using the Fractional Percentage Money Management System for Options Trading
    3. Matching options, near term, with your trading systems.
    4. Swing trading options reviewed.  What options to use.  What options not to use.  What options give the best bang for the buck.
    5. Trend trading options, what OTM options to purchase.  Measuring a trend on the charts. How to roll out an options position in the middle of a trend if you are at expiration while in the middle of a trend.
  5. Video 14: How to put in a contingent options order.   
  6. Video 15: OTM ‘cheap’ calls when and when not to buy  
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