Options Trading Webinars


 Webinar 1:

Big Profits with Small Stock Moves with Options!

Discover big money makers with options on ‘boring stocks’ that can provide large ROI on your options with just a small, even 1 to 2 point move.

  • Discover ways you can identify these moves
  • Learn different ways to play these moves with options
  • Find the “Pattern Code” of a partucular stock that shows you the average bankable profit move
  • Find out how to make 100%, 200%… 400% profits on a regular basis



Quick Price Action Explosion Targeting to Pair with Really Short Term Options for Potential Big Payoffs!

 How to Shrewdly Turn Your Stock Portfolio into a Weekly Income, a Weekly Paycheck from Options  How to Start with Small Funds and Strip a Weekly Paycheck Out of the Options Markets Using Credit Spreads in Smart New Ways




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