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“Looking to Win in Options Trading but Not Sure How?”

Well, Take the Shortcut!

Just Use Our Experience, Training and Trading Systems!

Learn to Trade Options for a Potential Very Good Living, Even in Under a Literal 10 Minutes a Day.

Our Options Trading Systems, Options Courses, and Options Strategies Can Help You Learn to Win More and Avoid Pitfalls.  Take Action and Get Started by First Joining Our Newsletter:


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Are These Systems and Strategies Genius?

We’ll let “DI” Tell you his experience:





Covered Calls Systems, Strategies and Courses

We have some awesome covered calls systems, strategies and courses.  Our cover calls program blows away it’s about anything you may have seen out there. Unfortunately most people wearing it when it comes to selling covered calls and that’s unfortunate.

Cover call selling on its own is actually a very mediocre strategy. That’s why we’ve changed it! We’ve have fixed covered calls and now covered calls has the potential to become a cash flow powerhouse strategy. If you focus on covered calls with a portfolio of stocks, the potential for having a retirement or even replacing a real estate investment concept becomes very intriguing one.

Not only have we taken care of the downside for when stocks go down we found a way to augment profits for when your stock goes down. You’re to love it when your stock tanks from now on!  You’ll definitely have a plan, in that plan is even greater than just selling calls.

Credit Spreads Systems Strategies and Courses

A powerful credit spreads trading systems that could help you create some extra cash flow potentially.  We have a weekly options credit spread system.  Actually we have more weekly options credit spread systems through our Options Weekly Paychecks line of products.   We have Credit Spreads EXTREME system, CreditSNIPE Weekly Options Credit Spreads system, OZ4 and GS7 Weekly Options Credit Spreads Systems as well.

We’ve been thinking of expanding this line.  Inquire for details.   Did you know you can even treat NADEX binary options as credit spreads and that they even have their own credit spreads for credit spreads day trading?  See our NADEX products for details.

Naked Options Systems Strategies and Courses

Naked option selling has gotten a bad rap over the years. Maybe rightfully so. There have been a lot of boneheaded ideas over time in regards to selling naked options in particular naked puts. That just because someone else have a dumb way of playing a naked option that doesn’t mean you throw out the whole strategy!

There is a lot of juicy premium out there these days to sell, particularly with weekly options. Nowadays we have a expiration every week. It’s fantastic. And most of the premium decay happens in that last week. So just been able to drain that premium week by week.

Are the problem in selling naked options is the leverage. Well we have a different approach. Naked option selling should be reserved for net worth building purposes.

To become a better naked option seller you’re going to have to pair they get off to selling with a particular naked options price-based trading strategy whether that be some sort of swing or micro swing strategy.  And there is a lot of opportunity out there for cash flow and superior returns for those who are strategically tuned in.

Options Swing Trading Systems

Arguably most of the opportunity and options trading in terms of buying calls and buying puts lives in me swing trading of options.

Now there are many different ways of swing trading.  We have many different, unique approaches to swing trading options on the site.  We’ve got micro swing trading, swing pops, cluster swings, web swings, mini range swings, power swings and super swing trading styles.

Options Trend Trading Systems

Options trend trading is another overlooked opportunity.   There are different types of trends. Your long-term trends, power trends, Medium-term trends… What you know how to identify A new trend break with precision you can put yourself in the position for a big score. Not only can you get a big squirt point wise but you can also usually trade  with a Little bit stronger position size.

For many of you out there this solution for success is trend trading. When you’re out there just can’t handle too much active trading. You can’t handle your emotions yet so you do much better trained a bigger moves that take a little longer to develop.

On the short term you have A lot of competition. What’s competition? It’s the moves of the market the jigs and jags of price action that can easily throw you off.  And when you have limited capital, if you make too many mistakes or there are too many false news well it’s one of those losses add up quickly.

Options Day Trading Systems

Yes you can day trade options. You can day trade vanilla options. You can day trade binary options.  And now there are are exciting new opportunities trading NADEX binary options that we have discovered.

Intraday trading opportunities can be tremendous.  Once you learn how to pinpoint on a regular average basis intraday trends opportunities opportunities to crush it with vanillas or NADEX binaries are very real.

For those of you who like more action should look into our daytrading methods

Options Weekly Paychecks Systems and Strategies Series

Our Options Weekly Paychecks philosophy of systems development has been a popular choice. This is mostly because the concept of a weekly paycheck is certainly an attractive one and a relatable one.

We have developed this product line out quite a bit.  You can see those products on the site or go to the optionsweeklypaychecks.com site

Options Range Trading Systems and Strategies

What’s a range trading system?  We have discovered over time that there is certain opportunity to trade the oscillating ranges in price.  We have systematized this to a point that has been able to produce a very powerful trading systems.

You can find the style trading in our STACKERS -based trading systems.

Binary Options and NADEX Binary Options

 Believe it or not we were the first to develop a binary options trading system in the marketplace. Ever since then we have a ball incredible mindbending binary option systems overtime.   We made so many that we’ve had to make several sites put them on.  We move many of them over to binaryoptionsauthority.com and you can see them there.


Click on a Box to Access the Particular Options Trading Division:

trade options

“Learn Options.  Master Options. Learn How to Win in Options”

Discover the Principles Behind Making Money in Options, Keeping What You Make and then Growing What You Keep In Options…

Learn How to Trade Options the Right Way

Discover our powerful options 101 and options 102 courses.  Also discover our option strategy MASTERY series of courses.  By learning and understanding the fundamentals how options work you can thereby craft trading ideas that will be there when the market is ready to give while avoiding pitfalls in mediocre opportunities.

Our courses also deal with the psychology, the mental approach and the basic logic that could help a lot of you out there uninstall bad ways of thinking and install winning ways of thinking.   I know some of you or only one or two puzzle pieces away from hitting consistent success in options.   You just need to learn the secret missing ingredients which we believe we can teach you…

Our Options Trading System and Strategy System Development Philosophies

Our “trading philosophies” below are comprised of 2 elements:  1. A mental approach to trading the options market  2. A mental approach end goal, desired outcome when developing a trading system to fit a desire.

  • Trade Options for a Good Living Philosophy
  • Hunter Speculator Philosophy
  • Stupid Simple Trading Philosophy
  • JackPOT Philosophy
  • Create Your Own Trading Business Philosophy
  • Home Run Options Trading Philosophy
  • The “FREE Money” Trading Philosophy for trading and systems development
  • MOD “Money On Demand” Systems Development Philosophy

It’s important to know our trading philosophies to know the type of trading system or trading strategy solutions we offer.  You can see that there is a backbone, substance behind the system and strategy that is deeper than just price action.  Having a end result in mind for the trading experience in trading the system and the trading result can help us have more successful and unique approaches to trading the markets.  Fore more information on our trading philosophies go to this page.




Don’t Know Options? – Learn Now:


“Hey Guys, This system is awesome. It solved my biggest problems, exit strategy and getting on the “right” side. I’ve already made my money back while getting to learn the system. I think I’m ready to take off the training wheels and elevate my game. I firmly believe this was a life changing investment. Thanks, MB”

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  • Options trading can be very rewarding if you know how to trade the right way
  • Enjoy instant Options trading solutions with our Options Systems and Options Strategies
  • Learn to Swing Trade Options, Day Trade Options, Trend Trade Options, Micro Swing Trade Options, Sell options, Sell Covered Calls, Credit Spreads… with a large variety of our systems and strategies that are solutions to many different types of approaches in options trading[/bullet_block]


learn optionsOptions Systems, Strategies & Courses:

We have many products.  Our products have been organized through product, interest category below:

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  • Vanilla Options Trading Systems (Regular Stock Options)
  • Weekly Options Systems
  • Index Options Trading Systems
  • Options Strategies Systems: Covered Calls Systems | Naked Puts Systems | Credit Spread Systems | Naked Call Systems
  • Binary Options Systems
  • Options Swing Trading Systems
  • Options Trend Trading Systems
  • Options Day Trading Systems

For More Information go to our Options Trading Systems page.


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Newly Released Options Trading Systems and Strategies

See our products page for the centralized location of all of our products.  Also see links to our new products from the right side menu.

  • GS7 – Selling Credit Spreads on Weekly Options
  • GS8 Naked options System
  • JIVE5 Micro Swing Scalping System
  • OZ5 Options Weekly Paychecks Naked Options Starter System
  • OZ4 Options Weekly Paychecks Credit Spreads Starter System
  • NADEX Weekly Options System1
  • STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks
  • BOLT2 Options Strategy Starter Options Weekly Paychecks Strategy
  • PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy – Precision Strategy
  • NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy – Micro Burst Trading
  • POWDERKEG5 Options Trading Strategy for Power Momentum Moves
  • Binary SCHMACK2.1 2 Minute Forex Binary Options System
  • Viscosity8 Options Trading Strategy
  • MAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trading System

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Upcoming Options Trading Systems, Strategies, Courses

  • OG1 Options Trading System
  • OMNI12
  • POPS5 Weekly Options Trading System
  • OMNI14 ULTRA Binary Options System
  • OMNI13 ULTRA Binary Options System
  • BB24 ULTRA Binary Options System

(All binary options systems will be moving to BinaryOptionsAUTHORITY.com


Trade Options for a Living in Under 10 Minutes a Day

Trade Options Part Time of Full Time with a Professional Approach for the Purposes of Increasing Cash flow and Growing Net Worth. Click – More Info



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