Binary Options Trading has become a popular new way to trade options mostly because of great profit potential and it is very much easier to trade than regular trading.

Binary options trading is a very legitimate concept that has been around for decades. The concept has been popularized due to inspiration of the growth in the Forex markets.  In the CBOE Chicago Board Options Exchanges offers binary options, and so does the AMEX.

Binary options are also known as “Fixed Rate Return Options (FRO’s)”, Digital Options or “All or Nothing” options.  If industry is pretty much settled on the term “binary options”. The CBOE has information on binary options and their binary options offerings on their site here:

The most popular route for binary options trading comes through binary options day trading.  Binary options have expirations as regular, vanilla options.  Binary options though give you a fixed risk and fixed return, similar to credit spread.  The expirations periods vary from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.  There are also daily binary expirations, weekly and monthly available currently.  You’ll need to check with your favorite binary options broker since brokers seem to create new binary trading products often.

To get started in binary options pick up either our Binary Options 101 Click Here or our Binary Options Starter Kit Click here These courses will introduce you to binary options and how to trade binary options correctly.  It is very important to start with one of those courses.

From there you’ll definitely need a good binary options system.  You do not want to trade by feel because you will eventually lose this way. You need a good trading system with good money management to put your self in a good probability position for success.

Here are a lists of binary options systems

We moved all of our binary options systems over two Binary Options

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