Options Trend Trading Systems

Why Trend Trade with Options?   Combine Trends with the Appropriate Options Expiration You Could Create Continual, Lower Stress Fortunes!

Our Options Trend Trading Systems Are Able to Take Out Big Trend Moves, Power Trends, Stack Trends or Play Parabolic Trends.

Riding trends with options can be quite profitable when you specifically target trends, or specific types of trends.  The key is to identify the type of trend you are going to ride and pair it up with an ideal options position, options strategy and time to expiration.

Sometimes plain, boring stocks can lead to very large percentage gains in options when they start to trend due to well priced options.  Those are some of my favorite money making moves.

As we grow and evolve here at Options Trading Authority I’m going to push my students more towards trend trading.  After all, why work so hard getting in and out of trades when you can kick back and ride a nice trend!   Well you’ll need a system showing you exactly where to get in and what options, or options strategies to play (i.e. why not use a debit spread when riding a trend!).

We’ll be developing more trend trading systems over time and across our brands.  Yes, Trend Trading AUTHORITY will be the site upon which we will develop several trend trading systems.  In the mean time check out how MAEDAY2.3 is able to catch nice juicy power trends!


Options Trend Trading Systems

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Looking for the Big Hit and the Big Huge Trend?   Then try MAEDAY2.3

Looking to capture about everything, trends and swings?   Then try FURY

Looking to stack and compound a trend in real time?   Try FLUX2

Looking for targeting Parabolic Trends?    Try VORTEX

Looking to ride one month power trends?  Try JackPOT System D

Looking to take advantage of Monthly Trend Cycles without much thinking?   Try JackPOT Cyclone

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